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Families covered: Butler of Cloughgrenan, Butler of Edmondsbury, Butler of Galmoye, Butler of Garryhunden

Piers FitzThomas Butler of Old Abbey (d 1601)
m. (before 1587) Catherine Fleming (dau of Thomas Fleming, Lord Slane)
1. Edward Butler of Grange, Sheriff of co. Kilkenny, 1st Viscount of Galmoye (d 1653)
  m. Anne Butler (dau of Edmund Butler, 2nd Viscount Mountgarret)
A. Piers Butler of Barrowmount (dvp 1650, Colonel)
  m. Margaret Netterville (dau of Nicholas Netterville, 1st Viscount Netterville)
  i. Edward Butler, 2nd Viscount of Galmoye (b c1627, d after 24.10.1667)
  m. Eleanor White (dau of Sir Nicholas White of Leixlip (by Ursula Moore), m2. Walter Butler of Munfin)
  a. Piers Butler, 3rd Viscount of Galmoye (b 21.03.1651/2, d 18.06.1740)
  Piers was attainted in 1697 and his titles forfeited.
  m1. Anne Mathew (dau of Theobald Mathew of Thurles, sister of Elizabeth, Lady Caher)
  (1) Edward Butler (dvpsp Malplaquet 11.09.1709, Colonel)
  m2. (03.1695) Henrietta FitzJames (b 1670, d 03.04.1730, dau of King James II by Arabella Churchill)
  b. Richard Butler (Colonel)
  m. Lucy Kavanagh (d 1708, of the Borris family)
  (1) James Francis Richard Butler, 'Viscount Galmoye' (dsp 1770)
  m. Louise Marie Magennis (bpt 1708, dau of Roger Magennis, 'Lord Iveagh')
  (2) James Richard Butler (dvpsp)
  m. Mary Fitzgerald
  (3) James Edward Butler (dspm)
(4) Francis Piers Butler
  p/m. (03.02.1745) Catherine Julie de Valory
  (A) Piers Louis Antoine Butler, 'Viscount Galmoye' (b 13.06.1741, dsp 1826)
  c. Sophie Butler
m. William Hay of Nantes
  ii. Richard Butler (3rd son)
  m. Anne Wolley (dau of Edward Wolley, Bishop of Clonfert)
  a. Elizabeth Butler
  m. (1680) Thomas Minchin of Busherstown (d 1686, son/heir of Charles of Annagh)
iii. Edmond Butler of Killosulan, co Kilkenny (d Aughrim 12.07.1691, Major, youngest son)
  m. (c1657) Catharine Crisp (dau of Sir Nicholas Crisp of Luddenham, widow of Edward Murphy of Ballylorcan)
  a. Piers Butler of Newtown & Urlingford (d 01.1716/7, Major)
  m. (before 1696) Domvile Hartpole (bur 12.11.1735, dau/heir of Sir Robert Hartpole by dau of Sir William Domvile of Leighlinstown)
  (1) Edmond Butler 'of Wilton', Sheriff of Queens' Co. & co. Kilkenny (b c1700, d 06.02.1759)
  m. (c04.1720) Anne Skellerin (d 19.04.1787, dau of Rev. Hugh Skellern of Killeshandra)
  (A) Piers Butler of Dublin & Deerpark, 'Viscount Galmoye' (b c1722, d 09.08.1796)
m. (24.02.1756) Mary Mandevile (dau of Theobald Mandevile of Ballydine)
  (i) Edmond Theobald Mandevile Butler of Garrendenny, 'Viscount Galmoye' (d 24.01.1815)
  m. Elizabeth Nevile (d 07.12.1853, dau of Garret Nevile, niece of Sir Robert Adare Hodson, Bart)
  (a) Piers Theobald Butler, 'Viscount Galmoye' (d unm 19.08.1824)
  (b) Garret Butler of Garrendenny Castle (Queen's Co.), 'Viscount Galmoye' (dspl 25.03.1860) had issue (3 daus)
  m. (after 24.04.1841) Ellen Burke (dau of Edmond Burke of Mullinahone)
  (c) William Butler (d 1848) had issue
  m. (1840) Maria Meredyth (dau of Sir Joshua Colles Meredyth, Bart)
(d) Theobald Butler of E.T. M. Ville (co Tipperary), 'Viscount Galmoye' (d 1885) had issue
  m. (17.12.1840) Elizabeth Neville (dau of Robert Neville of Marymount, cousin)
  (B) Edward Butler of Edmondsbury, Tennislatty & Dublin, Sheriff of co Kilkenny (b c1732, bur 23.03.1816, 4th son)
  m1. Sarah Harrington (dsp c1764, dau/heir of Anderson Harrington of Grenge Con)
  m2. (15.03.1766) Mary Walsh (bur 18.01.1815, dau of Rev. John Walsh of Kilcooly)
(i) Edmond Butler of Edmondsbury (d before 08.10.1815) had issue
  m. (c04.1794) Frances Madden (d 1834, dau of Rev. Samuel Madden of Kilkenny)
  (C) Edmond Butler of Kilkenny (dsp bur 04.01.1802)
  m. Honora Butler ("said to be" dau of Richard Butler of Drum & Wilford)
  (D) William Butler of Wilton, Urlingford (dsp 1822, Captain)
  m. (02.1787) Elizaberth Naughton (d 27.02.1817, dau of Robert Naughton of Dublin, widow of Robert Hume of Killeshandra)
  (E) Bridget Butler (d after 1774)
  m. (c10.1751) Theobald Butler of Drum, Wilford & Knockagh
  (F) Catherine Butler (bur 14.05.1795)
  m. (before 27.11.1765) Piers Butler of Belleview (bur 24.01.1802, Captain)
  (G) Elizabeth Butler (d before 12.06.1829)
m. (before 05.07.1764) Richard Hume of Killeshandra
  (H) Anne Butler
  m. James Scott of Annegrove
  (I)+ other issue - Francis (dvsp 24.02.1756, Captain), Richard (d unm before 12.1757?)
  (2) Richard Butler of Dicksborough, Ballycallan, Sheriff then Mayor of Kilkenny (d before 17.07.1755)
  m. (c1724) Sarah Evans (dau of Sir William Evans of Kilbrien)
  (A)+ issue - Piers of Belleville (dsp, Captain), Edward, Jane, Domvile, Hester (a 1759)
  (3) William Butler of Baysell (co Kilkenny) & Aghmacart (Queen's Co.) (d c1786)
  m. Honora Scully (d before 13.03.1794, dau of Roger Scully of Kilfeacle & Dualla)
(A) William Butler of Bellmout/Aghacart (b c1754)
  m. Mary White (dau of John White of Old Glass)
  (B) Jane Butler
  m. (c02.1759) William Innot (sb Sinot?) of Rathpatrick
  (C)+ other issue - Piers (b c1756, dsp before 31.10.1785?), Edmond (dsp), Richard (a 1794), Domvile, Bridget, Mary
  (4)+ other issue (a 1722) - Catherine, Mary, Martha
  b. Richard Butler
  iv. Frances Butler
  m. Hervey Morres of Castle Morres (d 1722)
v. Eleanor Butler
  m. William Grace of Barrowmount and Ballylinch Castle
  vi.+ other issue (d unm) - Nicholas (d 1653), James (d 1678)
  B. Thomas Butler (d before 1678)
  m. Catherine Fanning (dau of Geoffrey Fanning of Ballingarry)
  i. Anne Butler (b 1662)
  m. (after 1678) William Cook of Painstown
  C. Anne Butler
  m. Thomas Davells of Killasheen
  D. Mary Butler
  m. John Hovenden of Tankardstown Castle (d 1680)
  E. Elizabeth Butler (a 1640)
  m. Luke Comerford of Callan
  F. Eleanor Butler
  m. _ Masterton of Ferns
  G. Catherine Butler
m. (before 1678) Charles McCarthy of Rathvilly
2. Richard Butler (b c1588) ancestor of the Butlers of Bansha, co Tipperary
  m. (before 1633) Ellen Lacy (d 1641, dau of Piers Lacy)
3. Thomas Butler (a 1597)
4. Elizabeth Butler
  m. Gerald Blanchville of Blanchvillestown (d 1646)
5. Margaret Butler
  m. Piers Power
6. Ellen Butler
  m. (after 1613) John Fitzpatrick (dvpsp, son of 4th Baron of Upper Ossory)
7. Jane Butler possibly of this generation
  m. Walter Murray of Ravilly (d 1695)



Sir Thomas Butler of Cloughgrenan (co. Carlow), 1st Bart (a 1639)
m. Anne Colclough (dau of Sir Thomas Colclough of Tyntern Abbey by Martha Loftus)
1. Sir Edmund Butler of Cloughgrenan & Ballybar, 2nd Bart (d by 1653)
  m. Juliana Hyde (d 01.01.1683, dau of Barnard Hyde of Shinfield)
  A. Sir Thomas Butler of Gerryhunden, Sheriff of co. Carlow, 3rd Bart (d 01-02.1703)
m1. Jane Boyle (dau of Richard Boyle, Bishop of Ferns & Leighlin by Abigail Worth)
  i. Sir Pierce Butler of Gerryhunden, 4th Bart (d by 1732)
  m. Anne Galliard (dau of Joshua Galliard of Edmonton by Anne, dau of William Wakefield)
  ii. James Butler (d before 14.03.1723)
  m(1). Frances Abney (dau of Sir Edward Abney, relict of Sir John Parker of Fermoyle)
  a. Sir Richard Butler of Gerryhunden, 5th Bart (b 1699)
m. (1728) Henrietta Percy (d 14.01.1794, dau/coheir of Henry Percy of Seskin (son of Sir Anthony, Lord Mayor of Dublin) by Eliza, dau/heir of William Paul of Moyle)
  (1) Sir Thomas Butler of Gerryhunden, 6th Bart (d 07.10.1772)
  m. Dorothea Bayly (b c1743, d 1824, dau of Edward Bayly (son of Sir Edward, 1st Bart) by Catherine, dau/coheir of James Price of Hollymount)
  (A) Sir Richard Butler of Gerryhunden, 7th Bart (b 14.07.1761, d 16.01.1817)
  m. (23.08.1782) Sarah Maria Newenham (dau of Thomas Worth Newenham of Coolmore by Elizabeth, dau of William Dawson of Castle Dawson)
  (i) Sir Thomas Butler of Gerryhunden & Ballintemple, 8th Bart (b 23.10.1783, d 09.11.1861) had issue
  m. (30.01.1812) Frances Clarke (b c1790, d 30.08.1868, dau of John Graham Clarke of Fenham & Sutton by Arabella, dau/coheir of Roger Altham of Mark Hall)
  m2. (07.1700, sp) Jane Pottinger (dau of Capt. Edward Pottinger, widow of John Reynolds, m3. Agmondisham Vesey of Lucan)
  B. Arrabella Butler possibly of this generation
  m. John Warren of Grangebeg

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