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Families covered: Townshend of Brampton, Townshend of Ludlow, Townshend of Raynham, Townshend of Testerton, Townshend of Wretham

Visitation shows the ancestry of the Sir Roger of Raynham who married Eleanor Lunsford as follows.
Lodowic 'de Towneshend'
m. Elizabeth de Haywell (dau of Sir Thomas de Haywell or Hayville)
1. Walter Towneshend
  m. Matilda de Scogan (dau of Sir Roger de Scogan)
  A. Roger Towneshend
  m. Katherine Adtherton (dau of John Adtherton (Atherton?) of Sussex)
i. Thomas Towneshend
  m. Elianora Payne (dau of William Payne of Norfolk)
  a. Sir Roger Towneshend of Ranham, Norfolk alternative parentage shown below
  m. _ Lunford (dau of William Lunford or Ludford or Lunsford of Lunford, Sussex)
  ii. Katherine Towneshend
  m. Charles Blakeney of Sperham
BP1934 starts with ...
John Townshend of Raynham (d 1465)
1. Sir Roger Townshend (d 1493, judge) alternative ancestry shown above
  m. Eleanor Lunsford (dau of William Lunsford of Battle)
  A. Sir Roger Townshend of Raynham (d 25.11.1551)
  m. Amy or Anne de Brewse (d 25.07.1551, dau of William de Brewse of Wenham Hall and Stinton Hall)
i. John Townshend of Brampton (dvp, 2nd son)
  m. Eleanor Heydon (dau of Sir John Heydon of Braconsthorpe)
  a. Richard Townshend of Brampton (d 1544)
  m. Catherine Brown (dau of Sir Humphrey Brown of Ridley Hall)
(1) Sir Roger Townshend of Raynham (bur 30.06.1590)
  m. Jane Stanhope (dau of Sir Michael Stanhope of Shelford)
  (A) Sir John Townshend of Raynham (d 02.08.1603)
  m. Anne Bacon (dau of Sir Nathaniel Bacon)
(i) Sir Roger Townshend, 1st Bart of Raynham (d 01.01.1636-7)
  m. (1628) Mary Vere (d before 02.12.1639, dau of Horation Vere, Lord Tilbury)
  (a) Sir Roger Townshend, 2nd Bart of Raynham (b 21.12.1628, d unm before 07.1648)
  (b) Sir Horatio Townshend, 3rd Bart, 1st Viscount Townshend of Raynham (d 12.1687)
  m1. (sp) Mary Lewkenor (dau of Sir Edward Lewkenor of Denham)
  m2. (24.11.1673) Mary Ashe (dau of Sir Joseph Ashe of Twickenham)
  (c) Mary Townshend (d 04.07.1668)
  m. (05.1650) Thomas Crew, 2nd Lord of Stene (d 30.11.1697)
(d) Jane Townshend
  m. John Windham
  (e) Anne Townshend (d 01.02.1667)
  m. William Cartwright of Aynhoe Park (b 1634, d 17.04.1676)
  (f) Edith Townshend (d unm)
  (g) Vere Townshend (dsp)
  m. (30.08.1660) Sir Ralph Hare, 1st Bart of Stowe (d 02.1671)
  (ii) son
  (iii) (Anne) Townshend
  m. (Sir John) Spelman (bpt 1594, bur 26.07.1643, son of Sir Henry)
  (B) Sir John Townshend (d 02.08.1603)
  (2) Anna Townshend
  m. John Godsalve of Buckenham Ferry
  b. John Townshend of Holhoughton, Norfolk (3rd son)
  m. Cecilia Peris
  (1) Amy Townshend
  c. Katherine Townshend
  m. Francis Colvill of Marsland
  d. Amy Townshend
  m. Thomas Croft of Felmingham
  e.+ other issue - Henry, George
  ii. Sir Robert Townshend (d 08.02.1556, judge in Chester)
  BP1934 identifies Sir Robert's wife's surname as Poppy. Visitation (or the Harleian editor) identifies it as Popey or Pepe or Pope. Thanks to a contributor (MF, 29.10.11) for reporting that his tomb identifies it as Povye (aka Povey) which is a variant of Povah which derives from ap Hwfa.
m. (1516) Alice Povye (dau of Robert Povye of Twyford by Anna, dau of John Mordox)
  a. Thomas Townshend of Mergate Hall had issue in Shropshire
  m. Elizabeth Periante
  b. Sir Robert Townshend of Ludlow, Salop (judge)
  m. Anna Machill (dau of John Machill, alderman of London)
  (1) Sir John Townshend of Ludlow, later of Winforton (Herefordshire)
  Visitation ends just naming John and his siblings. More detail on him and the following connection was kindly provided by a contributor (MF, 30.10.11).
  m. Alice Fitzhughes (dau of Richard Fitzhughes of Walcot)
(A) Anne Townshend
  m. Reginald Williams of Willaston (bur 01.02.1659-60)
  (2) Maria Townshend probably the Mary who married ...
  m. Sir Robert Rookwood of Coldham Hall (d 1679)
(3)+ other issue - Nicholas, Henry, Robert, Sidney, Maria, Anna, Penelope, Frances
  c. Sir Henry Townshend of Cound, Salop (judge in Chester)
  m1. Susanna Hayward (dau of Sir Roland Hayward of London)
  (1) Johanna Townshend
  m. John Vaughan of Penclasse
  (2) Elizabeth Townshend
  m. Edward Cresset of Upton Cressett
(3) Mary Townshend
  m. Philip Cromwell alias Williams (bur 1629)
  (4)+ other issue - Hayward (dsp), John, Tillesworth (dsp), Warrin
  m2. Dorothy Heveningham (bur 12.10.1591, dau of Christopher (Walter?) Heveningham or Henningham of Pipehall)
  (8) Henry Townshend (b c1602, a 1623)
  d. Amy Townshend
  m. Richard or Ralph Dutton of Hatton
e. Anne Townshend
  m1. (06.10.1551) (Humphrey) Archer of Warwickshire (b 1527, d 24.10.1562)
  m2. Edmond Collins of Lee (Colles of Leigh)
  f. Thomazina Townshend
  m1. William Curson
  m2. William Rug or Riggs
  g. Grace Townshend
  m1. Gilbert
  m2. Richard S.
  h. Bridget Townshend
  m. Henry Acton (son/heir of Sir Robert)
i.+ other issue - Isaac, Elianora (dsp)
  iii. George Townshend
  m. _ Thornton (dau of John Thornton of London (Sir Richard Thurston, Sheriff of London?))
  iv. Thomas Townshend of Testerton (d before 21.11.1573)
  Visitation reports that Thomas married Elizabeth, dau of Roland Hayward of Feltwell. BP1934 shows the following 2 wives. Commoners (vol IV, Bullock of Shipdham), in its section on Townshend of Wretham, mentions only Elizabeth Calybut (dau of John of Fox Manor) and is the source of the information on his descendants.
m1. Anne Southwell (dau of Richard Southwell of St. Faith)
  m2. Elizabeth Calybut (dau of John Calybut of Castle Acre)
  a. Thomas Townshend of Testerton
  m. Elizabeth Catlyn (dau of Richard Catlyn of Honningham)
  (1) Thomas Townshend of Testerton
  m. Elizabeth Timperley (dau of Richard Timperley of Kentlesham)
  (A) Dorothy Townshend
  m. Thomas Bedingfield of Testerton (bpt 1609, d 1675)
  (2) George Townshend of Cranworth
  m. Frances Bacon (d 09.1649, dau of Edmund Bacon of Hesset)
  (A) Thomas Townshend of Wretham (d 31.07.1681)
  m. Catherine Hoo
(i) George Townshend of Wretham
  m1. Sarah Green (dsp 1667, dau of Joshua Green of East Bradenham)
  m2. Mary Baldock (dau of Sir Robert Baldock, judge, by Mary,
  Commoners identifies Mary's mother as Mary Bacon, sister/heir of Robert (d 1673) and dau/heir of Bacqueville Bacon of Hockham, 3rd son of Sir Nicholas, Bart of Redgrave. We have yet to reconcile that description with the information on Bacon02.
  (a) Rev. Horace Townshend (dsp)
  (b) Thomas Townshend (rector of Tacolnston & Shipdham)
  m. Elizabeth Needham (dau of Rev. Samuel Needham of West Bradenham)
((1)) Elizabeth Townshend (dsp 07.02.1790)
  m. Colby Bullock (dsp 16.11.1804, rector of Shipdham)
  ((2))+ other issue - Sophia Catherine, Frances (d unm)
  (c) Mary Townshend
  m. Thomas Cremer of Lynn
  ((1)) Mary Cremer (dsp)
  m. _ Rymes
  (d) Catherine Townshend
  m. John Berney or Barney of Lynn
  ((1)) Catherine Berney or Barney
  m. Thomas Bullock of Hingham Hall (d 11.1768)
  (e) Frances Townshend (dsp)
m. Rev. John Erchard
  (ii) Elizabeth Townshend
  m. John Jermyn of East Tedenham
  (B) Henry Townshend
  b. Catherine Townshend (a 05.1569) probably of this generation
  m. John Anguishe of South Raingham & Foulsham (d before 10.03.1569-70)
  c Susan Townshend possibly of this generation
  m. Christopher Crowe of East Bylney (d 01.10.1612)
  d. Amye Townshend possibly of this generation
  m1/2. John Thurleby of East Derham Park
  m2/1. John Wingfield of W(est) (sb East?) Winche
  (1) Ann Wingfield
  m. Thomas Athowe (Serjeant-at-law)
  v. Catherine Townshend
  m. Sir Henry Bedingfield (d 1583)
  vi. Susanna Townshend
  m. Sir Edmund Windham of Norfolk
vii. daughter mentioned by Visitation but not by BP1934
  m. _ Mountford
  viii.+ other issue - Roger (dsp, rector of Creake & Snoring), Giles (d before 04.05.1552)
  B. daughter
  Visitation shows a daughter as married to Sir William Cresnore. The above-mentioned Commoners section shows a daughter of the next generation married to Philp Cressoner of Attleburgh. BP1934 shows a daughter of this generation married to ...
  m. Philip Cressner
  C. (Ann) Townshend
  Visitation shows a daughter as married to Sir John Castell. The above-mentioned Commoners section shows a daughter (Ann) of the next generation married to Ralph Castell of Raveningham. BP1934 shows a daughter of this generation married to ...
  m. Ralph Castell of Raveningham
  D. (Thomasine) Townshend shown by the above-mentioned Commoners section as of the next generation (husband named Thomas)
  m. Thomas (not William) Wodehouse of Kimberley
  E. daughter mentioned by Visitation but not by BP1934
  m. Sir William Paston
  F. daughter mentioned by Visitation but not by BP1934
  m. Sir William Clopton
  G.+ 2 sons mentioned by BP1934 but not by Visitation

Main source(s): BP1934 (Townshend) with support/input from Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Townshend of Ludlow)
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