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Families covered: Anguishe of Foulsham, Anguish of Great Melton, Anguish of Moulton, Anguish of Norwich

Commoners reports that "This family, originally from the isle of Angus, (whence the sirname of Anguish is supposed to have derived), settled in Norfolk, where they remained for three centuries".
Richard Anguishe of Alderford (a 1504)
m. Cecily Rixe (dau of Edmund Rixe of Foulsham)
1. Thomas Anguishe of Foulsham
m. Ann Themelthorpe (dau of Edmond Themelthorpe, m2. (John) Johnson) ## see here ##
  A. John Anguishe of South Rainham & Foulsham (d before 10.03.1569-70)
  m. Catherine Townshend (a 05.1569, dau of Thomas Townshend of Testerton, son of Sir Roger of Rainham)
  i. Thomas Anguishe of Great Melton (a 1569, 1616)
  m. Mary Jernegan (dau/coheir of John Jernegan of Belton)
a.+ issue - Thomas (a 1617), Frances
  ii. Dorothy Anguishe (a 1616)
  m. Henry Playters of Sotterley
  iii.+ other issue (a 1569) - Thomas in Fincham (a 1586), John, Amye, Jame
  B. Edmond Anguish of Moulton (b 1539-40, d 23.08.1616)
  m. Ann Barton (dau of Robert Barton of St. Faith's)
  i. Richard Anguish of Moulton (b 1572-3, d 14.02.1627) - continued below
  m. (1603) Aubrey (Abra) Gilbert (b c1580, d 18.12.1626, dau of Thomas Gilbert of North Burlingham)
  ii. Ann Anguish
  m. John Peddar of Hunstanton
  iii. Rose Anguish
  m. Jeffey Cremer of Snettisham
  iv. Catherine Anguish
  m. John Cremer
  C. Thomas Anguishe, Sheriff then Mayor of Norwich (b c1538, d 26.01.1617)
  m. (20.02.1567) Elizabeth Thurston (d 12.1619, dau of Edmund Thurston of Norwich by Amy)
  i. John Anguish, Sheriff then Mayor of Norwich (bpt 25.06.1571, a 05.1638)
  m. (13.09.1598) Mary Aldrich (b 21.03.1580, a 1638, dau of John Aldrich of Norwich)
  a. Edmond Anguish (a 1617)
  m. Anna Dee
  (1) William Anguish ("a purser at sea")
  m. Martha Tokley of Ipswich (relict of _ Garneys then Leonard Harris then _ Bretton)
  (2) daughter
  m. J. Park of Barford
  (3) Anne Anguish (a 1693)
  b. Thomas Anguish (bpt 23.12.1610)
  c. Ann Anguish (bpt 13.10.1609, a 1638)
  m. (before 15.05.1638) _ Strawberry
  ii. Edmond Anguish of Great Melton (b c1573, d 05.11.1657)
m1. Dorothy Marsham (bur 06.1604, dau of Robert Marsham of Melton)
  a. Robert Anguish (d c06.1604)
  m2. (before 04.1616) Alice Drake (dau of John Drake of Herringfleet)
  b. John Anguish of Great Melton (b c1611, d 12.02.1691, Captain)
  m1. Jane Methwold of Langford
  (1) Edmund Anguish (dsp)
  (2) Ann Anguish (bpt 24.11.1640, d 28.07.1685)
m. Edmond Wodehouse of East Lexham (b 1638-9, d 05.09.1727, son of Sir Philip of Kimberley, Bart)
  m2. (sp) Anne Spooner (dau of John Spooner of North Elmham, relict of William Turner)
  c. Edmond Anguish of Norwich (b 1613-4, d 10.04.1694, Major)
  m. Anne (b c1621, d 08.10.1702)
  (1)+ issue - William in London (a 1693), Anne of Whititingham (d unm before 24.0.1707)
  d. Richard Anguish (a 1644, Rector of Starston & Scarling)
  m. (25.11.1633) Katharine Anguish (b c1620, d 20.02.1678, dau of Richard Anguish of Moulton) @1@ below
  (1) Helen Anguish in Bristol (a 1678)
  m. _ Rollston of Barbadoes
  (2) Elizabeth Anguish (b before 07.10.1652)
m. Robert Lawrence of Brockdish
  (3)+ other issue (a 02.1678, dsp) - Edmund, William
  e. Thomas Anguish (bpt 31.12.1618, dsp)
  f. Ann (Alice?) Anguish (a 04.1684)
  m. Henry Blackborne of Burfield Hall
  g. Elizabeth Anguish (bpt 11.06.1615)
  m1. Thomas Anguish of Moulton @2@ below
  m2. Talmach Castell of Raveningham
  h. Esther Anguish
  m1. Geogre Bayfield
m2. (30.09.1668) Jn. Hawys
  i. Mary Anguish (bpt 09.08.1621)
  m. Miles Browne of Coston
  iii. Alexander Anguish, Sheriff then Mayor of Norwich (bur 26.07.1654, 4th son)
  m. Catherine Barrett of Laxfield (bur 22.09.1650, relict of Simon Davy)
  a.+ issue - Thomas (bpt 21.07.1615), Hester (bpt 09.06.1617)
  iv. Thomas Anguish (bpt 17.04.1590, bur 14.07.1622)
  m. Anne Smallpiece (dau of Francis Smallpiece of Norwich (alderman), m2. Sir (John) Dethick of London) ## see here ##
  a.+ issue - Francis (b c1619, a 1623), Thomas (b 1622-3)
  v. Hester Anguish
  m. Richard Mann of Norwich
  vi.+ other issue - Richard (dvp bur 23.09.1616, cleric), William (dsp 06.07.1668), Cicely (d infant), Margaret (d infant)
  D. Edward Anguishe (a 1569)
  m. _ Barton (dau of Robert Barton)
  i.+ issue (a 1580) - Richard, Anne



Richard Anguish of Moulton (b 1572-3, d 14.02.1627) - continued above
m. (1603) Aubrey (Abra) Gilbert (b c1580, d 18.12.1626, dau of Thomas Gilbert of North Burlingham)
1. Thomas Anguish of Moulton (a 04.1592, d before 28.06.1653, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Anguish (bpt 11.06.1615, dau of Edmund Anguish of Melton, m2. Talmach Castell of Raveningham) @2@ above
  A. Edmund Anguish of Moulton (a 04.1684)
m. Alice Allin (dau of Thomas Allin of Leistoffe & Somerleyton)
  i. Sir Richard Anguish, later Allin, 1st Bart of Somerleyton, Suffolk (d 19.10.1725, 2nd son)
  m. Frances Ashhurst (dau of Sir Henry Ashhurst, Bart of Waterstock)
  a. Sir Thomas Allin, 2nd Bart of Somerleyton, Sheriff of Suffolk (d unm 11.08.1764)
  b. Sir Ashhurst Allin, 3rd Bart of Somerleyton (d 06.11.1770, rector of Blunston-cum-Flixton, 4th son)
  m. Thomasin Norris (b 1713-4, d 16.09.1749, dau of John Norris of Witton)
  (1) Sir Thomas Allin, 4th Bart of Somerleyton (d unm 05.1794)
  (2) Frances Allen (d unm)
  c. Diana Anguish or Allin
  m. Thomas Henry Ashurst of Waterstock
  d.+ other issue (dsp) - Henry, Richard, William
  ii. Edmund Anguish of Moulton (b c1660, d 1708)
  m. Mary Betts (d before 21.07.1707, dau of William Betts of Yoxford or Gosford)
  a. Thomas Anguish of Halesworth (d 23/24.04.1763, Rector of Halesworth then Vicar in Deptford)
m. Mary Elmy of Beccles (d 03.1750)
  (1) Thomas Anguish (b c1725, d 31.12.1785)
  m. Sarah Henley of Docking (b c1726, d 03.01.1807, dau of Henry Host Henley of Leigh (MP))
  (A) Thomas Anguish of Somerleyton (b 1759-60, d unm 05.08.1810)
  (B) George Anguish of Somerleyton Hall (b 07.02.1764, d unm 05.07.1843, prebendary of Norwich)
  (C) Catherine Anguish (d 08.10.1837)
  m. (1788) Francis Godolphin Osborne, 5th Duke of Leeds (b 29.01.1751, d 31.01.1799)
  (D)+ other issue - Charles (d unm), Ann, Charlotte, Maria (d 1814), Isabella (d 1788)
  b. Edmund Anguish of London (d 06.07.1758)
  m. Rebecca Betts
  c. Mary Anguish of Beccles
d. Dorothy Anguish
  m. Rev. Thomas Symonds
  iii.+ other issue - Thomas (b c1663, d young), Allin (a 1681, dsp)
  B. Anne Anguish
  m. John Smith (Smyth) of Suffolk
  C. Alice Anguish (bpt 21.11.1634, a 1671)
  m. Augustine Castle of Raveningham
  D. Elizabeth Anguish
  m. (1682) Sir Thomas Allin of Lowesoft, 1st Bart (Admiral)
  E.+ other issue - Richard (dsp before 04.02.1670-1), Mary (a 04.1684, d unm?), Katherine (a 04.1684, d unm?)
2. Katherin Anguish (b c1620, d 20.02.1678)
  m. (25.11.1633) Richard Anguish (son of Edmund of Great Melton) @1@ above
3.+ other issue (dvp) - Edmond (dsp before 01.04.1616), Edmond (a 04.1616), Elizabeth, Abra

Main source(s): 'The Hundred of Launditch and Deanery of Brisley' (G.A. Carthew, 1877, Part 3, 'Pedigree of Anguishe', p317+) with support for the lower section (which was first uploaded 20.11.07 to AZmisc05) from Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, 'Anguish'), Commoners (vol 2, 'Anguish of Somerleyton', p419+), BEB1841 ('Allin of Somerleyton')
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