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Families covered: Graham of Montrose

James Graham, 1st Marquess of Montrose (b 1612, d 21.05.1650)
m. (10.11.1629) Magdalen Carnegie (dau of David Carnegie, 1st Earl of Southesk)
1. John Graham, 'Earl of Kincardine' (b 1630, dvpsp 02.1645)
2. James Graham, 2nd Marquess of Montrose (b 1633, d 02.1669)
  m. (mcrt 11/12.1656) Isabella Douglas (d 16.12.1672, dau of William Douglas, 9th Earl of Morton)
  A. James Graham, 3rd Marquess of Montrose (b 20.10.1657, d 25.04.1684)
  m. (mcrt 09.06.1681) Christian Leslie (bpt 13.12.161, d 21.04.1710, dau of John Leslie, Duke of Rothes)
i. James Graham, 1st Duke of Montrose (b c04.1682, d 07.01.1742)
  m. (mcrt 31.03.1702) Christian Carnegie (d 25.05.1744, dau of David Carnegie, 3rd Earl of Northesk)
  a. James Graham (b 07.04.1703, d 02.03.1704)
  b. David Graham, Earl Graham (b 08.06.1705, d 30.09.1731)
  c. Christian Graham (b 29.10.1706, d 30.05.1711)
  d. Elizabeth Graham (b 23.04.1708, d 17.02.1711)
  e. John Graham (b 09.04.1709, d 19.03.1710)
  f. James Graham (b 26.03.1710, d 03.04.1711)
g. Thomas Graham (b 07.03.1711, d 27.12.1711)
  h. William Graham, 2nd Duke of Montrose (b 27.08.1712, d 23.09.1790)
  m. (28.10.1742) Lucy Manners (b c1707, d 18.06.1788, dau of John Manners, 2nd Duke of Rutland)
  (1) James Graham, 3rd Duke of Montrose (b 08.09.1755, d 30.12.1836)
  m1. (03.03.1785) Jemima Elizabeth Ashburnham (b c1761, d 17.09.1786, dau of John, 2nd Earl of Ashburnham)
  (A) James Graham, 'Earl of Kincardine' (b 04.09.1786, d 29.04.1787)
m2. (24.07.1790) Caroline Maria Montagu (b c1771, d 26.03.1847, dau of George Montagu, 4th Duke of Manchester)
  (B) James Graham, 4th Duke of Montrose (b 16.07.1799, d 30.12.1874) had issue
  m. (15.10.1836) Caroline Agnes Beresford (d 16.11.1894, dau of John Beresford, 2nd Lord Decies, by Charlotte Philadelphia, dau/heir of Robert Horsley of Bolam House)
  (C) Montagu William Graham (b 02.02.1807, dsp 21.06.1878)
  m. (14.02.1867) Harriet Anne Hanbury (d 18.04.1884, dau of William Hanbury, 1st Lord Bateman)
  (D) Georgina Charlotte Graham (b 03.06.1791, d 13.02.1835)
  m. (26.07.1814) George William Finch-Hatton, 10th Earl of Winchilsea (b 19.05.1791, d 08.01.1858)
  (E) Caroline Graham (b 30.09.1792, d unm 24.03.1857)
  (F) Lucy Graham (b 25.09.1793, d 16.09.1875)
  m. Edward Herbert, 2nd Earl of Powis (b 22.03.1785, 17.01.1848)
  (G) Martha Graham (b 26.01.1802, d young)
(H) Emily Graham (b 23.01.1805, dsp 01.01.1900)
  m. (16.08.1832) Edward Thomas Foley of Stoke Edith Park (d c1847)
  (2) Lucy Graham (b 28.07.1751, d 13.02.1780)
  m. (13.06.1771) Archibald James Edward Steuart, later Douglas, 1st Lord Douglas of Douglas (b 10.07.1748, d 26.12.1827)
  i. Margaret Graham (b 05.06.1714, d 01.04.1729)
  j. George Graham of Dundaff (b 26.09.1715, d unm 02.01.1747)
  B. Charles Graham (d 25.02.1674)
  C. Anna Graham (d c14.02.1709)
  m. Alexander Livingston, 3rd Earl of Callander (d 12.1692)
  D. Jean Graham (d c20.02.1683)
  m. (mcrt 10.02.1679) Jonathan Urquhart of Cromarty (b c1659, d c1690)
  E. Grizell Graham (d 30.06.1726)
  m. (before 1688) William Cochrane of Kilmaronock (d 08.1717)
3.+ other issue - David (bpt 08.01.1638, d c11.1641), Robert (d 1666), Jean (a 06.1686)

Main source(s): TSP (Montrose), BP1934 (Montrose), BP1999 (Montrose)
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