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Families covered: Aldersey of Chester, Aldersey of Middle Aldersey

Philip Aldersey of Middle Aldersey (d by 1473?)
m. Margaret Massie (dau of Hugh Massie of Coddington)
1. John Aldersey of Middle Aldersey
  m. Margaret Pilkington (dau/heir of Laurence Pilkington of Lancashire)
  A. John Aldersey of Middle Aldersey (d c1542)
  Visitation (Cheshire, 1580 & 161) show John's wife as Alice, dau/heir of Sir Christopher Standysh of Duxbery (see here?). Provisionally, we follow Ormerod which identifies her as ...
  m. Alice Standish (dau of Charles Standish of Duxbury)
  i. John Aldersey of Middle Aldersey (a 1566)
m. Johanna Massie (dau of John Massie or Massey of Broxton)
## Ormerod identifies the following William as John's "only son and heir" and John's brother Ralph as ancestor of (later) Aldersey of Middle Aldersey. Visitation (Cheshire, 1580 & 1613) both show John as father of Thomas & Margaret. We presume that Thomas & Margaret were children of Ralph. As reported below, Visitation (Cheshire, 1613) shows the following William as son of Philip, John's uncle. Provisionally, we follow Ormerod.
  a. William Aldersey, Mayor of Chester (d 12.10.1577)
  m. Margaret Barnes (d 1587, dau of John Barnes of Cremshaw by Ellen, dau of Gilbert Culceth of Culceth)
  (1) Fulk Aldersey, Mayor of Chester (dsp 22.02.1608)
  m. Elizabeth Norbury (dau/heir of John Norbury)
  (2) John Aldersey, Mayor of Chester (d 17.05.1603)
  m1. (sp) Jane Constantine (dau of Philip Constantine of Chester, widow of Henry Leech then Thomas Falconer)
  m2. Elizabeth Glegg (dau of Arthur Glegg of Gayton or Geaton)
(A) William Aldersey, Mayor of Chester (d 20.08.1625)
  The following comes from Visitation (Cheshire, 1663, Aldersey of Chester).
  m1. Jane Shepton (dau of Robert Shepton of Molington or Boughton)
  (i) John Aldersey (d young)
  m2. (c05.1607) Anne Whitbye (dau of Robert Whitbye or Whitley, Mayor of Chester)
  (ii) Francis Aldersey of Hankelow (b c1622, youngest son)
  m. Cecilia Green (dau of Richard Green of Congleton)
  (iii) Anne Aldersey
  m. Robert Kent of London
  (iv)+ othe issue - John of Hawarden (b 1608, Flintshire), Edward of Chester (b 1609), William (b 1611, d unm), Thomas (b 1613, in Hamburg), Henry (d unm), Henry (d unm), Mary (d young)
  (2) Thomas Aldersey of Chester
  Ormerod reports that Thomas had issue but Visitation (Cheshire, 1613) suggests that he dsp.
  (3) Elizabeth Aldersey
  m. Rafe Thornton of Chester
(4) Margaret Aldersey
  m. George Calcott
  (5) Catherine Aldersey
  m. Richard Sanders
  (6) Ann Aldersey
  m. Francis Orton of London
  ii. Ralph Aldersey of Middle Aldersey
  m. Anne Hawarden (dau of John Hawarden of Wolfstan)
  See the note ## above. We presume that Ralph & Anne were parents of ...
a. Thomas Aldersey of Middle Aldersey
  m. Jane Ligon (dau of Michael Ligon or Lygon of Worcestershire)
  (1) Thomas Aldersey (younger son?)
  m. Anne Bromley (dau of Hugh Bromley of Hampton)
  (A) Robert Aldersey of Middle Aldersey (2nd son?)
  m. Anne Littler (dau of Raffe Littler of Walerscott)
  (i) John Aldersey
  (B)+ other issue - Thomas, daughter
  (2)+ other issue (dvpsp?) - Thomas, Edward, John, William, Robert, John
  b. Margaret Aldersey
  iii. Elizabeth Aldersey
  m. William Davison, Mayor of Chester (a 1522)
  B. Philip Aldersey
  Visitation (Cheshire, 1613) shows Philip as father of the William (d 1577) who m. Margaret Barnes and was Mayor of Chester. We show that William above as son of Philip's nephew John. See above ##.

Main source(s): Ormerod (Cheshire, vol II, 'Aldersey of Aldersey') with support/input from Visitation (Cheshire, 1580 & 1613, Aldersey of Middle Aldersey) and as reported above
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