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Families covered: Amherst of Amherst, Amherst of Bayhall, Amherst of Pembury, Amherst of Riverhead

Possibly descended from Gilbertus de Hemmehurst (a 1230) was ...
John Amherst of Amherst, Kent (a 1399)
1. Thomas Amherst
  A. Thomas Amherst of Pembury (d 1460)
  m. Sarah
  i. Thomas Amherst of Pembury (d after 1488)
  a. William Amherst
  b. Thomas Amherst of Amherst (b after 1467)
m. _ Bowregge (sister of Thomas Bowregge of Capell)
  (1) Nicholas Amherst of Juddy's Land (d by 1600)
  The following connection is supported by BP1934 ('Amherst of Hackney').
  m. Johanna
  (A) George Amherst or Amhurst (a 1580, dvp, vicar of Yalding)
  m. Margaret Eagles
  (i) Nicholas Amherst of Court Lodge, East Farleigh (d 08.04.1662)
  m. Elizabeth Norton (b c1595, d 04.02.1672, dau of Stephen Norton of Chart-by-Sutton)
  (2) William Amherst of Pembury, Kent (d after 1559) had issue
  m. Julyan
  (3) John Amherst of Pembury (d 1578) - continued below
  m. Parnell Raynes
  (4) Richard Amherst of Headcorn (d after 1589) had issue
  ii.+ other issue - Isabel, Julian, Agnes



John Amherst of Pembury (d 1578) - continued above
m. Parnell Raynes
1. Richard Amherst of Pembury (a 01.1599/1600)
  CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p494) shows Richard as son of the Thomas whom we show as father of the above John, i.e. misses out the above generation.
m. Margaret Rixon (a 01.1599/1600)
  A. Richard Amherst of Bayhall (Pembury) & Lewes (bpt 05.08.1565, d 12.04.1632, serjeant-at-law to Queen Elizabeth, MP)
  The following is partly supported by CountyGen (Sussex, Berry, p212).
  m1. (20.02.1592/3) Anne Reynes (dau/coheir of William Reynes of Mereworth)
  i. Richard Amherst or Amhurst of Bayhall (bpt 17.05.1600, d 29.08.1664)
m. Dorothy Craddock (d 18.07.1654, dau of John Craddock of Luddesdown & Ightham by Jane Dirkin)
  a. William Amherst or Amhurst of Bayhall (b c1631, d unm 10.12.1663, 2nd son?)
  b. Charles Amherst of Bayhall (d unm bur 16.11.1705)
  c. Dorothy Amherst (b c1646, dsp bur 04.05.1712)
  m. (04.05.1687/16.04.1688) Jeffery Amherst of Riverhead (d 1713) @@ below
  d. Elizabeth Amherst (b c1651, bur 30.01.1707/8)
  m. (c12.1674) Sir Henry Selby (d 29.08.1715, Sergeant-at-law)
  Their son inherited Bayhall and assumed the name Amherst.
  e.+ other issue - William (d infant), Richard (bur 26.06.1654), Henry (a 1669, of Lincoln's Inn), Margaret (d unm), Isabella (bur 24.03.1665/6)
  ii. Anne Amherst (bpt 01.01.1602/3, d unm before 1634)
  m2. Margaret Palmer (dau of Sir Thomas Palmer of Wingham, Bart, by Margaret Poley)
  iii. Margaret Amhurst (bur 26.07.1666)
  m. (before 08.08.1630) Sir John Colebrand of Lewes, Bart
  iv. Frances Amhurst (a 1634)
  m. (after 1633) Thomas Beck of Ledwich
  B. William Amherst of Butts Place, Pembury (d before 02.04.1635)
  m. Elizabeth (a 04.1635)
  i. Mary Amherst
  m. (before 07.06.1634) John Champs of Tunbridge
  C. Jeffery Amherst (b c1577, d 12.1662, rector of Horsemonden)
  m. (25.09.1610) Joan Barrenden (d 24.09.1647, dau of John Barrenden or Barnden of Southease)
  i. Richard Amherst (bpt 12.11.1615, dvp 1647, rector of Southease)
  m. Mary Bowen (a 04.1647)
  a. 1 son and 1 daughter
  ii. Arthur Amherst of Tonbridge, Kent (b c1615/20, d 02.07.1678)
  m. Eleanor Tresse (d 11.1682, dau of Sir Thomas Tresse)
  a. issue - Jeffery of Fish Hall, William, 2 daughters
iii. John Amherst of Mickleham, Surrey (d 04.05.1691, of Gray's Inn)
  m1. Margaret Kirby (dau/coheir of Jeffery Kirby, alderman of London, by Dorothy, dau of William Baye)
  a. Jeffery Amherst of Riverhead, Kent (b 11.01.1649/50, bur 15.08.1713, MP, 2nd son)
m1. (19.07.1670) Elizabeth Yates (dau of Henry Yate or Yates by Jane, dau of Sir Francis Stidolfe)
  (1) Jeffery Amherst of Riverhead (bpt 29.07.1677, d 21.10.1750, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Kerrill (bur 01.05.1752, dau of Thomas Kerrill of Hadlow by Mary, dau of Maximilian Dalison of Hamptons)
  (A) Sackville Amherst of Riverhead (bpt 09.10.1715, d unm 12.12.1763)
  (B) Sir Jeffery Amherst, 1st Lord Amherst, Field Marshal, Governor of Virginia then Guernsey (b 29.01.1717, dsp 03.08.1797, CIC in North America)
  m1. (20.05.1753) Jane Dalison (b 14.02.1722/3, dsp 07.01.1765, dau of Thomas Dalison of Plaxtol (Hamptons) by Jane Etherington
m2. (26.03.1767) Elizabeth Cary (d 22.05.1830, dau of Lt.Gen. George Cary by Isabella Ingram)
  (C) John Amherst (bpt 06.01.1717-8, dsp 14.02.1778, Vice Admiral)
  m. Ann Lindzee (dau of Thomas Lindzee of Portsmouth)
  (D) William Amherst, Governor of St. John's, Newfoundland (bpt 05.03.1732, d 13.05.1781, Lt. General, youngest son)
  m. (31.03.1766) Elizabeth Patterson (d 07.03.1766, dau of Thomas Patterson)
  (i) William Pitt Amherst, 2nd Lord, 1st Earl Amherst, Governor General of Bengal (b 14.01.1773, d 13.03.1857) had issue
  m1. (24.07.1800) Sarah Archer (b 19.07.1762, d 27.05.1838, dau of Andrew Archer, 2nd Lord, by Sarah West)
  m2. (25.05.1839) Mary Sackville (b 30.07.1792, dsp 30.07.1864, dau of John Frederick Sackville, 3rd Duke of Dorset, by Arabella Diana Cope)
  (ii) Elizabeth Frances Amherst (bpt 23.01.1774)
  m. (03.04.1799) John Hale of Lower Canada (b 27.03.1764, d 24.12.1808)
  (iii)+ other issue - daughter (b 12.12.1768, d infant?), Harriet (bpt 10.1775, a 05.1777, d young)
(E) Elizabeth Amherst (bpt 04.06.1714, d 04.1779)
  m. (24.09.1751) John Thomas of Welford (d 18.11.1770, rector of Nutgrove)
  (F)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 29.05.1725, bur 06.06.1725), Sidney (bpt 22.09.1728, bur 02.05.1729), Charles (bpt 16.09.1729, bur 09.04.1730), Margaret (bpt 03.02.1718/9, d unm 09.05.1735), Mary (bpt 28.12.1720, bur 17.02.1721)
(2) Jane Amherst (b 10.04.1673, dsp)
  m. (after 02.10.1702) _ Boyd
  (3) Margaret Amherst (bpt 19.02.1674/5, a 10.1702)
  m. (09.06.1692) John Seyliard of Pendell Court, Bletchingley
  (4)+ other issue (d young) - John (d infant), Francis (bpt 25.06.1678), Henry (d infant), Henry (a 10.1702), Richard (d 11.03.1681/2), Charles (b 03.1681/2, d 11.08.1682), Elizabeth
  m2. (16.04.1688) Dorothy Amherst (dsp bur 04.05.1712, dau of Richard Amherst of Bay-hall by Dorothy, dau of John Craddock) @@ above
  b. Annabella Amherst (b 1654)
  m. John Mill of Brewhurst
  c. Mary Amherst (b 07.03.1655/6)
  m. (c08.1678) Henry Yates of Warnham (bpt 06.09.1659?, bur 10.05.1716)
  d.+ other issue - John (d young), John (d young), Margaret (bpt 01.04.1651)
  m2. Elizabeth Bickerton of Leicestershire (d 1667, relict of _ Triggs then Richard Higginson of London)
  m3. Jane Stidolphe (dau of Sir Francis Stidolfe (Stydolphe) of Mickleham, widow of Henry Yates of Warnham then Sir Henry Onslow)
  iv. Anne Amherst (bpt 06.10.1611, bur 02.04.1612)
  v. Margaret Amherst (bpt 14.03.1612/3)
  m. Tristram Thomas of Rotherfield
  D. John Amherst of Billingsgate, London (bpt 18.07.1578, d before 21.12.1615) had issue
  E. Edward Amherst of Lewes, Sussex (bpt 12.03.1581, d before 31.01.1622/3. of Gray's Inn)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BP1934 ('Amherst') with some support from CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p191+), BLG1886 ('Tyssen-Amherst of Didlington Hall')
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Frederick Arthur Crisp, England & Wales, Notes vol 10, 1913, 'Pedigree of Amherst', p154+), BP1934 ('Amherst'), CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p494+)
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