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Families covered: Yelverton of Rackheath, Yelverton of Rougham

John de Yelverton (a 1282)
1. Thomas de Yelverton
  m. Maud
  The above comes from BHO. BE1883, BEB1841 & Visitation start with ...
  A. Andrew Yelverton (a temp Edward II who r. 1307-1327)
  m. ?? Bosome or Bozun of Wissenet
  i. Robert Yelverton of Rackheath, Norfolk (a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377)
  m. Cecilia Bardolfe (dau of Sir Thomas Bardolfe)
  a. John Yelverton of Rackheath
  m1. Margaret
  (1) Robert Yelverton of Rackheath (d 1420-1)
m. Margery
  (A) Thomas Yelverton of Rackheath (dsp)
  BE1883, BEB1841 & Visitation all identify John's 2nd wife, and mother of William as Elizabeth, dau of John Read (or Rede) of Rougham. Provisionally we follow BHO in identifying her as ...
  m2. Elizabeth Read (dau/heir of Richard Read (by Margaret, sister/heir of Richard Hooker) son of Sir John Read of Rougham & Beccles by Alice, heir (daughter or sister) of Richard de Rougham son of Thomas)
  (2) Sir William Yelverton (a 10.1470, judge)
m1. Jane (probably not Agnes) le Gross (dau of Sir Oliver le Gross of Crostwick) named Jane by BHO (and le Gross source), Joane by Visitation, Agnes by BE1883 & BEB1841
  (A) John Yelverton of Rackheath (d 09.07.1481) date of death given by BHO
  m. Margery Morley (dau of William Morley)
  (i) Sir William Yelverton 'of Rougham' (a 1474)
  m(1). Anne Paston (dau of John Paston of Paston Hall)
  (a) William Yelverton (dvpsp)
  (b) Anne Yelverton mentioned by BE1883 & BEB1841 but not by Visitation
  m. Thomas Jermy (son of Sir John)
  (c) Margaret Yelverton mentioned by BE1883 & BEB1841 but not by Visitation
  m. John Palgrave of Norwood Barningham
  (d) Eleanor Yelverton mentioned by BE1883 & BEB1841 but not by Visitation
  m. John Conyers (son/heir of Sir Robert)
  (e) Amy Yelverton mentioned by Visitation & BHO but not by BE1883 & BEB1841
  m. James Elmes
  See note ## just below.
  m2. Eleanor Brewse (dau of Sir Thomas Brewse of Topcroft)
(f) William Yelverton of Rougham and Rackheath - see below
  m. Catherine
  (ii) Anne Yelverton
  m. Thomas Farmey of Helmingham
  (B) Margaret Yelverton probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Sir Thomas Tyndale of Deane
  (C) Jane Yelverton probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Richard Holditche (a 1462)
  m2. Eleanor Brewse (dau of Sir Thomas Brewse of Topcroft)
  ## There is confusion as to whether Eleanor (mother of the following William) was 2nd wife of this Sir William, the renowned judge, or of his grandson Sir William. BHO reports that Ela (or Agnes) was 2nd wife of "the judge" which, given that it had identified Jane le Grosse as his 1st wife, implies that she was 2nd wife of this Sir William. However, BE1883, BEB1841 & Visitation all show her as 2nd wife of his grandson. Moreover, in support of showing her as of the later generation, the Editor of the Harleian Society's edition of Visitation adds the following note for Ele(anor): "This lady is usually said to be second wife of his grandfather the Judge, and she was originally so placed on this pedigree, but the entry was then cancelled." Nevertheless, provisionally (and in contradiction of what we first did when we launched this page), we now support showing her as of this generation. This is not least because TCB (vol 1, Yelverton of Rougham) identifies Henry, father of the 1st Bart, as 4th in descent from Sir William, the judge.
  (C) William Yelverton of Rougham and Rackheath - continued below
  m. Catherine



William Yelverton of Rougham and Rackheath - continued above
(1) See note ## just above.
(2) After mentioning a possible (but spurious?) reference to William having married a daughter of a Sir James Hewet, alleged but unidentified Lord Mayor of London, BHO identifies William's wife as Catherine, possibly dau of Henry Spilman of Stow Beccles. BEB1841 identifies her as Catherine, dau of John Raves of Essex. Visitation identifies her as Katherine Randes of Essex. BE1883 identifies her as ...
m. Catherine Randes (dau of John Randes of Essex)
1. William Yelverton of Rougham (d before 17.08.1541)
  m. Margaret Gamon/Gernon/Germond/Gomond of London
  A. William Yelverton of Rougham
  m1. Anne Fermor (dau of Sir Henry Fermor of East Barsham)
  i. Sir Henry Yelverton of Rougham (d 26.04.1601)
  The following is supported by TCB (vol 1, Yelverton of Rougham)
m. Bridget Drury (dau of Sir William Drury of Hawsted)
  a. Sir William Yelverton, Sheriff of Norfolk, 1st Bart of Rougham (b c1558, d 30.10.1631)
  m. Dionysia Stubbs (dau of Richard Stubbs or Stubbes of Sedgeford)
  (1) Sir William Yelverton, 2nd Bart of Rougham (b c1590, d 19.07.1648)
  m. Ursula Richardson (d 20.03.1657, dau of Sir Thomas Richardson, Speaker, by Ursula Southwell)
  (A) Sir William Yelverton, 3rd Bart of Rougham (d unm 15.11.1649)
  (B) Elizabeth Yelverton (d 15.06.1668) ## see here ##
  m. Thomas Peyton (d 1683, son of Sir Edward of Iselham, Bart)
  (C) Ursula Yelverton
  m. _ Shipdam (cleric)
(2) Sir Henry Yelverton (dsp)
  m. Alice Barlow (dau of William Barlow, Bishop of Lincoln)
  (3) Margaret Yelverton
  m. Thomas Tyrrell of Gippinge
b. Anne Yelverton probably the Ann who married ...
  m. William Barsham of Colkirk
  c.+ other issue - Henry, Roger
  ii. William Yelverton
  BE1883 shows this as the William who m. Grace Newport. Visitation & BEB1841 show 2 Williams with the younger (of the 2nd marriage) being the husband of Grace Newport.
iii. Sir Christopher Yelverton of Easton Mauduit (d 1607, Speaker of the House of Commons, judge)
  m. Mary Catesby (dau of Thomas Catesby of Whiston)
  iv. Winifred Yelverton
  m. Owen Duckett of Worthing
  v. Anne Yelverton
  m1. Thomas Reade of Wishbyche
  m2. John Hawkins of Essex
  vi. Martha Yelverton
  m1. Thomas Fyncham of Fyncham (d 1551)
  m2. John Higham of Gifford (bur 24.07.1597)
vii.+ other issue - Humphrey, Launcelot
  m2. Jane Cocket (dau of Edward Cocket of Ampton)
  ix. William Yelverton (youngest son)
  m. Grace Newport of Buckinghamshire
  x. Jane Yelverton
  m1. Edward Lummer of Mannington
m2. John Dodge of Wrotham
  xi. Chrysold or Griselda Yelverton (d 04.08.1635)
  m1. (25.07.1580) Thomas Le Strange of Hunstanton (dsp 01.02.1581)
  m2. (22.12.1582) Sir Philip Wodehouse, Bart of Kimberley (d 30.10.1623)
  xii.+ other issue - Edward, Charles
  B. John Yelverton
  C. Mary Yelverton
m1. William Baker
  m2. Henry Wayte of Titleshall
  D. Susan Yelverton
  m1. Edward Eston of Rainham
  m2. Edward Harvey
  E. Eleanor Yelverton
  m. Richard Draper of Marham
  F. Ann Yelverton possibly of this generation
  m. Humphrey Shuldham of Shuldham (d by 1560)
2. Anne Yelverton
  m. Matthew Canne of Wessenham named Adam by BHO
3.+ other issue - John, Nicholas, Edward, Adam

Main source(s): BE1883 (Yelverton of Longueville, Sussex and Grey de Ruthyn), BEB1841 (Yelverton of Easton Mauduit), Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Yelverton) with some support from BHO ('An Essay towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk', vol 10, Launditch Hundred: Rougham)
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