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Families covered: Graham of Duchray (Duchrae), Graham of Dunans (Downans), Graham of Gallingad, Graham of Gartmore, Graham of Glenny (Aberfoyle), Graham of Polder

Thomas Graham of Dunans (d before 10.11.1568)
As reflected by the fact that BLG1952 (Bontine Cunninghame Graham of Ardoch) does not show who was the father of this Thomas, the ancestry of this Thomas is not certain. TSP reports George Crawfurd (in his 'Peerage') as providing this connection (and goes on to provide some details of the next few generations "to correct one or two errors into which Crawfurd has fallen") but says "nothing has been found on record to prove him the son of John, son of Earl Malise."
1. John Graham of Dunans, 1st of Duchray or Duchrae
  m1. ??
A. Thomas Graham
  B. William Graham, 2nd of Duchray (d before 1618)
  m. Christine McFarlane (of Gartavertane family)
  i. John Graham, 3rd of Duchray, 1st of Polder and Gallingad (a 1644)
  m. Katherine Stewart
a. Sir William Graham, 2nd of Polder, 1st Bart of Gartmore (d 12.1684)
  m. (01.1664) Elizabeth Graham (d 1672, dau of John Graham, Lord Kinpont)
  (1) Sir John Graham, 2nd Bart of Gartmore (d unm 12.07.1708)
  (2) Mary Graham
  m. James Hodge of Gladsmuir (advocate)
(A) Mary Hodge, 3rd of Gartmore
  m. (28.02.1701) William Graham in Dumbarton @@ below
  b. Walter Graham, 2nd of Gallingad
  m. Grisel Semple (dau of Robert Semple of Noblestoun)
  (1) Robert Graham, 3rd of Gallingad, 4th of Gartmore
m. Isobel Bontine (dau of Nicol Bontine, 11th of Ardoch)
  (A) Nicol Graham, 5th of Gartmore, 4th of Gallingad
  m. (02.04.1732) Margaret Cunningham (b c1705, d 29.09.1789, dau of William Cunningham, 12th Earl of Glencairn)
  (i) Robert Graham, later Bontine, later Cunninghame-Graham, 6th of Gartmore, 15th of Ardoch, and of Finlaystone (a 1796, MP)
  Robert inherited Ardoch from his cousin, William Bontine. Under an entail, his family name was Bontine until his father died (a requirement that continued for his eldest son). He also inherited Finlaystone estate after the death of the last Earl of Glencairn and his family name became Cunninghame-Graham.
  m1. Anne Taylor (sister of Sir John Taylor, 1st Bart of Lysson Hall)
(a) William Graham, later Bontine, later Cunninghame-Graham, 7th of Gartmore, 16th of Ardoch, and of Finlaystone (d 1845)
  m1. (1798) Anna Dickson (dau of John Dickson, Archdeacon of Down)
  ((1)) Robert Cuninghame Cunninghame-Graham, 8th of Gartmore and of Finlaystone (b 14.09.1799, d 23.01.1863) had issue
  m. (24.06.1824) Frances Laura Speirs (dau of Archibald Speirs of Elderslie by Margaret Dundas)
((2)) William John Cunninghame-Graham (d 1827)
  ((3)) Douglas Cunninghame-Graham (d 04.1856, Major)
  m1. Anna Halkett (dau of Sir Colin Halkett)
  m2. Emily McNeil (dau of General _ McNeil)
  ((4)) Anna Cunninghame-Graham (d 26.03.1886)
  m1. Thomas Durham Calderwood of Largo & Polton (dvpsp 1842)
  m2. (21.12.1852) David, 2nd Lord Erskine
  m3. (03.04.1856) John Sandford (d 22.03.1873, Archdeacon of Coventry)
  ((5)) Charlotte Maria Elizabeth Cunninghame-Graham
  m. Charles Woodmass
  m2. ?? (Mrs. Bogle)
  ((6)) Thomas Dunlop Douglas Cunninghame-Graham, sometime of Dunlop (d 28.08.1884)
  ((7)) Susan Cunninghame-Graham
  m. Robert Bartholomew of Broomhill
  ((8)) Matilda Cunninghame-Graham
  m. Rev. W. McKellar
  (b) Nicol Graham of Jabrook, sometime Bontine of Ardoch (Marshal de Camp in the Austrian Service)
  m1. "a French lady"
((1)) son (in the Austrian Service)
  m. "a Polish lady"
  m2. ??
  BLG1952 could be interpreted as showing that it was Nicol who m2. Elizabeth Buchanan (and had Iwan and a dughter by her) rather than his father. However, the Hamilton records suggest that it was his father who married ...
  m2. Elizabeth Buchanan (dau of Thomas Buchanan of Spitall & Leny, m2. Robert Fairfoul)
  (c) Iwan Graham
  (d) daughter
m. _ Robertson
  (e) Martha Harriet Cunninghame-Graham (d 1841) probably of this generation, possibly of this marriage
  m. (1792) Peter Speirs of Culcreuch (b 12.05.1761, d 1829)
  (ii) Elizabeth Graham (d 31.07.1825)
  m. (22.09.1773) SIr Robert Dalyell of the Binns
  (iii)+ other issue - William (dsp), John
  (B) Thomas Graham (physician to George II)
  (2) William Graham in Dumbarton
  m. (28.02.1701) Mary Hodge (dau of James Hodge of Gladsmuir) @@ above
  (A) James Graham (dsp before 05.1740)
  (B) William Graham (dsp 30.06.1783)
William claimed to be Earl of Menteith but his claim was rejected.
  (C) Grizel Graham (d unm 12.06.1774)
  (D) Margaret Graham (dsp 19.02.1782)
  m. John Colquhoun in Edinburgh
  (E) Mary Graham (d 20.01.1779)
  m. (before 1741) John Bogle (d 1787)
  (3) Jane Graham (d 1697)
  m. William Bontine, 3rd of Milndovan
  c. John Graham
  d. Anna Graham
  m. (mcrt 10.07.1666) John Buchanan, 5th of Auchmar
e. Mary Graham
  m. Robert Macfarlane (d after 1686, of Gartartan family)
  ii. Andrew Graham
  iii. Walter Graham of Ballagan, Glenny and Birdston (d 1667)
  m. Grizel Stirling (dau of William Stirling of Auchyle)
  a. George Graham (dvp)
  m. Agnes Bayne (dau of _ Bayne of Findall)
  (1) John Graham of Glenny (d unm 1689)
  b. Robert Graham (dsp)
  c. Thomas Graham of Bogton and Rednock
  m. Catherine Macfarlane (dau of Macfarlane of Gartvertane)
  (1) Robert Graham of Glenny (dsp)
  (2) William Graham of Glenny and Mondowie (dsp)
  m. Isabella Drummond (dau of _ Drummond of Reamstown)
  (3) Jean Graham (d 1774)
  m. Hugh Innes of Parkhouse (d 1765)
  d. William Graham of Duillatur
  m. Marjorie Grahame (dau of Alexander Grahame of Drongie)
(1) John Graham
  (A) Thomas Graham of Ballagan had issue
  (2) Walter Graham of Nether Glenny, Aberfoyle
  m. Janet Stewart (dau of Duncan Stewart of Ballachallan)
  (A) William Graham of Nether Glenny (dsp by 1725)
  (B) Duncan Graham of Nether Glenny (b 1708, d 06.11.1759)
  The following information was kindly provided by a contributor (BD, 04.04.05), taken mainly from LDS copies of parish registers.
  m. (c1726) Anne Colquhoun (dau of John Colquhoun of Camstradden)
  (i) John Graham of Nether Glenny (b 1728, d 24.12.1796, 2nd son)
  m1. (17.04.1757) Mary Thomas
  (a) Anne Graham (b 04.01.1758, d 09.02.1818)
  m. (26.05.1781/2) Archibald Buchanan in Inchny (tacksman)
  (b) Mary Graham (bpt 08.09.1759)
  m. (15.02.1777) Hugh McFarlane
  m2. (30.11.1760, sp) Christian Graham (dau of John Graham of Calliemuck and Isabel Blair)
  m3. (03.12.1768) Janet Millar (dau of John Millar or Miller of Renagour and Isobell Morison)
  (c) Duncan Graham of Over Glenny (b 26.04.1776, d 22.09.1861, Major, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (21.11.1825) Mary Jane Love (dau of Daniel Love of West Kilbride)
  (d)+ other issue - William (b 26.11.1769, d 05.07.1800, Lt.), Robert (b 27.03.1771), Helen (b 02.03.1778), Nicol (b 24.03.1781, d 1801)
  m4. Elizabeth McBean (McVean or McBeath)
  (h) John Carol Graham of Nether Glenny (b 06.08.1790) had issue
  m. Isabella Stevens
  (i)+ other issue - Margaret (b 23.12.1783), Elizabeth (b 10.07.1785), Janet (b 24.06.1788), Isobel (b 02.08.1793), Isobel (b 02.11.1795)
  partner unknown
  (n) Archibald Graham (b c1750)
  m. (15.01.1774) Mary Stewart (dau of James Stewart in Lorrachan and Margaret Stewart)
  ((1)) James Graham (bpt 12.1784, d c1820)
  m1. (07.08.1808) Janet Stewart (dau of James Stewart and Katherine McQueen)
  m2. (23.05.1814) Catharine Stewart (dau of John Stewart and Mary Ferguson)
  ((2))+ other issue - Margaret (bpt 27.11.1774), Christian (bpt 15.09.1776), John (bpt 12.07.1778), Elizabeth (bpt 20.10.1780), Mary (bpt 28.02.1783), Janet (bpt 11.02.1787), Jean (bpt 02.05.1790)
  p2. Katharine McEutchon
  (o) Mary Graham (b 19.06.1756)
  (ii) Walter Graham (bpt 19.03.1735, captain)
  p1. Agnes McGrigor
  (a) Christian Graham (b 25.01.1768)
  p2. Elizabeth McLaud
  (b) Alexander Graham (b 09.1769)
  p3. Isobel McFarlane
  (c) Isobel Graham (b 10.10.1781)
  p4. Jean Wilson
  (d) Ann Graham (b 22.08.1790)
  (iii) Elizabeth Graham (bpt 26.02.1739)
  m. (11.121767) George Leny
  (iv)+ other issue - William (b c1726, d 1771), Robert (bpt 15.01.1737,), James (bpt 09.01.1742), Helen (bpt 258.01.1744), Henry (bpt 22.10.1748)
  partner unknown
  (v) David Graham (b 09.01.1740)
  m. (11.1779) Mary Cameron
  (a) Hugh Graham (bpt 28.07.1788, d 20.07.1880, 4th son)
  m. Elizabeth Buchanan
(b)+ other issue - Elizabetrh (bpt 12.01.1779), John (bpt 18.02.1782), Walter (bpt 03.03.1783), Duncan (bpt 29.05.1786), Ann (bpt 05.07.1790), Catharine (bpt 19.05.1793), Mary (bpot 03.05.1795), James (bpt 02.6.1797), William (bpt 26.05.1800)
  (3) Archibald Graham of Birdston
  m. Marion Ronaldson
  (A) Barbara Graham
  m. (1745) John Grahame, 2nd of Drumquhassil
  (4) Alexander Graham ancestor of Grahams of Drongie
  (5) Robert Graham
iv. Thomas Graham in Inchrie, later of Duchray or Duchrae
  Thomas, who bought Duchray from his nephew in 1622, may have been father of John Graham of Duchray (c1600-1700) but some people say that that John was a son of Patrick Graham of Inchbraikie and so presumably must have bought Duchray from Thomas or his successor or executor. We are provisionally showing John Graham of Duchray in a Temporary file and hope to investigate his parentage further in due course.
  v.+ other issue - Gilbert, George
  m2. Christine Graham
  C. John Graham
  Unsure by which wife.
  D.+ other issue - Andrew, daughter
3. Isobel Graham
  m. (before 18.07.1531) William or Walter Stirling of Auchyle
4. Margaret Graham
  m. Duncan Graham in Gartlonan
5.+ other issue - Malise in Aberfoyle, William, Duncan

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Bontine Cunninghame Graham of Ardoch')
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