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Families covered: Brewse of Little Wenham, Brewse of Topcroft

Sir Thomas Brewes of Stinton, Topcroft, Wenham, etc., Sheriff of Norfolk & Suffolk (b c1406, d 17.06.1482)
m1. Mary (or Joan or Anne) Calthorpe (dau of Sir John Calthorpe of Burnham by Anne Wythe)
1. William Brewse of Topcroft (d 29.10.1489)
  m. Elizabeth Hopton (dau of John Hopton of Blythburgh (Swillington))
  A. Thomasine Brewes (b c1459, d 20.07.1496)
  m. (before 19.10.1490) Sir Thomas Hansard of Ludborough then Whittingham (a 1497)
B. Anne Brewes (b c1474, d 25.07.1551)
  m. Sir Roger Towneshend of Raynham (d 25.11.1551)
  m2. Eleanor Bernard (b c1472, dau/coheir of Robert Bernard of Starston, m2. Christopher Calthorpe of Cockthorpe)
2. Giles Brewse
  A. John Brewse (a 1502)
3. Alice Brewse (a 1479, nun)
m2. (before 16.10.1456) Elizabeth Debenham (a 07.1501, dau of Gilbert Debenham of Tattingston & Flixton, sister/heir of Sir Gilbert of Little Wenham)
4. Robert Brewse of Little Wenham, Suffolk (d 07.12.1513)
  m. Katherine Wingfield (d 1525, dau of Sir John Wingfield of Letheringham)
  A. Thomas Brewse of Little Wenham & Topcroft (b c1481, d 07.11.1514)
  m. Joan Scroope (d 26.11.1556, dau of Sir Richard Scroope of Bentley)
  i. Sir John Brewse of Little Wenham (b 13.12.1512, d 13.02.1584/5)
  m1. Elizabeth Willoughby (dau of Sir Christopher Willoughby of Parham)
a. Thomas Brewse of Little Wenham & Topcroft (b 1550-1, d 03.03.1593/4)
  m. (before 20.05.1589) Elizabeth Brewster (dau of Humphry Brewster of Wrentham, m2. Francis Claxton of Calton)
  (1) Dorothy Brewse (b 1586-7)
  (2) Elizabeth Brewse (bpt 22.09.1588, d 22.07.1636)
  m. (23.09.1617) Thomas Gleane of Hardwick (b c1587, d 27.01.1660/1)
  b. William Brewse of Little Wenham (d 05.08.1599)
  m. Mary Brooke (d before 10.02.1629/30, dau of George Brooke of Aspall, m2. Sir Clipsby Gawdy)
  (1) Sir John Brewse of Little Wenham (bpt 30.06.1597, bur 09.02.1642/3)
  m. (before 14.11.1618) Susan Peyton (bur 20.04.1660, dau of Sir John Peyton of Iselham, Bart)
  (A) William Brewse of Little Wenham (b c1620, d 14.01.1677/8)
  m. Dorothy Hobart (bpt 22.12.1625, d 09.02.1710/1, dau of Miles Hobart of Intwood, m2. John Hoys of Ipswich)
  (i) John Brewse, last of Little Wenham, later of Lamarsh (Essex) (d before 11.01.1710/1)
  m. Jemima Bigg (bur 03.11.1705, dau of Samuel Bigg of Alphamstone)
  (a) John Brewse (d before 22.12.1752, Major)
  m1. Ann
  ((1)) John Brewse in Great Henny, Essex (d 12.09.1785, Colonel)
  m. (c06.1767) Mary Chambers (a 03.1784)
  m2. Sarah Newman (d before 29.05.1777, sister of Charles Newman of Walter Belchamp)
(b) William Brewse (bpt 23.07.1693)
  (ii) Alice Brewse (bpt 23.10.1656, d 26.01.1682/3)
  m. Thomas Walker (d 12.07.1728, Master of Charterhouse, m2. Elizabeth Berry)
  (iii)+ other issue - Philip (b 21.02.1650/1), Dorothy (bpt 07.12.1648, bur 03.03.1650/1), Frances (b 20.11.1649, d 30.09.1658), Susanna (b 27.01.1651/2, bur 15.03.1684/5), Dorothy (b 17.03.1653/4, bur 10.05.1659), Frances (bpt 29.12.1659, bur 30.01.1675/6), Willoughby (bpt 27.10.1663, bur 15.07.1664)
  (B) John Brewse (bpt 23.06.1621, dsp bur 29.09.1687)
  (C) Mary Brewse (bpt 25.02.1623/4, bur 14.08.1691)
  m. (01.01.1643/4) Edward Ventris of Shelford (bpt 10.02.1619/20, d c07.1649)
(D) Alice Brewse (bpt 05.08.1624, a 08.1652)
  m1. John Bragg of Stratford (d before 10.08.1652)
  m2. Roger Segret of Bradley
  (E) Penelope Brewse (bpt 05.08.1625, bur 23.07.1693)
  m. John Brooke of Stradbroke (bpt 20.02.1623/4, d before 08.06.1688)
  (2) Penelope Brewse (bpt 27.05.1596)
  m. (21.09.1614) Sir Edmund Munderford of Feltwell (bur 06.05.1643, m2. Abigail Heveningham)
  (3) Elizabeth Brewse (bpt 19.04.1599, d before 08.02.1646/7)
  m1. Thomas Tilney of Ipswich
m2. (before 24.12.1628) John Kempe
  c. Edward Brewse of Topcroft (a 1605, 4th son))
  m. Mary Wheatley (dau/coheir of William Wheatley of Holkham)
  (1) Willoughby Brewse (b c1606, a 06.1647)
  m. Sir Thurston Smith of Cratfield (dsp bur 26.01.1619/20)
(2)+ other issue (a 1612) - Edward (b c1609), Rachel (b c1610)
  d. Elizabeth Brewse (a 06.1601)
  m. Edward Withypoll of Ipswich
  e. Jane Brewse
  m. (before 08.1582) Robert Buxton of Channons (d 05.06.1621)
  f.+ other issue - Robert of Topcroft (b 1544/5, dsp 23.05.1605), Edmund (b 1553-4, a 1601, dsp), Dorothy (bur 14.10.1564), Ann (d infant), Margaret (d infant)
  m2. Cecily Wilton (d 09.05.1590, dau of John Wilton of Topcroft)
  k. Mary Brewse (bpt 06.08.1560, bur 29.06.1593)
m. (04.08.1590) Richard Pooley of Badley (d 14.02.1592/3)
  l. Ann Brewse (bpt 29.01.1563/4, d 09.11.1612)
  m. (23.02.1584/5) Humphry Wingfield of Brantham (d before 13.10.1613)
  m. Prudence Brewse (bpt 01.06.1566, a 06.1601)
  m. (21.12.1590) James Hill of Sheffield (a 1595)
  n. Margaret Brewse (bpt 06.06.1568, a 1619)
  m. John Lucas of Royden Hall (d 13.12.1619)
  o. Alice Brewse (bpt 03.04.1572, dsp bur 20.08.1603)
  m. Thomas Wingfield of Nettlestead (d 05.07.1632, m2. Alice, dau of Richard Pooley of Badley)
  p.+ other issue - Giles of Gray's Inn (b c1562, d 13.03.1595/6), Henry (bpt 28.04.1574, bur 07.05.1574)
  ii. Giles Brewes of Denton, Norfolk (d before 23.12.1559)
  m. Mary Forth (a 1559, dau of Robert Forth of Hadleigh, sister of William)
  a.+ issue (a 15.11.1558) - Eleanor, Jane, Catherine, Mary
  iii. Ursula Brewes (bur 09.12.1598, nun)
B. son
5. John Brewse of Whittingham Hall, Fressingfield, Suffolk (a 1482)
  A. Alice Brewse (d 1560)
  m. John Colby of Brundish (d 1540)
6. Edward Brewse (a 1479, dsp before 1502?)
7. Elizabeth Brewse (a 1502)
  m. (after 10.07.1479) Robert Willoughby
8. Muriel Brewse (d before 27.01.1507/8)
  m. (before 10.07.1479) Sir John Audley of Swaffham (d 18.04.1530, m2. Elizabeth)
9. Margaret Brewse
  m. (after 10.07.1479) Sir Philip Tilney of Shelley (d 08.01.1532/3, m2. John Tey, m3. Elizabeth Jeffery)
10. Margery Brewse
  m. (1477) Sir John Paston of Paston (d 1503)
Possibly of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage is now known, was ...
11. Eleanor Brewse
  m. Sir William Yelverton (a 10.1470, judge)

Main source(s): 'Fragmenta Genealogica' (vol VIII, 'A Pedigree of Brewse of Little Wenham, co. Suffolk') by Frederick Arthur Crisp (1902)
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