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Thomas Bullingham of Worcester (bailiff)
Thomas is identified in DNB (1885-1900, Volume 07, "Nicholas Bullingham") as probably father of ...
1. Nicholas Bullingham, Bishop of Lincoln then Worcester (b c1512/20, d 1576)
m1. Margaret Sutton (d 1566, dau of Hamond Sutton of Washingborough)
  A. Francis Bullingham (b 19.03.1553/4, bur 18.11.1633, MP, 2nd son)
  m1. ??
  i. son (dvp)
  m2. (11.02.1591) Mary Fitzwilliam (d 27.11.1607, dau of George Fitzwilliam of Mablethorpe, widow of Richard Hiltoft of Boston & Anthony Neville of Skellingthorpe)
  ii. Elizabeth Bullingham
  m1. Henry Bowyer of Bottesford
m2. (02.03.1621-2) Edmund Morley of Holme
  iii. daughter
  m3. (21.02.1611, sp) Ellen Lynaker (bur 12.03.1625, widow of Robert Thomas of London)
  B. Nicholas Bullingham of Ketton (bpt 30.09.1566, d 1639)
  m. Mary Palmer (a 1621, dau of Geoffrey Palmer of Carlton) possibly wife of this Nicholas and mother of ....
  i. Richard Bullingham of Ketton (d 1673?)
  a. John Bullingham of Ketton (d 1685?)
  m. (Elizabeth) Armyne (dau/coheir of Evers Armyne of Ketton)
  (1) Armyne Bullingham of Ketton (a 1695, d by 1703?)
  (2) Nicholas Bullingham of Ketton (a 1703)
  ii. Jane Bullingham
  m. (17.04.1628) Thomas Brudenell of London
  iii. Bridget Bullingham (d 05.10.1662)
  m. Thomas Tamper
  C.+ other issue - son (d infant), Susan (bpt 24.08.1561, bur 23.12.1561), Susan (bpt 10.10.1563, bur 15.05.1564)
  m2. (c1569) Elizabeth Lok (b 1535, d c1581, dau of Sir William Lok (by Alice Spenser), widow of Richard Hill alderman of London)
  E. John/Joseph Bullingham (bpt 30.11.1570)
Wikipedia ("John Bullingham") reports that the undermentioned John was appointed Archdeacon of Huntingdon in 12.1567 "by his namesake and probable relation, Nicholas Bullingham, Bishop of Lincoln, who we show above. We speculate that John was a nephew of Nicholas.
2. Richard Bullingham of Ketton father of Margery, possibly also of ...
  A. John Bullingham, Bishop of Gloucester (d 20.05.1598)
  i. Helen Bullingham probably of this generation
  m. James Cottington of Wells
  Identified as a dau of Richard Bullingham of Ketton and cousin of Bishop Nicholas was ...
  B. Margery Bullingham
  m. Thomas Bird of Ashton
  Identified as a dau of Richard Bullingham, and possibly fitting here, was ...
  C. Anne Bullingham
  m1. John Sebright of Blakeshall
  m2. Thomas Walshe of Stockton (d c1640)

Main source(s): 'The history and antiquities of the county of Rutland' (Thomas Blore (as reported in 'The Reliquary', July 1862), 'Pedigree of the Family of Bullingham of Ketton', p180), Wikipedia ("Nicholas Bullingham")
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