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Families covered: Allanson of York, Allestry of Alvaston, Allestry of Derby, Adwick of Arksey

Christopher Allanson of Ampleforth, Yorkshire identified in Wikipedia ("William Allanson") as father of ...
1. Sir William Allanson or Allenson, Lord Mayor of York (d 06.12.1656, MP)
  m1. (12.12.1621) Lucy Orracke (d 09.1631, dau of Alexander Orracke) mentioned in Wikipedia
m2. (19.06.1632) Ann Tancred (dau of Charles Tancred or Tankard of Whixley)
  A. Charles Allanson of York (b c1633, d 1676)
  m1. (sp) Frances Whorwood (dau of Sir Thomas Whorwood of Sturton Castle)
  m2. Grace Jaques (dau of Sir Roger Jaques, Lord Mayor of York)
  i. Charles Allanson of London (b c1662, d 07.1729, MP)
  HoP ("Charles Allanson") suggests that Charles dsp but FMG, which does not identify his wife, shows that he had children as shown below. HoP identifies his wife as ...
  m. (c07.1698) Alethea Thompson (dau of Sir Henry Thompson of Escrick, widow of Henry Tempest of Tong)
  a. William Allanson of Little Sion, Middlesex
  m. ?? (m2. _ Parsons)
  (1) Charles Allanson of Braham Riggin (dsp 17.09.1775)
  m1. Mary Turner (d 14.10.1762, dau of Daniel Turner, relict of Colonel Peters)
  m2. Elizabeth Aislabie (dau/coheir of William Aislabie of Studley)
  b. Charles Allanson
  c. Elizabeth Allanson
  m1. _ Cowper (surgeon)
  (1) Lancelot Cowper
  m. Jane Townend (dau of Thomas Townend of Tadcaster)
  (A) Elizabeth Cowper
  m. John Stapleton of Tadcaster (lime burner)
  (B) Jane Cowper
  m. John Spence of York (a 1775, smith)
  (C)+ other issue - Allanson of the Bank, Charles (d young), Mary (d young)
  (2) Charles Cowper (bur 26.02.1773/4, Canon of York)
  m. _ Hoyland of Thorne
  (A) Anne Cowper (bur 24.08.1804)
  m. Thomas Eglin of Stillingflete
(B) Martha Cowper (a 1775)
  m. John Pigot of Oswaldkirk
  (C)+ other issue (dvp unm) - Charles of Riccal, William
  m2. (Gilbert) Weeton (rector of Garforth)
  (3) Jaques Weeton of Wrexham (a 1775)
  (4) Edward Weeton of Wetherby (a 1775, apothecary)
  (A) _ Weeton (rector of Garforth)
  (5) Elizabeth Weeton or Wighton
  m. (Pelham) Winn (Captain)
  ii.+ other issue - Marmaduke, Ann, Mary, Barbara, Grace
  B. Ann Allanson (dsp)
  m. Henry Jaques (son of Sir Roger)
  C.+ other issue (d unm) - William, Joseph, Barbara, Mary



William Allestry of Alvaston, Derbyshire (b by 1520, d before 12.05.1598, MP)
m. Ellen possibly parents of ...
1. William Allestry of Alvaston the first mentioned by Visitation & FMG
  A. Thomas Allestry of Alvaston
m1. Anne Barker (dau of Roger Barker of Alvaston)
  i. William Allestry (b 1597-8, d 04.09.1655, recorder of Derby, MP)
  m1. Sarah Smith (d 02.09.1638, dau of Thomas Smith of Derby)
  a. Thomas Allestry
  m. Joyce Sitwell
  b.+ issue (d young) - William, Thomas, Anne, Grace (b c1631, d 01.12.1655), Katharine
  m2. Mary Agard (d 01.04.1679, dau of George Agard of Foston, widow of Edward Smith)
  f. Mary Allestry probably the Mary (b c1644, d 11.12.1707) who married ...
  m. Thomas Bagshaw of Ridge (b c1638, d 13.04.1721)
  g.+ other issue - William (d young), Thomas (a 1671, of Gray's Inn), Charles (a 1677, of Gray's Inn), Rebecca, Rachell
  ii. Thomas Allestry of Alvaston
  m. Katherine Osborne (dau of William Osborne of Elvaston)
  a.+ issue - William, Thomas (d 1715, prebendary of Lichfield), George, James, Sarah
  iii. George Allestry of Derby
  m. Barbara Langhorne (dau of William Langhorne of Hertfordshire)
  a.+ issue - George (a 1656, d unm), William (b c1644, a 1661), Benjamin, Thomas
  m2. Constance Isley identified in HoP ("Roger Allestry")
  iv. Roger Allestry of Derby (b c1610 (1620?), d 01.02.1665, MP)
  m. (28.09.1637) Sarah Bradshaw (dau of William Bradshaw of Derby)
  a. William Allestry of Walton-on-Trent, Derbyshire (b c1642, d c1700, MP)
  m1. (14.10.1668, sp) Frances Lorymer (dau of John Lorymer of Bucklersbury)
  m2. (c1676) Alice Booth (d c1694, dau of William Booth of Witton, sister/heir of William)
  (1)+ 3 sons (2 dvp)
  b.+ other issue - Seth, Bethiah, Sarah, Mary
  v. John Allestry of Alvaston
  m. Milisent Philips (dau of Thomas Philips of Swadlingcote)
a.+ issue - Thomas, John, George, Milisent, daughter
  vi. Mary Allestry (d young) presumed of this marriage
  The undermentioned Joyce is identified as a niece of Thomas Allestree of Alvaston so, unless she was connected through Thomas's wife, possibly of this generation (though, if so, of which marriage is not known) was ...
  vii. daughter
  m. _ Johnson
  a. Joyce Johnson (b c1701, d 11.06.1780)
  m. John Beaumont of Barrow-upon-Trent (b c1691/1694, d 11.10.1763)
  B. Richard Allestry (dsp, astrologian)
  C. Robert Allestry of Uppington, Salop
  i. Richard Allestry (b c1620, d 28.01.1681, Canon in Oxford, Master of Eton College)
  D. James Allestry of Coventry (goldsmith)
  m. _ Cranford (dau of James Cranford of Coventry)
  i. James Allestry of London (stationer)
  E. Alice Allestry
  m. _ Cottingham
2.+ 5 sons + 3 daughters



Thomas Adwick of Arksey, Yorkshire
m. (1564) Elizabeth Wildbore presumed parents of ...
1. ?? Adwick father or grandfather of ...
  A. Richard Adwick of Arksey (bur 01.05.1635)
  m. (19.05.1629) Dorothy Jennings of Arksey
  i. Richard Adwick of Almholme in Arksey (bur 09.01.1671-2)
  m1. (02.08.1655) Elizabeth Bright (bur 22.08.1656, dau of John Bright of Brincliffe Edge)
  m2. (06.10.1657) John Laughton of Eastfield in Tickhill (bur 01.10.1662-3)
  a. Sarah Adwick (bur 17.02.1704)
m. Darcy Rawson of Bentley (bur 13.01.1707-8)
  (1)+ issue - John (bpt 1703, bur 1705), Elizaeth (bur 1702), Mary (bpt 1701, bur 1779)
  b.+ other issue - Thomas (d unm 1658), George (bur 08.06.1674), Hannah (bur 07.07.1659), Elizabeth (bpt 24.03.1671-2)
  m3. Grace (m2. Edmund Whittell of Arksey)
  ii. Jane Adwick (bur 23.02.1671-2)
  m. John Rusby of Trumflete
  iii. Theodosia Adwick
  m. (1669) Robert Seaton of Blythe then Barnby Don
  Theodosia is connected to her apparent parents by dotted instead of solid line which indicates some uncertainty. As the connection does appear to be correct, that uncertainty was probably because FMG (p1267) suggests that Robert d 1672 and that she may have later married _ Morehouse whereas FMG (p1292) identifies Robert as of Barnby Don in 1672 but that he died 1716 having had several children by her. It appears that, between p1267 & p 1292, Hunter changed his interpretation of a reference to 1672.

Main source(s):
(1) For Allanson (uploaded 19.06.16) : FMG (vol 3, MS395, 'Allanson-Cowper', p937+) with some support from Visitation (Dugdale, Yorkshire, 1665, 'Allenson of Yorke')
(2) For Allestry (uploaded 05.07.16) : Visitation (Derbyshire, 1662, 'Allestry of Derby') with just a little support from FMG (vol 3, MS452, 'Allestry', p1038)
(3) For Adwick (uploaded 19.08.16) : FMG (vol 4, MS602, 'Adwick', p1267+)
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