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Families covered: Kinloch of Cruvie, Kinloch of Gourdie, Kinloch of Kinloch

(1) BP1934 reports that "The surname Kinloch appears to be one of the earliest found in Scottish annals. The name Kinloch is derived from the locality in which the first possessions of the family were situated, namely, at the head of Ressie Loch, in Fifeshire."
(2) BP1934 reports that Sir Alexander, who sold the Kinloch estate, dspm. Information on his children comes from BEB1841 (Kinloch).
(3) BP1934 mentions that George had sons other than Sir Alexander and David, whose line it follows. BEB1841 (Kinloch) does not mention David but does mention Andrew & George and provides the additional information on Andrew's family as shown below.
George Kinloch of that ilk of Kinloch & Cruivy (Cruvie), Fife (a temp James IV (r. 1488-1513) & James V (r. 1513-1542))
1. Sir Alexander Kinloch of Cruvie
  BP1934 reports that Sir Alexander, who sold the Kinloch estate, dspm without identifying any daughters. The following comes from BEB1841 (Kinloch). However, 'Fife (P&H, vol 1, p240)' calls the wife of Sir James Sandilands "Margaret (not Jean, as stated in Nisbet's Heraldry)" having identified her as daughter of "The last of this branch of the family ... John de Kinloch of Cruvie". TSP (Torphichen) confirms that the first wife of Sir James Sandilands was Margaret, daughter of John de Kinloch of Cruvie. Noting that the dates look tight, and that at least part of Cruvie passed into the Sandilands family, we are suspicious of the following and so report it in italics. 'Fife (P&H)' notes that part of Weddersbie (same as Weatherbie?) passed into the Ramsay family. This implies that, apart from confusion as to the generation at which Cruvie passed out of this family, there may also be some confusion as to which daughter married whom.
  A. Isabel Kinloch, heiress of Cruvie
  m. _ Ramsay of Leuchars
  i. daughter, heiress of Leuchars & Cruvie
  m. Sir David Carnegie ("predecessor of the Earl of Southesk")
  B. Jean (sb Margaret?) Kinloch, heiress of Weatherbie
  m. _ Sandilands of Abercromby
  Thought to have meant to be Sir James Sandilands of Calder (d before 1505), see note above, but it is possible that Jean could have been an unrecorded wife of James Sandilands of Cruvie, son of Sir James of Calder by his second wife, who was ancestor of the Lords Abercombie.
  C.+ 3 sons (dvpsp)
2. Andrew Kinloch of Luthrie
  'Fife P&H (vol 2, p331)' confirms that Elizabeth, daughter of Andrew Kinloch of Luthrie, married "Robert Paterson, younger of Denmure, on condition of his changing his name to Kinloch".
  A. Elizabeth Kinloch
  m. Robert Paterson of Dinmure, later Kinloch
  i. Andrew Kinloch, later Paterson
  B.+ 2 sons (dvpsp?)
3. George Kinloch in Lethrie
  A. ?? Kinloch
  i. George Kinloch in Lithrie
a. David Kinloch of Conland, Fife
BP1934 follows the line of ...
4. David Kinloch in Perthshire (d temp Queen Mary who r. 1542-1567)
  A. David Kinloch of Aberbothrie, Perthshire (b 1560, d 1617)
  m. Grizel Hay (dau of _ Hay of Gourdie, cadet of Errol)
  i. James Kinloch
  m. ?? Graham (dau of ?? Graham of Fintry)
a. Sir David Kinloch, 1st Bart (a 1685)
  m1. Elizabeth Bethune (dsp, dau of David Bethune, son of John of Balfour)
  m2. Margaret Graham (dau of ?? Graham of Fintry, cousin)
  (1) Sir James Kinloch, 2nd Bart (d 1744)
  m. Elizabeth Nevay (heir of John Nevay of that ilk)
  (A) Sir James Kinloch of that ilk of Kinloch (Perthshire) & Nevay (Forfarshire), 3rd Bart
  James supported the Jacobite Rebellion in 1745 and forfeited his title & estates.
  m. Janet Duff (sister of the Earl of Fife)
  (i) William Kinloch in England (dsps)
  (ii) Jean Kinloch
  m. Robert Maclaren
  (iii) Mary Kinloch
  m. John Rankine of Dudhope
  (iv)+ other issue - David, Joseph York, Francis Peregrine (dvpsps?), 2 sons (dvpsps?), Henrietta (d unm). Anne, 3 daughters (d unm)
  (B) Margaret Kinloch
  m. _ Yeaman of Murie
  (C) Jean Kinloch
  m. _ Rattray of Ranagulzeon
  (D) Agnes Kinloch
  m. _ Smith of Camno
  (E)+ other issue - David (d unm), John (dsps), William (d unm), Patrick (dsps), Alexander (dps), Charles (dsps), Jean (d infant), Elizabeth (d unm)
  (2) William Kinloch
  b. James Kinloch of Kilrie, Fife (physician)
  m. Cecilia Fotheringham (dau of Thomas Fotheringham of Powrie) (?)
  (1) David Kinloch of Kilrie ancestor of Kinloch of Kilrie & Logie
  (2) John Kinloch (physician)
  m. Jean Oliphant (dau of George Oliphant of Clashbennie)
  (A) George Oliphant Kinloch of Kinloch, Perthshire
  m. Anne Balneavis (dau of John Balneavis of Carnbaddie)
  (i) John Kinloch of Kinloch (dsp 02.01.1789)
  (ii) George Kinloch of Kinloch (b c1774-5, d 28.03.1833)
m. Helen Smyth (dau of John Smyth of Balbary)
  (a) Sir George Kinloch of Kinloch, Balmyle, etc., 1st Bart (b 13.10.1800, d 17.06.1881) had issue
  m. (21.10.1845) Margaret Canning (d 15.02.1908, dau of George Canning of Ardbroath)
  (b) Margaret Kinloch (d 26.08.1830)
  m. Charles Guthrie of Taybank
  (c)+ other issue - John (b c1802, d 01.12.1828), Cecilia (b 05.09.1797, d 27.12.1879), Helen (b c1599, d 22.09.1823), Ann (b c1801, d 01.09.1865), Eliza (b c1804, d 08.11.1822), Jemima Joanna (d 04.06.1805)
  (B) Cecilia Kinloch
  m. James Smyth of Balhary
  (C) Helen Kinloch (dsp)
  m. William Reoch of Edinburgh
  (D)+ other issue - John, David (d young), James (d young)
  ii. John Kinloch of Little Gourdie, Perthsrire
  The following comes from Douglas's 'Baronage of Scotland' (1798, 'Kinloch of Gourdie').
m. _ Ramsay (dau of Sir Gilbert Ramsay of Balmain)
  a. David Kinloch of Gourdie
  m. _ Oliphant of Bachilton
  (1) Charles Kinloch of Gourdie
  m. Margaret Nairn (dau of Alexander Nairn of Drumkilbo)
  (A) David Kinloch of Gourdie (a 1795) had issue
  m. Margaret Henderson (dau of James Henderson of Halyards)
  (B)+ other issue - Alexander (d young), Charles (d young), Agnes (d unm), Margaret (d unm)
  b.+ 2 sons + 3 daughters
  iii. Jean Kinloch (dsp)
  m. Thomas Fotheringham of Powrie (d 03.1638)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Kinloch of Kinloch)
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