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Families covered: Armitage of Doncaster, Armitage of Dudmaston, Armitage of Thick Hollins

John Armitage of Thick Hollins in Holmfirth (a 1589)
m. Elizabeth Beaumont (a 1589, dau of John Beaumont of Dean House in Honley)
1. James Armitage of Thick Hollins (dsp bur 28.11.1626)
  m. (28.08.1586) Jane Taylor (bur 03.12.1635, dau of Edward Taylor of Meltham)
2. Anthony Armitage (bpt 11.02.1558)
  A. Godfrey Armitage of Thick Hollins (d before 15.07.1646)
  m. Jane Taylor (d before 08.02.1668-9, dau of John Taylor)
i. Anthony Armitage of Thick Hollins (b c1625, d before 05.02.1676)
  m1. (before 1651) Elizabeth Bynnes (dau of John Bynnes (by Mary Crosley), son/heir of John (by Elizabeth, dau/heir of Thomas Castle) son/heir of Arthur)
  a. John Armitage of Thick Hollins (bur 26.01.1699-1700)
  m1. Mary Waterhouse (d 18.05.1677, dau/coheir of James Waterhouse of Meltham, widow of G. Beaumont of South Crosland)
  (1) John Armitage of Thick Hollins (bpt 18.05.1677!, d 14.11.1747)
  m. Mary Stead (dau of Nicholas Stead of Onesacre in Bradfield)
  (A) John Armitage of Richmond, Surrey (bpt 22.04.1702, a 04.1762, dsp)
  m. Sarah Robinson of Middlesex
  (B) Anthony Armitage of Thick Hollins (bpt 02.04.1705, d 16.12.1778)
  m. Martha Green (b c1703, d 05.01.1742, dau of Christopher Green of Green House)
  (i) John Armitage of Thick Hollins & Kettlethorp (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Crosland (dau of John Crosland of Linley)
  (ii) William Armitage of Thick Hollins
  p. Susanna Dobson
  (a) William Dobson
  (iii) Anthony Armitage (d unm)
  (C) Benjamin Armitage of Meltham
  (i) Sarah Armitage
  (ii) daughter
  m. Joseph Eastwood of Meltham
  (D) Ann Armitage
  (E) Mary Armitage
  m. Nathaniel Dyson of Meltham
  (2) James Armitage of Smithy Place (a 1731)
  m. Mary
  (3)+ other issue - William of Thurstonland (bpt 05.08.1686, d unm 06.02.1721), Thomas of Bayhall in Huddersfield (bpt 10.05.1691, had issue), Barbara (bpt 25.11.1687)
  m2. Barbara (bur 25.12.1691)
  b. James Armitage (b c1656, a 1676)
  c. Mary Armitage
m. Edmund Robinson of Bank-End in Thurstonland (a 1731)
  m2. (before 13.11.1676) Judith Hattersley (dau of Thomas Hattersley of midhope)
  d. Anne Armitage
  m. John Oldroyd
  e.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Grace, Jane (bpt 01.01.1671), Martha
  ii. John Armitage (bpt 22.07.1621)
  iii. Elizabeth Armitage (bpt 29.09.1622)
  m. William Kay
  iv. Ann Armitage (bpt 18.04.1630)
  m. Thomas Eyre of The Ridge
3. Elizabeth Armitage (a 1589)
4. Jennet Armitage (bpt 07.01.1561)
  m. Robert Shaw



Richard Armitage of Dudmaston in Almonbury (a 10.1665)
m. Sarah Stevenson of Shepley
1. Joseph Armitage of Dudmaston (bpt 15.02.1617, dsp bur 27.04.1689)
2. Richard Armitage of Almonsbury, later of Dudmaston (bpt 20.01.1627, d before 09.01.1706)
m(1). (27.10.1655) Martha Bayley of Horbury
  A. Joseph Armitage of Wakefield (d c1704, cloth dresser, 2nd son)
  m. Martha
  i. Richard Armitage (d 07.11.1713)
  m. Mary Maude (dau of Francis Maude)
  a. Francis Armitage of Dudmanstone (d 27.12.1744)
  m. Ann Oates (b 23.01.1711-2, dau of Joseph OAtes of Nether Denby, m2. Joseph Scot of Woodsome)
  (1) Francis Armitage (d young)
  (2) Joseph Armitage of Alverthorpe (d before 06.1804)
  m. Henrietta Denton of Wakefield
(A)+ 10 children
  B.+ other issue - William (a 1665), George of High Royd in Honley, Elizabeth (bpt 10.09.1664, a 1706), Martha/Maria (bpt 22.09.1664?)
3. John Armitage of Linley (d by 1665)
  A. Richard Armitage in Nether Thwong & Dean House in Honley
  i. Joseph Armitage (a 1686)
  a. George Armitage possibly fits here
  b. Sarah Armitage dau of Joseph of Honley, sister of George, possibly fits here
  m. William Fenton of Greenhead (a 1805)
4. Sarah Armitage
  m1. William Brooke
  A. William Brooke of Bayhall (a 1686)
  B. Anne Brooke
  m. William Moorhouse of Linley
  C. Alice Brooke
  m. Humphry Woodhead
  D. Mary Brooke
  m. John Roebuck
  m2. Joseph Woodhead
  E. Elizabeth Woodhead
  m. William Butler
  F. Sarah Woodhead
  m. Moses Thornton
  G.+ other issue - John of Deanhouse (a 1686), Joshua
  m3. _ Holdsworth



Edmund Armitage (a 1573)
1. Robert Armitage of Doncaster & The Old Hall, Sandal (d before 20.04.1575)
  m. Ann Ward (a 1573, dau of John Ward)
  A. William Armitage of Doncaster (bur 29.03.1626, alderman)
  m. Mary Micklethwaite (a 05.1631, dau of _ Micklethwaite of Swathe Hall)
  i. William Armitage of Doncaster (bur 11.09.1653)
  m. Ann (bur 17.01.1635-6, dau of William Bright or Brist of Colchester)
a. Mary Armitage
  m. William Norcliffe of Westminster (d by 1702, son of Sir Thomas)
  a. Anne Armitage
  m1. John Gwilliams
  (1) Ann Gwilliams
  m. Henry Metcalfe of Nappa (brother of Thomas)
  (2)+ other issue (d unm?) - Mary (bpt 14.08.1656), Catherine (bpt 10.12.1657)
  m2. Richard Rockley of Blacker
  (4) Robert Rockley
  (5) Elizabeth Rockley
  m. Francis Gray of Whitehaven (MD)
  a.+ other issue - William (d unm bur 09.01.1662-3), Francis, John (d young), Elizabeth (bpt 15.02.1633), Sarah (d young)
  ii. Robert Armitage of London (a 1634)
  m. Sarah Underhill (dau of Clement Underhill of London)
  a.+ issue - Clement, William (dsp), Robert, George, Mary, Sarah, Jane
  iii. Joan Armitage
  m. (09.09.1619) Lionel Fanshaw of Dronfield
  iv.+ other issue - Jane, Mary, Alice
  B. John Armitage
i. John Armitage of Doncaster (d before 28.04.1640, tanner)
  m. Alice Bower (dau of John Bower of Doncaster (by Margaret), m2. Thomas Rasine)
  a. John Armitage
  b. Robert Armitage of Doncaster (d before 18.02.1660-1, linen draper)
  m. Susan
  c. Elizabeth Armitage
  m. (22.11.1657) Andrew Burton of Doncaster
  d. Susan Armitage
  m. John Dawbekin
  e. Catherine Armitage
  m. George Rasine of Doncaster
  ii. Ann Armitage
  m1. (10.20.1616) Peter Short of Doncaster (bur 28.06.1634)
  m2. Thomas Ellerker 'of Doncaster'
  iii. Alice Armitage
  m. _ Cooke of Doncaster
  B. Anthony Armitage of Doncaster (d before 30.01.1615)
  m. Dorothy (m2. John Craven)
  i. John Armitage of Doncaster (d before 05.03.1654-6, woollen draper)
  m. Rebecca (m2. Robert Ince)
  a.+ issue (d infant) - John, Anthony
  ii.+ other issue - Joan, Mary
2. Joan Armitage
  m. _ Mallinson
3.+ other issue - William, Edmund, Edward, Thomas, Ann

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