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Please remember that this page is in the 'Ancient & Mythical' section of the database and so it should not be taken too seriously. There are a number of issues with this page (and other pages in this section) which make it clear that some things are wrong. We intend to review and (if necessary) redo this page in due course.

Ingiald 'Evilheart', King of Sweden
m. Gauthild (dau of Algaut)
1. Olaf 'Treeshaver' (b c680)
  m. Solva/Solveig of Solisles
  A. Halfdan 'Whiteleg' (b c700)
  m. Assa (b c700, dau of Systein)
  i. Eystein (b c750)
  m. Hild (dau of Eric)
  a. Halfdan 'the Meek' or 'The Bounteous', King in Westfold (b c768)
  m. (c788) Hlif Daysdatter (b c772)
(1) Gudrod 'Hunterking', King in Westfold (b c790, d 821)
  NB. The dates shown for these generations are distinctly dubious. Having a child at the age of ten is remarkable but that act is shown as having been beaten by his even-more-remarkable son! A contributor (MB, 04.03.08) has kindly drawn our attention to the fact that some sources show Gudrod as son of Halfdan Whiteleg rather than (his grandson) Halfdan the Meek. We shall review this in due course.
  m1. (c815) Alfhind (b c794, dau of Alfarin, King of Alvheim)
  (A) Olaf, King of Jutland and Westfold (b c800, d 840)
  (i) Helgi of Dublin (b c802)
  m. (c819) Thora (b c806, dau of Sigurd 'Snake eye')
  (a) Ingjald 'the White', King in Ireland (b c820)
((1)) Olaf 'the White', King in Ireland (b c840, d 871)
  m. (c857) Aud (Unn) 'Deep minded' (b c834, d 900, dau of Ketill 'Flatnose', Lord of the Hebrides)
  ((A)) Thorstun 'the Red' (b c858, d 888)
  m. Thurid (b c847, dau of Eyvind 'the Easterling')
  ((i)) Groa (b c873)
  m. Duncan, Mormaer of Caithness (b c871)
  ((a)) Grelod (b c898) JRY
  m. (914) Thorfin 'Skull-splitter', Jarl of Orkney (b c890, d after 977) JRY
  ((ii))+ other issue - Olaf 'Feilan' (b 870, d c911), Thorhildr (b 872, d c904), Osk (b c874), Thorgerdur (b 876), Vigdis (b c878)
  ((B)) Jocunda (b c859)
  ((2)) Hrolf (b c840)
  (ii) Rognvald of Westfold/Agder (b c816, d 850)
  m. Thora (b c806, dau of Sigurd 'Snake eye')
  (a) Ascriba (b c804) EGHJRSWY
  These dates are to be reviewed. It is clear that they are not all right!
  m. (c846) Einstein 'the Noisy' Glumra, Jarl of More EGHJRSWY
  m2. Asa (dau of Harald 'Redlip')
  (B) Halfdan 'the Black', King in Westfold (b c823, d 863)
  m. (c849) Ragnhild (dau of Sigurd 'Hjort' Helgasson)
(i) Harald I 'Fairhaired', King of Norway (b c850/8, d 933-4)
  m/p1. Asa (dau of Earl Hakon)
  (a)+ issue - Guthorn, Halfdan 'White', Halfdan 'Black' (d c933), Sigfrod (d c934)
  m/p2. Gyda (dau of Eric, King of Hordaland)
  (e) Alof Arbat 'Seasons Bettering'
  m. (c994) Thori 'the Silent', Jarl of More
  (f)+ other issue - Roerek, Sigtrygg, Frodi, Thorgils
  m/p3. Ragnhild (dau of Eric, King of South Jutland)
  (j) Erik I 'Bloodaxe', King of Norway (b c885 ,d 939/954)
  m. Gunnhild (dau of Ozar Tot)
  ((1)) Harald II 'Graycloak', King of Norway (d 974)
  ((2)) Ragnhild of Norway
  m1. (954) Arnfinn, Earl of Orkney (dsp)
  m2. Havard 'Season-prosperous', Earl of Orkney (dsp)
  m3. Ljot, Earl of Orkney and Caithness (dsp)
  ((3))+ other issue - Gamli (d c955), Guthorn (d c953), Ragnfred (King in Norway), Erling (d c963, King in Norway), Gudred (d 999, King in Norway), Sigurd Slaver (d c964), other sons
  m/p4. Snaefrid (Snowfair) (dau of Svasa the Finn)
  (k) Haldan Haaleg
  (l) Gudred Liomi, King of Hadeland (d c890)
  (m) Sigurd-a-Bush, underking of Trondheim (d c937)
  ((1)) Halfdan
  ((A)) Sigurd Sow (d 1018)
  m. Asta (dau of Gudbrand Kula)
  ((i)) Guthorn
  ((ii)) Gunnild
m. Ketil Calf of Ringness
  ((iii)) Halfdan (b 995)
  ((a)) Berglio/Thorburg
  m. Finn Arnasson, Jarl of Halland
  (((1))) Sigrid
  m. Worm Eilifsson, Jarl of Ladir
  (((2))) Ingibiorg (d before 1070) JRY
m1. (before 1038) Thorfinn 'the Black', Earl of Orkney, Caithness and Sutherland (b 1009, d 1064) JRY
  m2. (c1059) Malcolm III 'Canmore', King of Scots (b c1031, d Alnwick 13.11.1093)
  ((iv)) Ingirid
  m. Jarl Nefstein
  ((v)) Harald III Hardrada, King of Norway (b 1015, d 25.09.1066)
  m1. Thora Thorbergsdottir
  m2. (1045) Ellisif (Elizabeth) Jaroslavna
  (n) Rognvald 'Straightleg', King of Hadeland
  ((1)) son
  ((A)) Eyvind Kaldea (d 998)
m/p5. Swanhilda (b c850, dau of Eystein 'the Noisy' Glumra, Jarl of More)
  (o) Ragnar Ryckil
  ((1)) Agner
  ((A)) Ragnar
  (p) Bjorn 'the Merchant', Underking of Westfold (b c900, d 927)
  ((1)) Gudrod, Underking of Westfold (b c932, d 963)
  m. Cecilia
  ((A)) Harald 'Graenski' , Underking of Westfold (b c960, d 995)
m. Asta (dau of Gudbrand 'Kula' Olafsson)
  ((i)) Olaf II 'the Saint', King of Norway (b c995, d 29.07.1030)
  m. (1019) Astrid (dau of Olaf, King of Sweden)
  ((a)) Ulfhild (d before 24.04.1090)
  m. (11.1042) Otto, Duke of Brunswick
  p. Alfhild (b c1002)
  ((b)) Magnus 'the Good', King of Norway (b c1024, d 25.10.1047)
  (((1))) Ragnhild
  m. (1050/62) Jarl Haakon Ivarsson
  (((A))) Ragnhild JRY
  m. Paul I (Sigurd), Earl of Orkney and Caithness (d 1099/1103) JRY
  (((B))) Sunniva
  (q) Olaf Geirsteadelf (d c934)
  ((1)) Tryggvi, underking of Wigen (d c963)
  m. Astrid (dau of Eric)
  ((A)) Olaf, King of Norway (b c963, d 09.09.1000)
  m/p1. Geira (dau of King Wendischen Burislaw)
  m/p2. Gyda (dau of Olaf Kvaran)
  ((i)) Trggve (d 1033)
  m/p3. Gudrun (dau of Jarmskeggi Asbiornsson of Yriar)
  m/p4. Thyra (dau of Harold II 'Bluetooth', King of Denmark)
  ((ii)) Harald (b 999, d 1000)
  m/p5. Gyda of Dublin (dau of Sitric II, King of Dublin and of York)
  ((B)) Astrid
  m. Erling Skialgson of Soli
  ((C)) Ingibiorg
  m. Rognvald Wolfsson, Earl of West Gotland
m/p6. Ashild (dau of Ring of Ringerige)
  (r) Day, King of Hedemarken
  (s) Ring, King of Hedemarken
  ((1)) Day
  ((A)) Roerek 'the Blinded', King of Heathmark
  ((B)) Ring, King of Heathmark
  ((C)) Ragnhild
  m. Rest of Eastdales
  (t) Gudrod Skiria
  m/p7. Thora Mostaff
  (u) Haakon I 'the Good, King of Norway (b c920, d 959)
  ((1)) Thora
  (v) Ingibiorg
  m. Earl Halfdan
  ((1)) Gunnhild
  m. Finn 'Skjalgi' Eyvindsson (b c878)

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