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Families covered: Bradford of Berwick, Bradford of Bradford (Bradforth, Northumberland)

(1) 'The Genealogist' reports that "From the name Avenel, it is eveident that the (following) Avenel came from the Norman Avenels of the Biarz, as in the early Feudal Ages the patronymic of a great family was never taken as a baptismal name. He must, therefore, have been an Avenel who with his descendants derived the name of Bradford from the place." However, it also reports that, although he "might have been a descendant of an Avenel who accompanies the Conqueror in his invasion of England" it is more likely that he came into England after the conquest.
(2) As we have not yet found a connection from the upper section to anyone in the rest of the database, we should not really be including the following section. We do so because it seems certain that those shown in the lower section were indeed descended from ...
Avenel de Bradford (a c1100-1135) possibly father or grandfather of ...
1. Avenel de Bradford (a c1165)
  A. Alexander de Bradford (d 1244)
  m. Ada
  i. Sibella de Bradford (b c1235?, a 1244)
  B. John de Bradford (d 1265)
  i. Alexander de Bradford (b c1246, d 1316)
  m. Elena
  a. Thomas de Bradford (b c1276, d 1318)
  m. Anabilla
  (1) Thomas de Bradford (b c1314, a 1337)
  (A) (Calome?) de Bradford shown by Bateson but not mentioned by 'The Genealogist'
  (i) Roger de Bradford
  (a) John de Bradford (a 1398, dsp young)
  (B) Agnes de Bradford
  m. Robert Wetenwode
  (i) Robert Wetenwode
  (a) John de Wetenwode of Bradford (b c1374, d 18.09.1420)
  m. Margaret Swynhowe (d 12.11.1429, dau of Robert de Swynhoe)
  ((1)) Thomas Wetewode, later Bradford of Bradford (b 23.11.1413, d 12.08.1494)
  ((A)) Jasper Bradford (b by 1454, a 1494)



Noting that the arms reported by St. George (see reference below), being "Or on a bend three martlets", are the same as those reported by Bateson who provides the data for both the above section and the folllowing section, albeit without making any connection between them, almost certainly closely connected to the above family was ...
Thomas Bradford of Bradford
m. Elyanor Horselely (dau of John Horseley or Horsley of Wychestre)
1. Jasper Bradford
m. Margaret Ogle (sister of Gawen Ogle of Chappyngton)
  A. Raufe Bradford of Bradford, Mayor of Berwick
  m. Ewffema (Euphema) (natural dau of Gilbert Manners, brother of Sir Robert of Ithell)
  i. John Bradford
  m. Isabell Shafto (dau of Edward Shafto (not Shaston) of Babyngton)
  a. Margaret Bradford
  ii. Thomas Bradford of Bradford (Bradforth), Mayor of Berwick (a 1517, bur 05.1577, MP)
The above comes from Dalton. This Thomas is the first mentioned by Bateson and 'The Genealogist' (vol 1, 1877, 'Bradforthe', p378). The latter reports what was given in Visitation (St. George, Northumberland, 1615).
  m(1). Eleanor Moreton (dau of Leonard Moreton of Moreton (Murton of Murton))
  a. Thomas Bradford of Bradford (d 01.09.1612)
  m1. Isabell Grey (dau of _ Grey of Horton)
  m2. Jane Clavering (dau of John Clavering of Kallalye (Callaley))
(1) Thomas Bradford of Bradford (b c1552, a 1637)
  Thomas and his siblings are the last generation mentioned by Dalton.
  m. Philadelphia Gam (dau of (Captain) Robert Gam)
  (A) Thomas Bradford, last of Bradford, later of Fleetham (b c1591, a 1646)
  Thomas and his siblings are the last generation mentioned by St. George.
  m. (10.11.1633) Jane Thompson (d 30.01.1637)
  (i) Ralph Bradford (bpt 27.07.1635, d 1664?)
  m. Margaret (a 1664)
  (ii)+ other issue - Thomas (bur 12.04.1636), Abigail (bpt 05.11.1633), Elizabeth (bpt 20.08.1637), Philadelphia, Mary
  (B) Eleanor (Ellen) Bradford
  m. Richard Forster of Fleetham
  (C)+ other issue - Sir Robert of Bradford & Berwick (a 1609), Edward of Fletham, Henry, Jane, Margaret, Elizabeth
(2)+ other issue - Elizabeth, Philippa, Florence mentioned by Dalton but not by Bateson or St. George
  b. George Bradford of Burton (d before 07.11.1579, 4th son)
  (1) Dorothy Bradford
  m. _ Haroll?
  (2)+ other issue - Aleson, 2 others
  c. Lyonell Bradford possibly the Lionel who was father of ...
  (1) Isabel Bradford
  m. Ralph Forster (a 01.1646, brother of Richard of Fleetham)
  d. Jane Bradford mentioned by Dalton but not by Bateson
  m. George Thomson of Berwick
e. Custaunce (Constance) Bradford mentioned by Dalton but not by Bateson
  m. Roger Armorer of Belford
  f. Elizabeth Bradford mentioned by Bateson but not by Dalton
  m. Cuthbert Forster
  g.+ other issue - Robert, William, Nicholas, Hugh, Bartram, Anthony, Margaret, Julyan
  This was probably the Thomas, Mayor of Berwick in 1565, who (also) married the following Eleanor Selby. That marriage is not mentioned by BoP ("Thomas Bradford").
  m2. Eleanor Selby (dau of William Selby of Brauxton then Twizell )
  iii. Elizabeth Bradford
  m. Thomas Browne of Berwick
  iv.+ other issue (dsp) - Anthony, George
  B. Agnes Bradford
  m. John Halle of Otterborne
  C. Elyanor Bradford
  m1. James Wallyes of Akalde
  m2. Raufe Carre of Newland
  D. Mabell Bradford
  m. Robert Bylman
  E. daughter
  m. _ Fenwycke of Ferny Lane
  F.+ other issue - Edmond (Edward), other daughters
2. Elianor Bradford
  m. Sir Edward Grey of Chillingham
3. Phyllype Bradford
  m. John Bylle of Hoolye Eylande (Bull of Holy Island)
4. Grace Bradford
  m. Alexander Chester of Berwick
5.+ other issue - George, Oswalde, Bartram of Brangton, Johan (dsp)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 1, Edward Bateson, 1893, 'Bradford of Bradford (Barony of Bradford)', p297) with some support from 'The Genealogist' (vol 5, 1881, 'Pedigree of Bradford', p293+)
(2) For lower section : 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 1, Edward Bateson, 1893, 'Bradford of Bradford (Barony of Bradford)', p297) with support from Visitation (Dalton, Northumberland, 1558, 'Thomas Bradford of Bradford in Northumberland and Mayer of Berwyk', p128+) within 'Visitations of the North' ('Part 1' (Surtees vol CXXII))
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