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Patrick Graham (3rd) of Lymekilns was grandfather of Patrick Graham of Robshill who was grandfather of Allan Barns-Graham of Carbeth who was grandfather of Peter Barns-Graham, Stirnet's founder and present proprietor. It was the first Patrick Graham mentioned (3rd of Lymekilns) whose marriage, in 1759 to a granddaughter of Robert Barns of Kirkhill, led to the joining of the Barns name to that of Graham.



Patrick Graham of Lymekilns
Patrick Graham of Robshill
Allan Barns-Graham of Carbeth
with his family (late 1915?)

The common ancestors of all those who have been born with the name of Barns-Graham were Allan Graham Barns-Graham (AGBG) and his wife Wilhelmina Carstairs (pictured below). AGBG had an interesting life. Born 'Allan Graham', son of an Edinburgh lawyer (Patrick Graham of Robshill, shown above), his business interests took him around the world (spending time in Egypt, India, China, California, etc.) before he inherited several estates from his father's cousins. As reported on Barns1, this led to his having to assume the name Barns. He was Convener of the County of Lanark, one of the foremost positions of local Government in Scotland, at the height of the British Empire. Unfortunately, late in life he lost most of his fortune through bad investment.
It is understood that, because he was not aligned to any particular political party, AGBG's political work did not lead to him being given a title. Instead, he was offered the chance to buy a title. He took a 'punt' by mortgaging his estates to raise money and gambling on some South American railway stock. He lost. He left most of his remaining cash to his younger surviving son (John) and his mortgaged estates to his elder surviving son (Allan). AGBG would have thought that that was still a significant inheritance but then came the First World War. Allan had to sell most of the estates during or shortly after the War, not the best time to sell property, and was left with some land but very little cash.

AGBG had four sons and four daughters. Two sons died young. The other two sons both married and had children. The elder (Allan) remained in Scotland to manage what could be saved of the family estates but the younger (John) emigrated to New Zealand and brought up his family there. Two of AGBG's daughters married, Marion to Charles (Ned) Horsbrugh (and had one son plus two daughters) and Wilhelmina to William Berry of Tayfield (one son).

Allan Graham Barns-Graham
A changing image of Allan, showing him at 4 different ages, is shown here.

Back: Wilhelmina, Wilhelmina (mother), Jean, Allan (father)
Front: John, Katherine, Marion, Allan (sitting)

The Barns-Graham family in about 1898.

Wilhelmina Carstairs
Wilhelmina was the first baby born with the mother having been anaesthetised by chloroform. The event earned international fame for the doctor, James Young Simpson.


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