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Families covered: Stewart of Innernytie, Stewart of Grandtully (Grantully), Douglas of Douglas
[This page was first uploaded as Draft on 30.04.2004. Certain elements of it still warrant further research, which we hope to do in due course.]

TSP (Innermeath) describes the following Alexander as "ancestor of the Steuarts of Grandtully" but does not indicate whether or not he obtained Grandtully himself. However, some web sites and contributors suggest that his father had obtained Grandtully so this Alexander was probably 2nd of Grandtully. Noting that a web site and a contributor both indicate that his son Thomas died in 1453 whilst the book on the Stewarts of Forthergill, which starts with a Thomas who is identified as 3rd of Grandtully, was grandfather of John who died in 1488, this would appear to make the following feasible (dates-wise) ...
Alexander Stewart of Grandtully
m. Margaret Hay (sister of John Hay of Tullibodie)
1. Thomas Stewart (3rd) of Grandtully (d 1453)
  m. Maud Stewart (dau of John Stewart, 1st of Forthergill)
  A. Alexander Stewart (4th) of Grandtully
  The book on the Stewarts of Forthergill identifies Alexander's wife as "Matilda, sister of Lord Evandale" (ie. Avandale). However, a Matilda Stewart of that description appears to have been investigated in some depth with no mention of her being married to this Alexander.
  m. Matilda Stewart
  i. John Stewart (5th) of Grandtully (d 1488)
The book on the Stewarts of Forthergill shows a generation gap before continuing with Thomas, 8th of Grandtully. However, it also identifies Thomas's wife as his cousin so the following should be about right (although one contributor suggests the eleder brother was Thomas and the younger, who married Agnes Murray and was ancestor of the later lairds, was Alexander) ...
  a. ?? (Alexander?) Stewart (6th) of Grandtully (dspms)
  b. Thomas Stewart (7th) of Grandtully
  m. (mcrt 20.11.1481) Agnes Murray (dau of William Murray of Tullibardine)
(1) Thomas Stewart (8th) of Grandtully (b c1495, bur 19.04.1558)
  m. Margaret Murray (dau of Sir William Murray of Castleton, younger of Tullibardine)
  (A) William Stewart (9th) of Grandtully (b c1515, d 04.03.1574)
  (i) Sir Thomas Stewart (10th) of Grandtully (b c1540, before 04.07.1609)
  m. Elizabeth (or Isabel) Stewart (dau of John Stewart, 3rd Earl of Atholl)
  (ii) Sir William Stewart (11th) of Grandtully and Murthly (d 1646) - continued below
  m. Agnes Moncreiff (dau of Sir John Moncreiff of Kinmouth)
(iii) Margaret Stewart
  m. (mcrt 29.04.1566) George Stewart, 5th of Cardney, 3rd of Arntullie (d 1604)
  (B) Alexander Stewart of Carse (d before 1609)
  (i) Margaret Stewart
  m. (mcrt 11.10.1572) John Stewart, 4th of Bonskeid
  (C) James Stewart of Fondoyet had issue
  (D) Janet Stewart
  m. George Robertson of Faskally
2. Elizabeth Stewart possibly belongs here
  m. Neil 'Gointe' Stewart of Garth and Forthergill



BP1870 starts with the following Sir William but does not provide many details until his son Henry.
Sir William Stewart (11th) of Grandtully and Murthly (d 1646) - continued above
m. Agnes Moncreiff (dau of Sir John Moncreiff of Kinmouth)
1. Sir Thomas Stewart (12th) of Grandtully (b 1608, d 1688)
The details of Sir Thomas's family are as reported in 'The "Red and White" Book of Menzies'.
  m. Grizzel Menzies (dau of Sir Alexander Menzies of Menzies and Weem)
  A. John Stewart (13th) of Grandtully (d 1720)
  i. Grizel Stewart
  m. (mcrt 18.08.1664) Sir John Drummond of Logie Almond or Logiealmond (d 06.1678)
  B. Jean Stewart
  m. (22.11.1648) Sir James Mercer of Aldie
  C. Marjory Stewart
  m. (mcrt 20.11.1656) David Fothringham of Pourie (a 1657)
Because of this connection, Grandtully eventually (in 1890) passed into the Fothringham family.
  D. Grizzel Stewart
  m. Hon. John Drummond of Burnbank
  E. Cecilia Stewart
  m. John Steuart of Cardney and Arntullie (d 02.1661)
  F. Anne Stewart
  m. James Seton of Touch
  G. Helen Stewart
  m. James Crichton of Ruthven (d c1718)
  H. Elizabeth Stewart (bur 17.01.1714)
  m. (26.05.1670) David Leslie, 2nd Lord Newark (d 15.05.1694)
I. daughter
2. Sir William Stewart of Innernytie (d 1672)
  A. John Stewart of Innernytie (d 1680)
  i. John Stewart of Innernytie (d 1731)
  m1. Mary Mercer (dau of Sir James Mercer of Aldie) wife of a John (this generation?), mother of Anne (TCP Stormont)
  a. Anne Stewart (d 10.07.1735) probably of this generation
  m. (20.01.1726) David Murray, 6th Viscount Stormont (b c1690, d 23.07.1748)
  m2. Jean Leslie (a 08.06.1736, dau of James Leslie, 3rd Lord Lindores)
  B. Magdalen Stewart possibly of this generation
  m. Sir John Aytoun of Aytoun
  C. Margaret Stewart possibly of this generation
  m. Sir John Drummond of Machany (d 1707)
D. Anne Stewart possibly of this generation
  m. (08.1678) Sir James Campbell of Lawers (a 1689, Colonel, Lyon King of Arms)
3. Henry Stewart (d c1690, 4th son)
  m. Mary Campbell (dau of Colin Campbell of Aberuchil)
  A. Sir Thomas Stewart of Blair and Balcaskie, 1st Bart (d after 1717)
  m. Jean Mackenzie (dau of George Mackenzie, 1st Earl of Cromarty)
i. Sir George Stewart, 2nd Bart of Grandtully (dsp 1759)
  ii. Sir John Stewart, 3rd Bart of Grandtully (b 1687, d 14.06.1764)
  m1. (13.01.1725) Elizabeth Mackenzie (dau of James Mackenzie, Bart of Royston)
  a. Sir John Stewart of Grandtully, 4th Bart of Grandtully (d 1797)
  m. (1749) Clementina Stewart (dau of Charles Stewart of Ballechin)
  (1) Sir George Stewart of Grandtully, 5th Bart of Grandtully (d 1827)
  m. Catherine Drummond (dau of John Drummond of Logie Almond)
(A) Sir John Archibald Drummond Stewart, 6th Bart of Grandtully (dsp 20.05.1838)
  m. (25.01.1832) Jane Stewart (b 30.11.1802, d 14.03.1880, dau of Francis Stewart, 10th Earl of Moray)
  (B) Sir William Stewart of Grandtully, 7th Bart (b 26.12.1795, d 1871)
  m. (05.1830) Christian Mary Stewart (d 01.10.1856)
  (i) William George Stewart, VC (b 02.1831, dvp 26.10.1868, Major)
  (C) George Stewart of Braco Castle (d unm 1847)
  (D) Sir Archibald Douglas Stewart of Grandtully, 8th Bart (b 29.08.1807, d 1890)
  (E) Catherine Stewart
  m. (1833) _ Des Ondes
  (F) Clementina Stewart
(2) Grizel Stewart
  m. Rev. William Buckle
  (3) Clementina Stewart
  m. Alexander Moray, 14th of Abercairny (b 1743, dsp 1784)
  (4)+ 2 sons
  m2. (04.08.1746) Jane Douglas (b 17.03.1698, d 22.11.1753, dau of James Douglas, 2nd Marquess of Douglas)
b. Archibald James Edward Steuart, later Douglas, 1st Lord Douglas of Douglas (b 10.07.1748, d 26.12.1827)
  m1. (13.06.1771) Lucy Graham (b 28.07.1751, d 13.02.1780, dau of William Graham, 2nd Duke of Montrose)
  (1) Archibald Douglas, 2nd Lord Douglas of Douglas (b 25.03.1773, d unm 27.01.1844)
  (2) Charles Douglas, 3rd Lord Douglas of Douglas (b 26.10.1775, d unm 10.09.1848)
  (3) William Douglas (b 31.10.1777, d young)
  (4) Jane Margaret Douglas (b 21.12.1779, d 10.01.1859)
  m. (22.11.1804) Henry James Scott-Montagu, Lord Montagu of Boughton (b 16.12.1776, d 30.10.1845)
  m2. (13.05.1783) Frances Scott (b 26.07.1750, d 05.1817, dau of Francis Scott, 'Earl of Dalkeith')
  (5) Sholto Scott Douglas (b 17.09.1785, dvp 30.10.1821)
  (6) James Douglas, 4th Lord Douglas of Douglas (b 09.07.1787, dsp 06.04.1857)
  m. (18.05.1813) Wilhelmina Murray (b c1787, d 25.02.1866, dau of James Patrick Murray)
  c. Sholto Thomas Stewart (b 10.07.1748, d 14.05.1753)
  m3. (12.09.1761) Helen Murray (b 19.01.1716, dsp 28.12.1809, dau of Alexander Murray, 4th Lord Elibank)
4. John Stewart ancestor of Steuarts of Fungorth

Main source(s): BP1870 (Stewart of Grandtully), TCP (Douglas of Douglas), 'Historic Memorials of the Stewarts of Forthergill' (see under 'Stewart23') and some input & support from various web sites and some contributors
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