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Families covered: Weston of Sutton Place

HoP ("Sir Richard Weston") reports that "The Westons of Sutton first appear in the early 16th century. No relationship has been established between them and an old Surrey family of that name but they were kinsmen of the Westons of Prested Hall, Essex, a family which, on acquiring the earldom of Portland in 1632,would be provided with a pedigree reaching back to the reign of Henry I." The continuation show a connection to the family shown by BLG1952 as producing the Earls of Portland albeit showing them as derived from a Staffordshire family rather than an Essex one. Another old Surrey family, presumably the other one mentioned by HoP, is shown on Weston04.
Peter or John Weston
m. _ Dawney of Yorkshire
1. Edmund Weston of Boston, Lincolnshire (d by 1505?)
BLG1952 identifies Edmund's wife as Catherine, dau of John Camell of Shapwick, and reports that he was father of Sir William & Sir Richard. HoP ("Sir Richard Weston"), which supports some of the following, identifies the mother of Sir Richard as Catherine, dau of Robert Camell of Fiddleford. Visitation shows the mother of Sir Richard & William as Katheryn, dau/heir of John Camell of Somerset (son of Robert) & widow of _ Roughwell, with Mabell & Anne identified as being "by a 2 wife". We follow Visitation and presume to show as follows.
  m1. Catherine Camell (dau/heir of John Camell of Shapwick (son of Robert (of Fiddleford?)), widow of _ Roughwell)
  A. Sir Richard Weston of Sutton Place, Surrey (b c1465, d 07.08.1541, Ambassador, MP)
m. (by 1502) Anne Sandys (dau of Oliver Sandys of Shere)
  i. Sir Francis Weston (dvp 17.05.1536)
  m. Anne Pickering (dau/heir of Sir Christopher Pickering of Killington)
  The following is supported by HoP ("Sir Henry Weston" & "Richard Weston").
  a. Sir Henry Weston of Sutton Place, Sheriff of Surrey (b 1534/5, d 11.04.1592, MP)
  m1. (1559) Margaret or Dorothy Arundell (dau of Sir Thomas Arunell of Wardour Castle) named Margaret by Visitation, Dorothy by HoP
  (1) Sir Richard Weston of Sutton Place (b 1564, d 07.09.1613, MP, 2nd son)
  m. (21.05.1583) Jane Dister (dau/heir of John Dister of Bergholt (& London))
  (A) Sir Richard Weston of Sutton Place (b 1591, d 1652)
  m. Grace Harper (dau/heir of John Harper of Chelston)
Visitation ends naming 4 children for Richard & Grace. The following comes from Wikipedia ("Sutton Place").
  (i) Richard Weston (b c1618, a 1623, d young)
  (ii) John Weston of Sutton Place (b by 1623, d 1690)
  m. (1637) Mary Copley (dau/heir of William Copley of Gatton)
  (a) Richard Weston of Sutton Place (d 1701)
  m. (1699?) Melior Neville (dau of William Nevill of Holt)
((1)) John Weston of Sutton Place (d 1730)
  m. Elizabeth Gage (d 1724, sister of Thomas, 1st Viscount)
  ((A)) Melior Mary Weston (b 1703, d 10.06.1782)
  According to Wikipedia, Melior "bequeathed all her estates to John Webbe, a very distant cousin, on condition that he adopted the name and arms of Weston".
  (iii)+ other issue (a 1623) - Henry, Frances
(B) (Jane) Weston who married ...
  m. Sir Thomas Bishopp, 1st Bart of Parham (b c1550, d 1626)
  (2)+ other issue - son (dvp), Elizabeth/Jane (dsp)
  m2. (sp) Elizabeth Lovell (dau of Sir Francis Lovell of Harling, widow of Henry Repps of West Walton)
  b. Richard Weston
  Visitation shows a Robert of this generation as "of Skrynes in Essex" but connects him by a dotted line, thereby indicating that there was uncertainty on this. We follow BLG1952 in showing Richard of Skreens elsewhere.
c. Anne Weston
  ii. Margaret Weston
  m. (1520-1) Sir Walter Denys of Gloucesteshire
  iii. Catherine Weston
  m. Sir John Rogers of Dorset
  B. Sir William Weston (d 07.05.1540, grand prior)
  m2. ??
  C. Mabell Weston
  m. John Dingley of the Isle of Wight
  D. Anne Weston
  m. Ralph Verney of Buckinghamshire (d 08.05.1525)
2.+ other issue - Sir John (a 1488, grand prior), Sir William

Main source(s): Visitation (Surrey, 1530+1572+1623, 'Weston', Harl. 1561 fo. 10b) with support as reported above plus a little from BLG1952 (Hunter-Weston of Hunterston)
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