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Walpert, Count of Ringleheim and Oldenburg (d 856)
m. Altbergis, heiress of Lesmona
1. Theoderic, Count of Oldenburg (d 920)
  m. either Ludmilla, Countess of Ruchlitz, or Hedwig, Countess of Cleves
  A. Sigfried, Count of Oldenburg (d 940/6)
  m. Magdalene (dau of Albert III, Count of Ascania)
  i. Ulric, Count of Oldenburg (d 967)
  m. Suana (dau of Rutbod, King of Friesland)
  a. Otto, Count of Oldenburg (a 982)
  m. Bechtild (dau of John, Count of Alversleben)
(1) Huno 'the Glorious', Count of Oldenburg
  m. Hilda (dau of Dedo, Count of the Vechti)
  (A) Frideric, Count of Oldenburg (dsp)
  (2) Rira, heiress of Oldenburg S--
  m. Nayo, a lord of Friesland S--
  (3)+ other issue - Odo, Conrad, Dietrich, John
  b. Adelheid of Oldenburg
  m. Sigried, Count of Stade
  ii. Diethburga of Oldenburg HS
  m. Albert IV, Count of Ascania HS
  iii.+ other issue - Henry, Otto
  B. Matilda of Oldenburg (d 969)
  m. Emperor Henry I Auceps (b c876, d 02.07.936)
  C.+ other issue - Frideric, Witekind, Otto
2. Witekind / William / Guglielmo (a 925) HJSY
3.+ other issue - Raginerus (dsp), Amadeus, Wigbert

Main source(s): ROYL (table CXCVII)
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