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Families covered: Kent of Copenhall, Kent of Hooton Roberts, Kent of Kimberworth, Kent of London

?? Kent
1. William Kent of Kimberworth in Rotherham (a 07.1672)
  A. Richard Kent of Kimberworth (bpt 13.03.1644-5, d 29.06.1711)
  m. Elizabeth Watson (b 1643-4, d 30.05.1693)
  i. Richard Kent of Kimberworth & Whiston (bpt 06.03.1672-3, d 12.05.1704)
  m. (25.03.1695) Elizabeth Westby (bpt 26.01.1661-2, d 24.06.1727, dau of George Westby of Gilthwaite)
  a. Richard Kent of Kimberworth (b 04.01.1695-6, d 04.10.172-9)
  m. (12.11.1719) Sarah Downes (b c1700, d 03.09.1769, dau of William Downes of Wakefield)
  (1) Richard Kent of Doncaster (a 1758, dsp, Captain, linen draper)
  m. Catherine
  (2) Elizabeth Kent (b c1720, d 28.02.1777)
  m. John Hirst of Clough (b c1715, d 23.04.1796)
  (A) Charles Hirst (Captain, 4th son)
  m. (sp) _ Downes (dau/heir of William Downes of Wakefield)
  partner unknown
  (i) daughter
  (B) Anne Hirst
  m. George Maynard of St. Dinois Backchurch
  (i) Sarah Maynard
  m. Samuel Shirt of Islington
  (a) Henry John Shirt, later Hirst (a 1845)
  (C)+ other issue (dsp/unm) - John, Richard, James of Rotherham, George (m. ??), Elizabeth, Sarah
  (3)+ other issue - Frederick Henry (b 02-3.125, d 11.06.1725), William (dsp)
  b.+ other issue - Westby (d 15.06.1702), John (bpt 30.01.1700-1, bur 29.07.1701), Elizaeth (a 1704)
  ii. William Kent of Ickles Hall (b 1678-9, d 12.04.1724, 3rd son)
  a. Elizabeth Kent (b 1706, d 02.09.1737)
  iii. Elizabeth Kent (bpot 04.11.1675, bur 13.10.1717)
  m. (19.07.1706) William Watson of Bolton-on-Dearn
  iv. Jane Kent (bpt 1680, a 01.1716)
  m. _ Smithson (MD)
  v.+ other issue - William (bpt 31.05.1670, d 16.09.1680), Mary (bpt 1664), Sarah (bpt 1669)
  B. William Kent (b 1648, d 14.11.1717) probably the William who married ...
  m. Ann Creswick (b c1655, d 09.12.1723, dau of Thomas Creswick of Burrowleigh by Faith (dau of John Seaton of Brookhouse)
  i. John Kent of Kimberworth (b 1690-1, d 17.08.1754, 2nd son)
  m. Martha Downes (b 1706, d 11.04.1753, sister of Sarah)
  a. John Kent of Hooton Roberts (b 1729-30, d 12.08.1790)
  m. Ann Turner of Hooton Roberts (b c1740, d 04.11.1819, sister of Samuel of Sheffield)
  (1) John Seaton Kent of Hooton Roberts (b 1772-3, dsp 15.01.1814)
  (2) William Wilson Kent of Hooton Roberts (dsp 12.12.1820)
  m. Dorothy Stanton of Mansfield (a 1825)
  (3)+ other issue - Martha, Ann, Kitty (d 06.01.1781), Elizabeth, Sarah (d 28.02.1782)
  b. Thomas Kent (d 30.10.1756)
  c. Sarah Kent
  m. Samuel Aisablie of London
  d. Anne Kent
  m. _ Wilson of London
  e. Martha Kent (d 15.03.1789)
  m. Solomon Holmes, Mayor of Doncaster
  ii.+ William, Elizabeth, Thomas, Barbara
2. Robert Kent (a 1672) had issue?



?? Kent of Cheshire
1. Randall Kent of Copenhall, Cheshire
  A. Roger Kent of Copenhall (3rd son)
  m. Petronell Dawkins
  i. John Kent of Devises, Wiltshire (b c1559, d 01.10.1630, Town Clerk)
  m. Maria Wiatt (dau of Thomas Wiatt of Calne)
  a. John Kent
  m. (25.03.1611) Anne Poticarie (dau of Jerom Poticarie of Stockton)
  (1) John Kent (b c1612, a 1623)
  b. Thomas Kent
  m. Katherin Read (dau of Thomas Read of Bradford)
  (1)+ issue (a 1623) - John (b c1616), Peter, Samuell, Katherin
  c. Samuel Kent (bpt 18.12.1591)
  (1)+ issue - John, Phillip, Robert, Maria, Sara, Anne, Alice
  d. Maria Kent
  m. (16.12.1605) John Stevens of Devises
  A.+ other issue - Randall, Robert, John
2. John Kent of Astberie, Cheshire
The following is supported by Visitation (London, 1634, 'Kent').
  m. _ Marbury (dau of _ Marbury of the Mere, Cheshire)
  A. Henry Kent of London (d 1623, haberdasher)
  m. Frances Man (dau of Thomas Man of Newland/London)
  i. Robert Kent of London (b c1604, a 1634)
  m. Anne Aldersey (dau of William Aldersey of Aldersey)
  a. John Kent (b c1637)
  The following is supported by Visitation (Cheshire, 1663, 'Kent of Congleton') which identifies John as son of Robert of London by Anne Chester (sb Anne from Cheshire?).
  m. Elizabeth Rode of Congleton
  (1) John Kent (b c1653)
  a.+ issue - Anne, Elizabeth
  ii. Johanna Kent (a 1634)
  m. Stephen Grimsdich or Grimsditch of Yorkshire
  iii.+ other issue (a 1623) - Henry (b c1606, a 1634), John (b c1608, a 1634), Thomas (b c1610), James/Jonas (b c1618, a 1634), Anna (b c1617), Frances (b c1621, a 1634)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : FMG (vol 4, MS564, 'Kent', p1216+)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Wiltshire, 1623, 'Kent') with input/support as reported above
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