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This section first uploaded 06.03.06.
Sir John Drummond of Logie Almond or Logiealmond (d 06.1678)
m. (mcrt 18.08.1664) Grizel Steuart (dau of Sir John Steuart of Grandtully)
presumably parents or grandparents of ...
1. Thomas Drummond of Logiealmond
  m1. (mcrt 03.12.1701) Anne Kinnaird (dau of Patrick Kinnaird, 2nd Lord)
  presumably parents or grandparents of ...
A. John Drummond of Logiealmond (d 1781)
  m. Catherine Murray (b 1739, d 05.1781, dau of William Murray of Taymount, 3rd Earl of Dunmore)
  i. Sir William Drummond of Logiealmond (b 09.09.1769, dsp 29.03.1828, MP, Ambassador) dates found on a web site, shown by HoP as married to ...
  m. (12.12.1794) Harriet Anne Boone (dau of Charles Boone MP)
  ii. Catherine Drummond (dau of John) probably of this generation
  m. Sir George Stewart of Grandtully, 5th Bart of Grandtully (d 1827)
  iii. ?? Drummond probably of this generation
  m. Walter Cecil of Moreton Jefferies
  a. Cecilia Lousia Cecil niece of Sir William Drummond
  m. (19.09.1826) Charles GranvilleStuart-Menteth of Entry Hill House, Bath (b 01.12.1800, d 08.05.1880)
  presumed to have been a 2nd wife of the above Thomas was ...
  m2. (mcrt 07.08.1722) Grizel Leslie (dau of David Leslie, 2nd Lord Newark)



This section first uploaded 09.03.06.
William, lord of Leuchars
1. Nes of Leuchars
  TCP (Winchester) suggests that, as Orable inherited various estates to the exclusion of her brothers, they were probably step-brothers rather than full brothers and her inheritance came through her mother.
  m1. ??
  A. Orable or Orabile (d before 30.06.1203) HJY
  m1. (div) Robert de Quency (d before 25.12.1197) HJY
  m2. Gilchrist, 3rd Earl of Mar --
  m2. ??
  B.+ other issue - Constantin, Patrick



This section first uploaded 08.05.12.
Noting that Francis01 shows a possible direct descent of the Francises of Foremark from an early family of Tyckenhall, it is thought very likely that the following family was a branch of those Francises of Foremark shown. Apparently the first proven member of this branch was the undermentioned Richard (who d 1529) but VCH mentions that one source shows that his grandfather was ...
John le Franceys of Tickenhall, Derbyshire
VCH notes that the above-mentioned source shows that John's wife was Agnes, dau/heir of Sir Henry Fitzlongley of Warwickshire, but that she was probably ...
m. Agnes Fitzlongley (dau of John Fitzlongley of Old Fillongley, sister/coheir of Henry)
1. ?? Francis
  A. Richard Francis of Ticknall (aka Tickenhall, Ticknell, etc.) (d 1529)
  i. William Francis
  a. Ralph Francis of Ticknall (d 1533-4) probably the Ralph who married ...
  m. Elizabeth Sacheverell (dau of Sir Henry Sacheverell of Morley) wife of Ralph, presumed mother of ...
  (1) William Francis of Ticknall (b c1526, a 1554)
  m. Elizabeth Cotton (dau of George Cotton of Combermere)
  (A) Richard Francis of Ticknall
m. Susan Hunt (dau of John Hunt of Stoke Daubeny & Lindon)
  VCH reports that Richard had 2 sons, Henry (the elder) and another. Susan was a/the wife of Richard. We presume that she was mother of his children.
  (i) Henry Francis
  m. Margaret Erdeswick (dau of Sampson Erdeswick of Sandon)
  (a)+ 3 sons and 2 daughters
  (ii) son possibly Sir Edward 'of Ticknall', brother of ...
  (iii) Jane Francis possibly of this generation
  m. (1594) Ralph Hassal of Hassal & Dankelow (d 1622)
(iv) Elizabeth Francis (dsp) possibly of this generation
  m. 1608) Edward Charnells of Snareston (d c1612)
  (B) Sir Edward Francis of Petworth & Wappingthorpe, Sussex (b c1566, bur 23.05.1626, MP)
  Identified in HoP ('Edward Fraunceys or Francis') as 2nd son of William & Elizabeth.
  m. Elizabeth Atslowe (dau of Edward Atslowe)
  (i) (Eleanor of Bridget) Francis
  m. Sir William Goring (bur 25.02.1657-8)
  (C) Elizabeth Francis (d 06-7.1635) probably of this generation
  m1. William Francis of Foremark
  m2. Hastings Gresley (son of Sir William of Drakelow)
  ii. Anne Francis possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Sacheverell of Kirby



This section first uploaded 11.05.12.
Hugh le Power of Whitley
1. Hugh le Power
A. Richard Power of Wichenford
  i. John Power of Wichenford (a 1244)
  a. Roger Power of Wichenford (d c1342)
  m. Maud Thyne (dau of Nicholas Thyne of Asheton, sister/heir of Richard of Ashton)
  (1) John Power of Wichenford (a 1404)
  (A) Margaret Power
  m. John Washborne
  (B) Agnes Power
  m. James de Habington
  (2) Walter Power



This section first uploaded 23.10.12.
We suspect that the following family was connected to the Warrens of Warrenstown but have no evidence to prove that. The first of Grangebeg was ...
Henry Warren of Grangebeg, co. Kildare (a 1626, MP)
m. Elizabeth Eustace (possibly dau of Sir John Eustace of Harristown?)
1. John Warren of Grangebeg probably of this generation
  m1. Arrabella Butler (sister of Sir Thomas Butler of Gerryhunden, 3rd Bart)
  m2. Katherine Walsh (sister of Mary, wife of Morgan Kavanagh (dau of John Walsh of Piltown))
Unsure which wife was mother of ...
  A. Henry Warren of Grangebeg probably of this generation
  m. Susannah Warburton (dau of Richard Warburton)
  B. Richard Warren of Grangebeg (d 06.02.1734/5, MP) probably of this generation
  m. Mary Percy (dau/coheir of Henry Percy of Siskin)
  i. William Paul Warren of Grangebeg probably of this generation
  The following comes from BE1883 (Allen).
m. (03.04.1738) Frances Allen (dau of Robert Allen)
  a. Richard Warren (dsp)
  b. Frances Warren
  m. Francis Ryves of Ballyskiddane
ii. Susanna Warren (d 1809) probably of this generation
  m. (1738) John Bonham of Dublin (b 1704, d c1780)
  iii. Anne Warren probably of this generation, shown here as wife of ...
  m1. (11.1744) Thomas Cooper (d 20.12.1758)
  m2. Richard Ashe (dvp 1768, MP)
  m3. _ Ormsby
2. Anne Warren probably of this generation
  m. Dudley Colley of Castle Carbery (d 07.1674)
3. Charity Warren probably of this generation
  m. John Annesley of Ballysonan Castle (b 11.09.1616, d 1695)

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