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Ida, King of Bernicia (d 559)
m. Bearnoch
1. Glappa, King of Bernicia (d 560)
2. Adda, King of Bernicia (d 568)
3. Aethelric, King of Bernicia (d 572)
  A. Aethelfrith, King of Northumbria (d 617)
  m1. Bebba
  i. Eanfrith, King of Northumbria (d 634)
  m. "a Pictish Princess"
  a. Talorcan, King of the Picts (d 657)
  b. daughter
  m. Bile, Sub-king of Fortrinn
  (1) Bruidhe III, King of the Picts (d 693)
  m2. Acha of Deira (dau of Aelli, King of Deira)
  ii. St. Oswald, King of Northumbria (d 642)
  iii. Oswy, King of Northumbria (d 670)
  m1. Riemmelth
  a. Alchfrith, Sub-king of Deira (d 644)
  m. Cyneburg of Mercia (dau of Penda, King of Mercia)
  (1) Osric, King of Northumbria (d 729)
  b. Alchfled of Northumbria
  m. Peada of Mercia (d 656, dau of Penda, King of Mercia)
  m2. Eanfled of Deira (dau of Edwin, King of Northumbria)
  c. Ecgfrith, King of Northumbria (d 685)
m1. (div) Ethelreda (St. Audrey) (d 679, dau of Anna, King of East Anglia)
  m2. Eormenburg
  d. Elfwine (d 679)
  e. Osthryth
  m. Ethelred, King of Mercia (d 704)
  f. Elfleda, Abbess of Whitby (d 714)
  m2. Eanfled of Deira (dau of Edwin, King of Northumbria)
  g. Aldfrid, King of Northumbria (d 704)
  m. Cuthburth of Wessex (dau of Cenred)
  (1) Osred I , King of Northumbria (d 716)
  iv. Ebba, Abbess of Coldingham
  v.+ 4 sons
  B. Theobald (d 603)
4. Theodric, King of Bernicia (d 579)
5. Frithuwald, King of Bernicia (d 586)
6. Hussa, King of Bernicia (d 593)
7. Ogg or Ocga
  A. Adhelm
  i. Ecgwald
  a. Leodwald
  (1) Cuthwine
  (A) Coenred, King of Northumbria (d 718)
  (B) Ceolwulf, King of Northumbria (d 760)
  (2) Eata
  (A) Eadbert, King of Northumbria (d 768)
  (i) Oswulf, King of Northumbria (d 759)
  m. Richthryth
  (a) Aelfwald I , King of Northumbria (d 788)
  ((1))+ 2 sons (murdered young) - Aelf, Aelfwine
  (ii) Osgyfu
  m. Alchred, King of Northumbria (d 774) @@ just below
  (B) Egbert, Archbishop of York (d 766)
8. Alric
  A. Blaecman
  i. Bofa
  a. Byrnham
  (1) Eahlwine
  (A) Alchred, King of Northumbria (d 774)
  m. Osgyfu (dau of Eadbert, King of Northumbria) @@ just above
  (i) Osred II, King of Northumbria (d 790)
  (ii) Alchmund (d 800)

Main source(s): 'RoyalData' supported by 'The Earliest English Kings' by D.P. Kirby, published in 1991 by Unwin Hyman Ltd (ISBN 004-445692-12)
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