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Families covered: Magennis of Iveagh

According to TCP, "The name Magennis or MacEnos (in Irish Macaongusa) is derived from Aoghus, the son of Aidoth, the reputed ancestor of the sept or clan whose chiefs were territorial lords of Ivagh,co. Down. The first such chief of whom there is historical record is" ...
Art na Madhmann Magennis (d 1383)
1. Rory Magennis
2. Hugh Magennis (d 1424)
  A. Rory Magennis
  B. Art an Lamhaigh Magennis
  i. Brian Magennis (d 1488)
ii. Hugh Magennis
  a. Donall Ciar Magennis (d 17.03.1520/1)
  (1) Sir Donall Oge Magennis (d after 1570)
  (A) Sir Hugh Magennis (d before 20.01.1595/6)
  m. Annabel Reilly
  (i) Sir Arthur Magennis, 1st Viscount of Iveagh (d 05.1629)
  m. (before 04.03.1594/5) Sarah O'Neill (dau of Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone by Joan O'Donnell)
(a) Hugh Magennis, 2nd Viscount of Iveagh (b 1599, d 1639/04.1630)
  m. Mary Bellew (a 1641, dau of Sir John Bellew of Castletown)
  ((1)) Art Magennis, 3rd Viscount of Iveagh (d 30.04.1683)
  m. Margaret O'Reilly (dau of Philip McHugh O'Reilly of co. Cavan)
  ((A))+ 4 daughters
  ((2)) Hugh Magennis, 4th Viscount of Iveagh (bur 05.12.1684)
  m. Rose O'Neill
  ((A)) Bryan Magennis, 5th Viscount of Iveagh (d 09.1692)
  Bryan was attainted in 1691 and the peerage was forfeited.
m. (1689) Margaret de Burgh (b 1673, d 19.07.1744, dau of William de Burgh, 7th Earl of Clanricarde by Helen Maccarty)
  ((i)) daughter (probably d young)
  ((B)) Phelim Magennis, 'Lord Iveagh' (d before 1701?)
  ((C)) Roger Magennis, 'Lord Iveagh' (b c1676, d 09.1709?)
m. (04.08.1701) Jane O'Neill (b c1681, dau of Col. Gordon O'Neill by Mildred Mossom)
  ((i)) Arthur Magennis, 'Lord Iveagh' (bpt 1706, rector in Madrid)
  ((a))+ issue - Hugh, son, 2 daughters
  ((ii)) Louise Marie Magennis (bpt 1708)
  m. James Francis Richard Butler, 'Viscount Galmoye' (dsp 1770)
  ((iii)) Mary Magennis possibly of this generation
  m. Robert Plunkett, 6th Earl of Fingall (d 31.01.1738/9)
  ((iv))+ 2 children (d young)
((4)) daughter
  m. _ Lee (Lt. General)
  (b) Sir Con Magennis
  m. Evelyn Magennis (dau of Ever Magennis of Castle Wellan)
  (c) Rose Magennis
  m1. Moelmurry Oge O'Reilly
  m2. Melaghlin O'Kelly of Aughrim (d 31.12.1637)
  (d) Evelyn Magennis
  m. Sir Alexander MacDonnell, Bart of Moyane
  (e) Catherine Magennis probably of this generation
  m. James Adams (a 1645, Colonel)
  (f)+ other issue - Arthur, Daniel, Rory, Elizabeth

Main source(s): TCP (Magennis of Iveagh), BE1883 (Magennis of Iveagh)
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