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Families covered: Barns of Kirkhill, Bornis of Glasgow, Stevenson of Dalgain, Stevenson-Barns of Kirkhill
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Note by Peter Barns-Graham (founder & proprietor of this site)
(1) It is through the marriage in 1759 of Patrick Graham (3rd of Lymekilns) to Margaret Urie, grand-niece of John Barns (4th of Kirkhill), that the Barns name came to be connected to the Graham name. In 1789 that John Barns entailed the estate of Kirkhill, near Laigh Fenwick in Ayrshire. By that entailment he ensured that anyone who wanted to inherit the estate would have to take on the Barns name (and coat of arms). By doing so he successfully ensured that the Barns name continued to be associated with the estate. After he died the estate passed to a grandson of his younger sister, Jean, to James Stevenson (who obtained military honours in the Spanish Campaign against Napoleon). He changed his name to Stevenson-Barns. He died without children. The entailment led the estate then to pass to a great-grandson of Margaret, the elder of John Barns' sisters - Patrick Graham, 6th of Lymekilns, who changed his name to Graham-Barns. Patrick's brother John, who succeeded him, decided to put the names the other way around and became the first Barns-Graham. However, he too died without children and Kirkhill (and other family estates) passed to Allan Graham, later Allan Graham Barns-Graham, the only surviving son of John's only male Graham cousin. He had 2 sons who had children & grandchildren so the name Barns has indeed been 'saved'.
(2) BG family knowledge of the Barns ancestry has improved over the years. Click here for a page which shows how that knowledge has evolved. One result of this evolution is that, whereas Allan Graham Barns-Graham, 8th of Lymekilns, thought that he was the 7th of Kirkhill and his son Allan, 9th of Lymekilns, thought that HE was the 7th of Kirkhill, we now think that they were the 8th and 9th of Kirkhill respectively.

William Bornis (Treasurer of Glasgow, 1582)
1. John Bornis (a 1589)
  m. Catherine Glen
  A. John Barns (a 1605, 1643, Dean of Guild in Glasgow)
  m. Margaret Bell (dau of James Bell, Dean of Guild in Glasgow)
  i. James Barns (d 1664, Dean of Guild in Glasgow)
  m. Isobel Gilhagie
  a. John Barns, Provost of Glasgow (d 1716)
  m. (c1668) Margaret Hamilton (dau of James Hamilton, Bishop of Galloway)
  (1) Margaret Barns (bpt 22.05.1670)
  m. James Hamilton
  (2)+ other issue - James (bpt 01.10.1668), Isobell (bpt 02.04.1672), Dorothie (bpt 09.04.1673), John (bpt 12.04.1674), Jean, William (bpt 10.02.1678), George (bpt 29.01.1682), Barbara (bpt 12.04.1683)
  ii. John Barns (d 1680, Dean of Guild in Glasgow)
  iii. Margaret Barns (b 1627, d 1703)
  m. Robert Govan (Treasurer of Glasgow 1661)
  a. James Govan (d c1711)
b. John Govan (b 1651, d 1719, Treasurer of Glasgow 1677)
  iv. Robert Barns, 1st of Kirkhill (bpt 02.1636, d by 1735)
  a. Robert Barns, 2nd of Kirkhill
  m. Joan Broan
  (1) Robert Barns, 3rd of Kirkhill (b 11.1678, d by 1751)
  m. (1696) Katherine Millar (dau of Rev. Andrew (Alexander?) Millar)
  (A) Robert Barns (bpt 15.01.1702, dsp 1767)
  (B) Margaret Barns (b 03.1713)
  m. Alexander Urie of Holmhead (b 12.1713-14, d by 1751)
  (i) Margaret Urie (b 1731, d 1801) --
  m. (18.11.1759) Patrick Graham, 3rd of Lymekilns (b 01.12.1721, d 05.03.1792) --
  As reported in Note 1 above, Kirkhill eventually passed into the Graham family, leading to that family assuming the name Barns-Graham.
  (ii)+ other issue (sons dsp)
  (C) John Barns, 4th of Kirkhill (bpt 04.1716, dsp 10.04.1791)
  m. Joanna Houston (dau of Alexander Houston of Jordanhill)
  (D) Jean Barns
  m1. James Dean of Stewarton
  (i) John Dean (dsp)
  m2. John Picken of Ibrox
  (ii) Jean Picken
  m. Alexander Stevenson of Dalgain
  (a) John Stevenson of Dalgain (d unm c1813)
  (b) Sir James Stevenson, later Stevenson-Barns of Dalgain, 5th of Kirkhill (dsp 05.10.1850, Colonel)
  (c) Jean Stevenson (d unm)
  (E)+ 3 sons and 1 daughter

Main source(s): Stirnet's BG family records
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