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Families covered: Armorer of Belford, Armorer of Berwick, Armorer of Easington

Thomas Armorer of Belford (a c1526)
m. Elizabeth Lillburne (dau/coheir of John Lillburne of Shawdon)
1. Francis Armorer of Belford (a 07.1574)
m. Constance Carr (dau of _ Carr of Hetton)
  A. Roger Armorer of Belford
  m. Constance Bradford (dau of Thomas Bradford, alderman of Berwick)
  i. Francis Armorer of Belford (a 1642)
  m. Margaret Clavering (a 1587, dau of Robert Clavering of Callaley)
a. Thomas Armorer (b c1585, a 11.1642)
  m. Catherine Forster (dau of Nicholas Forster of Whitehouse)
  (1) Thomas Armorer of Belford (d before 21.04.1654)
  m. Grace (m2. Thomas Carr)
  (A) Thomas Armorer of Belford (a 1664, bur 07.10.1676)
  m. (c1666) Elizabeth Dixon
  (i) Thomas Armorer (bpt 12.11.1667)
  (B) Grace Armorer
  m. (c1670) Robert Carr of Belford
  (2) Margaret Armorer
  (3) Grace Armorer (a 06.1664)
  m. Richard Forster of Tuggal Hall & Newham
b. Ephraim Armorer of Alnmouth
  m. Anne Middleham (dau/heir of George Middleham of Alnmouth, widow of William Swinhoe)
  (1)+ issue - Ephraim (b c1614, a 07.1647), William (a 1647), Margaret (bur 22.03.1646)
  c. William Armorer of Belford & Middleton (bur 12.03.1685/6)
  m(2?). Ann (a 10.1682) wife of William, presumed mother of ...
  (1) Mary Armorer
  m1. (24.08.1676) William Carnaby of Halton (bur 18.08.1686)
  m2. Fitzmaurice Giffard 'of Berwick'
  d.+ other issue - Nicholas, Constance, Mary
  ii. Clement Armorer
  m. Barbara Hume (of Alnwick?)
  a. Alexander Armorer of Alnwick (d before 13.06.1655)
  m. (16.12.1623) Magdalen Moor (bur 06.03.1664/5)
  b. Roger Armorer (a 1649)
  c. Anne Armorer
m. John Scott
  d. Elizabeth Armorer
  m. George Clennell
  e.+ other issue - Francis (bur 19.03.1601), Allison (a 1632)
  B. Henry Armorer of Easington (a 08.1619)
  m. Dorothy Clavering (dau of Robert Clavering of Callaley)
  i. Robert Armorer (d before 1635)
  m. Margaret of Berwick (a 1635)
  a. Francis Armorer of Berwick (a 1635)
  m. Margaret (bur 14.10.1642)
  b. Robert Armorer
  ii.+ other issue - George of Berwick, Florence (a 1619)
  C. Cuthbert Armorer of Easington
  m. Elizabeth Carr (bur 29.10.1626, dau of _ Carr of Hetton)
  i. David Armorer (a 1607)
  ii. William Armorer of Cornhill (a 12.1607)
  m. Grace Ogle
  D. Mark Armorer (bur 05.09.1585)
  m. Annes Gray (a 1585, dau of _ Gray of Horton)
  E. John Armorer (a 1574)
  i. John (or David?) Armorer
2. Thomas Armorer (of Alnwick?) (a 1574)
3. Leonard Armorer (a 1574)
  A. John Armorer

Main source(s): 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 1, Edward Bateson, 1893, 'Armorer of Belford', p390+)
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