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George Heslop of Allendale
1. John Heslop of Durham (butcher)
m. (14.06.1632) Jane Sheffield (bur 28.02.1653)
  A. William Heslop of Durham (butcher) presumed of this generation
  m. (18.10.1664) Dorothy Sutton (a 1688-9)
  i. Jane Heslop (a 11.1727)
  m1. (c02.1680) James Nicholson of Durham (d 1681, cordwayner)
  m2. (c06.1688) Richard Wharton 'of Durham' (d 08.09.1696, son of Edward)
  a. Jane Wharton
  m. (14.06.1706) John Tempest of Old Durham
  ii. Elizabeth Heslop
  m. (13.05.1693) George Tweddell (bur 07.04.0714, alderman of Durham (London?))
  B. Margaret Heslop (bur 10.08.1633)
  C. Anne Heslop (bpt 20.09.1635, d 14.12.1695)
  m. (30.07.1655) Sir John Duck, Mayor of Durham, Bart (b 16531-2, dsp 26.08.1691)
  John Duck was an interesting character. BEB1841 ('Duck of Haswell-on-the-Hill') reports that he "was the wealthiest burgess on the civic annals of the city of Durham, His birth, parentage, &c. remain in impenetrable obscurity. He was bred a butcher, under John Heslop, in defiance of the whole craft".



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John Bowman of Glasgow (a 1715, Chief Magistrate)
m. (1695) Elisabeth Cunninghame (dau/coheir of William Cunninghame of Ashinyards)
1. John Bowman of Ashinyards (renamed Ashgrove), Lord Provost of Glasgow (d 1796)
  m. (1734) _ Houghton of Dublin
  A. John Bowman (to North America)
  m. "a Lady of fortune"
i.+ issue ("a family in affluent circumstances")
  B. Houghton Bowman
  m. _ Vere of Dominica
  C. Anne Bowman of Ashgrove (d 1811)
  m. Miller Hill Hunt (d 1783, Captain, son of Captain Abraham son of Lt. Colonel ??)
  i. Maria Hunt (d young)
  ii. Margaret Anne Hunt, later Bowman of Ashgrove
  iii. Eliza Hunt
  m. (24.02.1801) Roger Rollo (brother of Lord Rollo)
  D. Elizabeth Bowman (dsps)
  m1. (1776) John Weir Vere of Dominica (uncle of Elizabeth's sister-in-law)
  m2. Robert Tennent of Glasgow



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Hugh Montgomerie of Prestwickshaws ("descended of the Eglinton family")
m. (1670) Margaret Hamilton (sister/heir of Charles Hamilton of Boreland (Bordland))
1. William Montgomerie of Boreland (a 1751)
  m. (08.1708) Anna Hamilton (dau of John Hamilton of Letham (Bailie of the Abbey of Holyrood House), m2. Hugh Montgomerie of Coilsfield)
  A. John Montgomerie (3rd son)
  m1 . (sp) ?? (Mrs Colonel Maxwell)
  m2. _ Crosbie of Dumfries
  i. Jessie Montgomerie
  m. James Kelton of Annan
  ii.+ other issue - Alexander (d young), William (d young), Hugh (d young), James (d young), Katherine (d unm 1831)
  m3. Jacobina Smith (dau of John Smith of Greenock by Margaret, dau of James Dalrymple)
  vii. Hamilton Anne Montgomerie of Arndean, Perthshire (dsp 1839, Major)
  m. Hannah Duncan (dau of Rev. _ Duncan of Ratho)
  viii. Margaret Montgomerie
  m. Thomas Gairdner (WS, son of Captain Robert of Mountcharles)
  m4. (sp) Marion Campbell (dau of Rev. _ Campbell of Barr)
  B. Katherine Montgomery
  m. _ Stewart
  C. Sarah Montgomery
  m. James Howatson of Lanarkshire
  D. Margaret Montgomery
  m. _ Anderson
  E. daughter
  m. _ Alexander
  F.+ other issue (d unm) - James (d 1743), Hugh, William (d 1818, Major)
2.+ other issue - Hugh, John, Alexander, Margaret, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Margaret



This section first uploaded 22.12.20.
MGH, which investigates the ancestry of the heiress who married Sir Edward Palmer of Angmering, contradicts some of the information within "the Welch Pedigree of the Clements". The pedigrees on the Palmers also give some conflicting information her; viz. Visitation (Sussex, 1530+1633-4, 'Palmer') identifies Alice Clement as daughter of John 'of the Mote', CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p259) as dau of John & coheir of Sir William. On p107, MGH identifies her as coheir of William but on p120 as dau of William of Moat. The following records the relevant data which we hope to investigate further in due course.
John (Jenkin) Clement of South Wales
m. ?? (dau of Griffth ap Nicholas) @@ below
1. William Clement of Moat, Kent
  m. ?? Goring (dau of John Goring of Sussex)
A. Sir Richard Clement 'of Ightam Moat' (Groom of the Bedchamber to King Henry 7)
  We assume that this is the Sir Richard Clement "of the Manor of Lemote in the (parish) of Itam" who is identified in Visitation (Kent, 1530-1. 'Clement') as having married as follows.
  m1/2. (sp) Anne Catesby (dau of Sir William Catesby)
  m2/1. Anne Barley (dau of William Barley (Barlow), widow of John Grey, brother of the Marquess of Dorset)
  Even though Commoners (vol 1, p516) clearly identifies Anne, widow of John Grey (brother of Thomas, 2nd Marquess of Dorset), as mother of Anne, MGH specifically reports that "Sir Richard had only 3 base daughters".
partner(s) unknown
  i. daughter
  m. _ Lovelace of Kent
  ii. (Anne) Clement
  m. (Sir Ralph) Boswell of Kent
  iii. daughter
  m. _ Edwards of London
  B. Alice Clement
  m. Sir Edward Palmer of Angmering
  C. Anna Clement
  m. Hugh Pagenham
  i. Ann Pagenham (d 22.10.1544)
  m. Sir William Sydney (d c1554)
  D. Elizabeth Clement
  m1. Henry Richers
  m2. Thomas Topp of Gloucestershire



This section first uploaded 22.12.20.
MGH identifies the following immediate ancestry of the famous Knight of the Garter, Sir Rice ap Thomas "called the Great, of Newtone, in Carmarthenshire" but also provides some additional information that appears to link the pedigree to Griffith, Lord of Cardigan, son of Rice ap Tewder Mawre, Prince of South Wales. We hope to investigate this further in due course.
Girrifth ap Nicholas
1. Thomas ap Griffith
  A. Sir Rice ap Thomas
  i. Margaret probably of this generation
  m. Humphrey Trevelyan of Basill
2. daughter
  m. John Clement @@ above

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