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This section first uploaded on 30.05.08.
William Cressener (bur 1454 in Sudbury, Suffolk)
m. Margaret Neville (dau of Ralph Neville, Earl of Westmorland, widow of Richard, Lord Scrope of Bolton)
1. Alexander Cressener or 'Cressenor of Alphamstone, Sheriff of Norfolk & Suffolk' (d 1496 bur in Sudbury, Suffolk)
  m. Celia or Alycia Radcliffe (dau of Sir John Radcliffe)
  A. ?? Cressener
  From the above Alexander "is presumed to have descended" the under-mentioned John. Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  i. ?? Cressener
  a. John Cressener of Essex
  Berry shows this John as married to Sabriani Freebody and father of Edward. We provisionally follow Commoners in showing Sabriani as wife of an intervening George (not mentioned by Berry) and this John as married to ...
  m. Sibill Baynham (dau of Richard Baynham)
(1) George Cressener of Blatherwick, Northamptonshire
  m. Sabriani Freebody (d 1598)
  (A) Edward Cressener of Earl's Cone, Essex
  m. Edith Hassall (dau of Richard Hassall of Meriden)
  (i) George Cressener of Earl's Cone (a 1664)
  m. Mary Haling (dau of John Haling of London)
  (a) George Cressener of London (d 04.11.1722)
  m. Maria Anna Payler (dau of Nathaniel Payler of Nun Monkton)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Cressener
  m. Samuel Tufnell of Monken Hadley & Langleys (b 1682, d 28.12.1758)



This section first uploaded on 23.07.09, reviewed 30.09.13.
BEB1841 identifies the following William as "a lineal descendant of Thomas Andrews, esq. a younger son of the family of Andrews, of Winwick, in Northamptonshire, who acquired by marriage the estate of Denton". Wotton supports such a view (see the section just below) but, as reported below, we view that claim with suspicion. The continuation shows possible parents for the 1st Baronet but we have not seen William shown elsewhere as their child (a John is shown as heir apparent in 1618 in a Visitation in that year). Also, the fact (reported by both BEB1841 & TCB) that William had 3 sons who were killed at the battle of Worcester (03.09.1651), which we presume means that the youngest must have been aged at least (say) 13 by then so their father must have been aged at least (say) 31 and so born by 1620, makes it 'tight but not impossible' that Sir William was indeed son of those possible parents.
Sir William Andrews or Andrew of Denton (or Deinton alias Little Doddington, Northamptonshire), 1st Bart (b after 1618?, d by 1649)
m. ?? Paris (dau of ?? Paris of Linton)
1. Sir John Andrews of Denton, 2nd Bart
  A. daughter (d unm)
2. Sir William Andrews'of Hildersham' of Denton, 3rd Bart (d 15.08.1684)
  m. Helen/Eleanor Attslow (dau/heir of Edward Attslow (Atslow) of Downham Hall by ?? Paris)
  A. Sir Francis Andrews of Denton & Downham, 4th Bart (d 03.04.1759)
  m. Bridget Clifton (dau of Sir Thomas Clifton, Bart of Lytham, by Bridget Hussey)
  i. Sir Wiiliam Andrews of Denton, 5th Bart (dsp 1804)
  ii.+ other issue - Bridget, Eleanor
  B. Catherine Andrews
  m. Joseph Petre of Fidlers
  C.+ other issue
3.+ 3 sons (d Worcester 1651)



This section first uploaded on 30.09.13.
We provide the following 'for interest' but note that we view it with suspicion not least because the claim that the following Sir Robert "came into England with William the Conqueror", and indeed much of the rest of it, has the look of being somewhat contrived.
Sir Robert Andrews of Normandy (a 1066)
m. _ Winwick (dau/heir of Sir Robert Winwick of Winwick)
1. Sir Robert Andrews of Winwick, Northamptonshire
  m. _ Brewer (dau of Sir Marten Brewer)
  A. Sir John Andrews of Winwick
  m. _ Norton (dau of Sir John Norton)
  i. Sir Thomas Andrews of Winwick
  m. _ Cortney (dau of Sir John Cortney)
  a. Sir Thomas Andrews of Winwick
  m. ?? (dau of Lord Breasey)
  (1) George Andrews of Winwick
  m. ?? (dau/heir of the Baron of Burford (Cornewall??))
(A) George Andrews had issue
  George's posterity "flourished at this place for several descents; and a branch of this family settld as Bolston, by marrying and heiress, from whom descended Richard Andrews, Esq; of Earlscoln, in Essex, and of Bromley, in Middlesex. This Gentleman was the twenty-fourth generation of this family."
  (B) Thomas Andrews
  m. ?? (dau/heir of Denton ("now called Doddington" in Northamptonshire)
  (i) Thomas Andrews
  Wotton reports that Thomas was ancestor "after several generations" of Sir William Andrews of Denton, 1st Bart (b after 1618?) - see above.
  b. John Andrews of Mamuell, Warwickshire had issue
  m. Mary Mamuell (dau/heir of _ Mamuell of Mamuell)



This section first uploaded on 27.07.09.
Possibly connected to the family on Bogle1 and apparently "of a respectable old family, Lairds of Hutchison, near Glasgow" was John Bogle, son of a Bogle of Bogles Hole. Through his marriage to Mary Graham, John Bogle obtained a claim on the Earldom of Airth & Menteith.
?? of Bogles Hole near Glasgow
1. John Bogle of Glasgow (excise officer in Edinburgh)
  m. (before 1741) Mary Graham (dau of William Graham in Dumbarton by Mary, dau of James Hodge of Gladsmuir by Mary, dau of Sir William Graham, 2nd of Polder, 1st Bart of Gartmore, by Elizabeth Graham (d 1672, dau of John Graham, son/heir of William Graham, 1st Earl of Airth & Menteith)
  A. John Bogle of Edinburgh then London (dsps c1803, miniature portrait painter)
  m.(07.08.1769) May Wilson (d c1823, dau of John Wison of Spango)
  B.+ other issue (d unm) - Mary (d 12.11.1821) Grizell (d 1802)
Another John Bogle, apparently also "one of the family of Bogles Hole (originally "Hold"), near Glasgow", appears also to have married a Mary Graham who was stated to have been "either sister or dau. of the last Earl of Menteith". One of their descendants claimed the Earldom but the House of Lords "made no decision".
?? of Bogles Hole near Glasgow
1. John Bogle in/near Strabane, Ireland (a 1715, moved from Scotland)
  m. Mary Graham
  A. Samuel Bogle
  m. Elizabeth Graham (sister of James Graham)
  i. Andrew Bogle 'of Strabane' of Black River, Jamaica
  m. Eleanor Richardson of Killeleagh
  a. James Andrew Bogle (b 1745-6, d 04.1809)
  m. (c1769) Mary Skiddaw
(1) William Bogle (d young)
  (2) Mary Eleanor Bogle (b c1772, d 25.12.1846)
  m. (01.1796) Nicholas Donnithorne Bishop of Twickenham (d 26.12.1840)
  (A) son (d young)
  (B) Mary Eleanor Bishop (b 01.01.1797)
  m. (1824) Richard Hunt Matthews of Buxar, East Indies, later of Twickenham (d 1840)
  b. (Elizabeth) Bogle
  m. (James) McConnell of Donegall Place, Belfast
  (1) Charlotte McConnell probably of this generation
  m. Henry Theophilus Higginson of Lisburn (b 1798, d 1869)
  ii. James Bogle, later Bogle-French of Jamaica & London (potshumous)
  m. _ French ("an heiress")
  a. Nathaniel Bogle-French had issue
  b. Mary Bogle-French
  m. _ Smith
  iii. daughter
  m. _ Baird
  iv. Agnes Bogle
  m. Thomas Buchanan (son/heir of William Buchanan of Hordoch)
  v.+ other issue - Samuel near Strabane (dsp), Mark (d young)
  B. James Bogle (3rd son?)
  i. James Bogle
  a. daughter
  m. _ Delap
  C.+ other issue - Joseph, another

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