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Select a subscription package (for payments by cheque, read ‘How can I pay?’ below):

Option 1:

£10 for 14 days uninterrupted viewing of the Families Database

Option 2:

£15 for 31 days uninterrupted viewing of the Families Database

Option 3:

£30 for 93 days uninterrupted viewing of the Families Database

Option 4:

£60 for 365 days uninterrupted viewing of the Families Database

Option 5:

No pay registration without subscription

Recurring subscription for Option 4 only (default is One-Off):

The default setting for this is one-off (non-recurring). Unless you specifically select the recurring option, your Membership will expire at the end of the period you pay for and you will pay nothing more than the price shown. If you wish to, you will be able to renew your subscription after the expiry of the period you pay for but normally not before. To pay for a one-off subscription through PayPal you do not need to have a (permanent) account with them. They may set you up with a temporary account in order to process your card payment and then offer to save those details but you can tell them not to save your details.


For annual subscriptions only, if you wish to ensure that your Membership does not expire at the end of the year, you may set it to be a Recurring subscription which means that, when you enter step 3 of this process, you have to agree with the Collection agents (PayPal) as follows:
* If you do not already have an account with them, PayPal shall set you up with a PayPal account.
* PayPal will charge your account with the subscription due for the initial period of the subscription.
* At the end of the subscription period (the year), PayPal will automatically:
– charge your PayPal account the then-current price of the same subscription package, and
– credit those funds to our account with them and tell us that they have done so.
When our system has been advised that due funds have been credited to our account, our system will automatically setup/renew your subscription for the selected subscription period. At any time during the subscription period, you may instruct PayPal to cancel their renewal and your subscription will not be renewed.


If you have not processed a recurring subscription with us before, we suggest that you read the question called “Can you tell me more about Recurring subscriptions?” on Membership FAQ (page opens in a new window). Please note that it is no longer possible to take on a Recurring subscription for any period other than a year. We apologise for any confusion that this may cause but we became concerned that some people (fortunately only a few) used the recurring option for shorter periods in the wrong way and ended up paying far too much for their membership.


For recurring subscriptions: you must have a PayPal account and pay through that. If you do not have a PayPal account already then PayPal will invite you to open one.


For one-off subscriptions: you may pay either by debit/credit card (we use PayPal as our Collection Agent but, though they may open a temporary account for you, you may instruct them not to save the details) or by PayPal account or by bank transfer or by Sterling cheque. Payment by cheque involves a £2 administration charge. For more information, see Payments by Bank Transfer or Sterling cheque and Membership FAQ.

If you are not used to paying in a currency other than your own (and it is not Pounds Sterling), we suggest that you look at our Membership FAQ page (clicking on this link opens the page in a new window). There is nothing difficult about paying online in a different currency, millions do it every day, but if you have not done it before then it is probably wise that you read what we have to say about the matter before your first go.

Registering without subscription (obtaining ‘Guest Status’) does not provide Membership so, as viewing of the Families Database will continue to be interrupted until you have paid for or been granted Membership, there is normally little point in using this option. If you intend to pay later for a subscription by Bank Transfer or Sterling Cheque, we recommend that you select what period you intend to pay for (by selecting one of Options 1 to 4) and then select ‘Bank Transfer / Cheque’ as the payment method on the Registration Form in step 2. That will make it quicker for us to activate the account once we have obtained confirmation that your payment has cleared. Please note that it is not possible to pay for a recurring subscription by Bank Transfer or Cheque. [For more information, see Payments by Bank Transfer or Sterling cheque and Membership FAQ.]


Guest Status was originally set up to support the development of Stirnet Histories but that part of the site is no longer being developed. [For more information on that, see Histories FAQ.] Nowadays, the only benefits from registering with Guest Status are in circumstances in which you will probably be contacted by us anyway. Accordingly, you will not be sent an automated email to confirm your Username & Registration ID should you register with this status. Registering with any other status should result in your being sent a Welcome email confirming those details.