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Families covered: Fothringham (Fotheringham) of Pourie (or Powrie, later Pourie-Fothringham)
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Thomas Fothringham, 9th of Pourie (d c1609)
m1. Barbara Scott (d 17.02.1606, dau of Sir William Scott of Balweary)
1. Thomas Fothringham, 10th of Pourie (d 03.1638)
  m1. Jean Kinloch (dsp, dau of David Kinloch of that ilk)
  m2. Margaret Gibson (dau of Sir Alexander Gibson of Durie)
  A. Sir Alexander Fothringham, 11th of Pourie (dsp 1654, 2nd son)
  m. Grizel Durham (dau of James Durham of Pitkerro)
B. Cecilia Fothringham
  m. (26.05.1652) Sir David Carmichael, 8th of Balmedie, etc (b 1626, a 1676)
  C. Marion (or Jean) Fothringham (d c1670)
  m. (mcrt 26.04.1658) Sir Alexander Lindsay, 1st Bart of Evelick (d c1690)
  D.+ other issue - Thomas (dvpsp c02.1638), David (dsp)
2. John Fothringham, 12th of Pourie (d before 11.05.1657)
A. David Fothringham, 13th of Pourie (d 12.1695)
  m1. (mcrt 20.11.1656) Marjory Stewart (dau of Sir Thomas Stewart of Grandtully)
  It was as a consequence of this marriage that Grantully (Grandtully) eventually, in 1890, passed into this family.
  i. Thomas Fothringham, 14th of Pourie-Fothringham (d 1730)
  m. (23.12.1682) Anne Ogilvy (dau of Sir Patrick Ogilvy, 8th of Boyne)
  a. Patrick Fothringham (b 15.12.1684, dvp before 23.10.1712, 2nd son)
  m. (mcrt 05.1708) Anne Fraser (b 1689, d 14.12.1733, dau of Hugh Fraser, 9th Lord Lovat)
  (1) Thomas Fothringham, later Ogilvy-Fothringham, 15th of Pourie-Fothringham (b c1711,d 09.01.1790)
  m. (14.03.1742) Elizabeth Ogilvy (b c1723, dau of Patrick Ogilvy of Balfour)
  (A) Alexander Balcarres Ogilvy-Fothringham of Balfour and 16th of Pourie-Fothringham (b 1744, d 17.03.1812, Colonel)
  m. (15.05.1781) Mary Kerr (b 31.01.1760, d 31.08.1835, dau of James Kerr of Jamaica)
  (i) Thomas Ogilvy-Fothringham, 17th of Pourie-Fothringham (b 21.02.1782, dsp 1830, Colonel)
  (ii) James Scrymgeour Fothringham, later Scrymgeour-Fothringham, 18th of Pourie-Fothringham (b 12.03.1784, d 15.09.1837) had issue
  m. (02.02.1826) Marion Anne Scrymgeour (d 24.01.1875, dau of Patrick Scrymgeour, 4th of Tealing)
(iii)+ other issue - Peter (b 16.06.1786, dsp 01.08.1816), Alexander (b 04.11.1787, d 04.1810), Frederick (b 09.03.1792, d unm 15.01.1877, WS), George (b 21.05.1794), Charles (b 23.01.1796), Anne (b 14.02.1783), Elizabeth (b 09.05.1789, d 15.10.1791), Mary Dehany (b 15.11.1790)
  (B) Norman Fothringham (d 04.04.1793, Archdeacon of Coventry)
  m. (05.08.1779) Sophia Macleod
  (i) William Fothringham (b c1781, a 06.1805)
  (C)+ other issue - Patrick (b 1743, dvpsp 1781), Thomas (d 16.04.1768), George (d unm 12.12.1802, Colonel)
  (2) Amelia Fothringham (d 31.05.1758)
  m. Hugh Fraser, 'Lord Lovat' (b c1703, d 09.11.1770)
  (3) Anne Fothringham (b c1710, d 07.07.1797)
  m. (mcrt 30.08.1740) John Davidson of Whitehouse (d 1756)
  b. Archibald Fothringham of Drumlochie (b 27.11.1697, d 04.1731)
  m. (28.06.1724) Alison Ogilvy (from Kettins)
  (1)+ issue - Thomas, 3 daughters
  c. Eugene Fothringham (b 15.08.1705, in Leith)
  m. (mcrt 09.12.1726) Agnes Turnbull (dau of George Turnbull of Balglassie)
  (1)+ issue - Alexander, George, Thomas
p. Jean Findlay (dau of Alexander Findlay in Montrose)
  (4) Eugene Fothringham (b before 1728)
  d. Marjory Fothringham (b 18.08.1686)
  m. (1707) (David?) Young of Stracathro
  (1) Ann Young (bpt 08.01.1710, a 1767) possibly fits here
  Identified as daughter of Marjory by David Young of Auldbar & coheir (with 3 sisters) to brother Robert of Auldbar.
  m. (26.08.1733) Robert Ouchterlony of Kintrocket & Montrose (d before 09.1758)
  e. Margaret Fothringham (b 04.06.1692)
  m. (1713) John Ochterlony of Guynd
  f. Anna Fothringham (b 29.06.1700, d 18.08.1745)
  m. (04.10.1724) Alexander Mackenzie of Delvine (b 06.02.1697, d 05.07.1737, WS)
g.+ other issue - David (b 21.01.1684, d 1687/8), Lodovic (b 14.09.1687, dsp young), David (b 06.09.1688, d 08/9.1746), James (b 26.02.1691, dsp 1693/4), John (b 27.05.1693, a 1732), James (b 03.07.1694, d 03.1759), Alexander (b 26.03.1699, dsp by 1732), Charles (b 02.09.1701), George (b 31.01.1704, a 1732), Elizabeth (b 08.10.1696, a 16.01.1730), Joan (b 15.10.1710, a 16.01.1730)
  ii. David Fothringham, 1st of Baledgarno (b c1660)
  m. (c1681) Elizabeth Gray (dau of James Gray, last of Baledgarno)
  iii. Marjory Fothringham
  m. David Young of Aldbar
  iv. Jean Fothringham
  m1. (1677) John Carnegie, 2nd of Boysack
  m2. (dsp) James Carnegie, 3rd of Balnamoon (d 25.04.1700)
v.+ other issue - John (dvpsp), Robert
  m2. Rachel Aytoun (dau of David Aytoun)
  B. Margaret Fothringham
  m. (mcrt 29.12.1643) Alexander Wedderburn of Kingenny (bailie of Dundee)
  C. Grizel Fothringham (d before 07.1688)
  m. (28.12.1648) John Barclay (minister, b c1602, d 26.08.1675, son of John of Johnston)
3. Alexander Fothringham
  A. Helen Fothringham
  m1. Frederick Bower (b c1628, d 1663, minister of Inverarity)
  m2. (mcrt 22.02.1670) John Pierson (son of James of Balmadies)
4. Mariota or Marion Fothringham
  m. (mcrt 1620) George Graham, 5th of Claverhouse (d c04.1645)
m2. (before 02.06.1608) Elizabeth Wemyss
5. Elizabeth Fothringham
  m. Sir Alexander Blair of Balthayock
6. Cecilia Fotheringhame probably of this marriage
  m. (1625) Sir Alexander Gibson of Durie (d 06.1656, Lord of Session as Lord Durie)
7. 1 daughter

Main source(s):
(1) 'The Genealogy of the Fothringhams of Pourie-Fothringham' by Henry Steuart Fothringham, 6th edition privately printed February 2004, kindly copied to Stirnet by the author
(2) BLG1886 (Fothringham of Pourie and Fotheringham), BLG1952 (Steuart Fothringham of Murthly and Strathbraan)
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