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Families covered: Ashe of Ashfield, Ashe (Eshe) of Clyst Fornyson, Ashe of Freshford, Ashe of Heytesbury, Ashe of Moyrath, Ashe of St. John's, Ashe of Somerstown, Ashe of Twickenham, Ashe of Westcombe

Sir Oliver D'Esse or Ashe (a 1326)
1. Henry Esse or Ashe (2nd son)
  m. _ Fornyson (dau of Richard Fornyston of Clyst Fornyson)
  A. Richard Esse or Ashe of Clyst Fornyson
i. Baldwin Ashe of Clyst Fornyson
  a. John Ashe of Clyst Fornyson
  (1) William Ashe of Clyst Fornyson
  (A) John Ashe of Clyst Fornyson
  (i) Nicholas Ashe of Clyst Fornyson
  m. Joanna Pollard (dau of Anthony Pollard of Harwood)
  (a) Richard Ashe of Clyst Fornyson
  m. Prudence Rudgely (dau of John Rudgely of London)
((1)) Henry Ashe of Clyst Fornyson
  m. Loveday Moyle (dau of Nicholas Moyle of St. Augustine's)
  ((A)) Richard Ashe of Clyst Fornyson
  m. Anne Geere (dau of Andrew Geere of Havitree)
  ((i))+ issue - Anne (d young), Ursula, Prudence
  ((B)) Prudence Ashe
  m. Oliver Mainwaring
  ((2)) Anne Ashe
  m. Nicholas Osborn of Keneford
  (b) Thomas Ashe (to co. Meath temp Queen Elizabeth) - continued below
  m. _ Bailey (dau of Nicholas Bailey of St.John's Abbey)
  (c) James Ashe
  m. Anne Walrond (dau of John Walrond of Bovey)
  ((1)) John Ashe of Westcombe (a 1634)
  m. Anne Strode (dau of Thomas Strode of Huxton Mallet)
((A)) James Ashe of Freshford
  m. Grace Pitt (dau of Richard Pitt of Melcombe Regis
  ((i)) John Ashe of Freshford (a 1650)
  m. Elizabeth Davison (dau of Henry Davison of Freshford by Anne, dau of Henry Chivers of Quelmerford)
  ((a)) James Ashe of Fifield
  (((1))) ?? Ashe of Heywood
  ((b)) Edward Ashe of Freshford (3rd son)
  (((1))) daughter
  ((c)) Anne Ashe
  m. Sir John Shaw, Bart of Eltham
  ((d)) Grace Ashe
  m. John Methuen of Bradford & Bishops Cunning
  ((e)) Hester Ashe
  m. Samuel Creswick of Hanlam
  ((f)) daughter
  m. John Barnard of Surrey
  ((g)) Mary Ashe
  m. Jacob Self of Beanacre
((h))+ other issue - John of Teffent and Beckington (dsp), Samuel of Challots, Joseph of Longstreet, Benjamin of Westcombe, Jonathan of Clanwilliam (had issue)
  ((ii)) Edward Ashe of London (a 1640, MP for Heytesbury)
  m. Elizabeth Woodward (dau of Christopher Woodward)
  ((a)) William Ashe of Heytesbury (d 1713)
  m. Anne Popham (dau of Alexander Popham of Littlecott)
  (((1))) Elizabeth Ashe ("only daughter")
  m. (1705) Pierce A'Court of Ivychurch
  (((2))) Laetitia Ashe (d 28.02.1742) possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Penruddocke of Compton Chamberlayne (b 1678, d 1741)
((b)) Elizabeth Ashe probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Foley of Witley Court (d 01.02.1700/1)
  ((c)) Anne Ashe probably of this generation
  m. Edward Ernle of Ashington (b 1649, dvp 1675)
  ((iii)) Sir Joseph Ashe, 1st Bart of Twickhenham (b c1617, d 15.04.1686)
  m. Mary Wilson (dau of Robert Wilson of London)
  ((a)) Sir James Ashe, 2nd Bart of Twickhenham (d 1734)
m. Catherine Bowyer (dau of Sir Edmund Bowyer of Camberwell)
  Both Commoners and BEB1841 report that Sir James dsp but BLG1952 (Windham of Waghen) identifies the following daugher through whom the Bowyer name was carried into her descendants.
  (((1))) Martha Ashe (bur 11.09.1749)
m. (28.06.1715) Joseph Windham, later Windham-Ashe of Waghen and Camberwell (d 07.1746)
  ((b)) Catherine Ashe (d 24.12.1729)
  m. William Windham of Felbrigg (d 09.06.1689
  ((c)) Mary Ashe
  m. (24.11.1673) Horatio Townshend, Viscount Townshend (d 12.1687)
  ((d)) Anne Ashe
  ((iv)) Jonathan Ashe of London
  ((a)) Rebecca Ashe (d 19.08.1725)
  m. Sir Francis Vincent, Bart (d 10.02.1735-6)
  ((v)) Samuel Ashe of Langley Burrell had issue
  ((vi))+ 2 daughters
  ((B)) Alice Ashe
  m. John Pitt of Melcombe Regis
  ((C)) Margaret Ashe
  m. John Mansel of Weymouth



Thomas Ashe (to co. Meath temp Queen Elizabeth) - continued above
m. _ Bailey (dau of Nicholas Bailey of St.John's Abbey)
1. Sir Thomas Ashe of St. John's and Dromshill (dsp 14.10.1626)
2. Nicholas Ashe of Newtown
  A. Henry Ashe of Moyrath
  i. Nicholas Ashe of Moyrath (b 1608, dsp before 06.02.1656)
  ii. Elizabeth Ashe
  m. Oliver Nugent of Correlstown
iii. Mary Ashe
  m. _Cuffe (of Lord Desart's family)
  B. Richard Ashe of Somerstown (d 21.06.1659)
  m. Alice Jones (dau of Lewis Jones, Bishop of Killaloe)
  i. William Ashe of Somerstown and Ashfield (d 1682)
  m1. Martha Leigh
  a. Richard Ashe of Ashfield, Sheriff of Meath (d 1727)
  m. Anne Deane
  (1) Joseph Ashe of Ashfield (MP for Trim)
  m. Susanna Loftus (dau of Dudley Loftus of Killian)
  (A) Richard Ashe (dvpsp, MP for Trim)
  m. (Anne) Warren (dau of Richard Warren of Grangebeg)
  (B) Sir Thomas Ashe, Sheriff of co. Meath (3rd son)
  m. (1775) Mary Kinloch (dau of Sir David Kinloch, Bart of Gilmartin)
  (i) Joseph Ashe of Drogheda (a 1834)
  m. (1802, sp?) Catherine Sheppard
  (ii) Harriet Ashe
  m. Robert Sheppard (secretary of Lord Castlereagh)
(iii) Catherine Ashe
  m. James Sterling (consul in Genoa)
  (C) William Ashe of Ashfield (Major)
  m. (1793) Mary Mockler (dau of Archdeacon _ Mockler)
  (i) William Wellesley Ashe of Ashfield (a 1843)
  m. (1828) Maria Walker Haigh (dau of George Haigh of Halifax)
  (a)+ issue (d infant) - 1 son and 1 daughter
  (ii)+ other issue (d by 1834) - 2 sons and 3 daughters
  (D) Alice Ashe
  m. Damer Edgeworth of Longwood
  (E) Anne Ashe
  m. Dudley Loftus of Clara Castle (d 07.07.1805)
  (F)+ other issue - Dudley, Joseph
  (2) Richard Lovat Ashe (dsp, 5th son)
  m. Anne Loftus (dau of Dudley Loftus of Killian of family of Lord Loftus)
  (3) Anne Ashe
  m. (1734) Hans Bailey of Dublin
(4) Mary Ashe
  m. (1740) William Lynden
  (5) Elizabeth Ashe
  m. Benjamin Fish of Tobberagan
  (6)+ other issue - Dillon, St. George (Lt. General), Thomas
  b. Mary Ashe
  m. Edward Crofton of Clonard
  c. Martha Ashe
  m. Joseph Fish of Kilcullen
  d.+ other issue - Alice, Elizabeth
  m2. Mary Colley (dau of Dudley Colley of Castle Carberry)
  f. Dudley Ashe
  g. Mary Ashe
  m. ?? (of Lord Darnley's family)
  C. Thomasine Ashe
  m. John Malone of Trim
3. John Ashe of Talbot's Castle, St. John's Abbey, Moyvally and Dromshill (d 29.04.1636)
  m. Elizabeth Casey (dau of Thomas Casey)
  A. Thomas Ashe of St. John's
  m1. Jane White (dau of Walter White of Richerstown)
  i. Thomas Ashe of St. John's (d 28.01.1722)
  m1. (1685) Mary Carr (dau of Thomas Carr)
a. Thomas Ashe (dsp)
  m2. (1697) Sarah Bligh (dau of John Bligh of Rathmore)
  ii. St. George Ashe, Bishop of Cloyne then Clogher then Derry (d 1718)
  m. Jane St. George (dau of Sir George St. George, Bart of Dunway)
  a. St. George Ashe (dsp)
  b. Elizabeth St. George Ashe (d 07.12.1741)
  m. Sir Ralph Gore, Bart of Manor Gore
  iii. Dillon Ashe (dsp by 1716)
  m2. Mary St. George (dau of Captain Richard St. George of Athlone)
  B. Catherine Ashe probably of this family, of this generation
  m. Thomas Nugent, later of Donore (d 1699)

Main source(s): Commoners (vol ii, Ashe of Ashfield), BEB1841 (Ashe of Twickenham)
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