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Families covered: Stubbing of Whittington, Spateman of Roadnook, Spateman of Tansley, Simmons of London, Simmons of Sheffield, Seaton of Blythe, Seaton of Grimesthorpe

Thomas Stubbing
1. George Stubbing
  A. Godfrey Stubbing
  m. Anne
  i. Thomas Stubbing of Whittington, Derbyshire
  m. Mary Froggat from Carrhead (m2. _ Rooke)
  a. Godfrey Stubbing (1710)
  m. Elizabeth Watkinson (dau of Godfrey Watkinson of Brampton Moor)
  (1) Susan Stubbing
  m. William Wheeler (vicar of Chesterfield)
  (2) Mary Stubbing
  m. Godfrey Webster of Chesterfield
  (3)+ other issue - John (d unm 1734), other sons (d young - Thomas, Godfrey, Godfrey, George), Elizabeth (b 1702)
  b. Thomas Stubbing of Sheffield (tallow chandler)
  m. Martha Ardron of Truton (coheir)
  (1)+ issue - Godfrey in London, William
  c. Mary Stubbing
  m. John Halley of Sheffield
  d. daughter
  m. Robert Stanley of Duckmanton
  e. Elizabeth Stubbing
  m. Thomas Callice (b c1652, d 13.01.1724, rector of Whittington)
  (1) Thomas Callice (b 1693)
  m. Joan
  (2) John Callice
  m. Mary Thompson
  (A)+ issue - Thomas, John, Godfrey, Samuel, Elizabeth, Mary
  (3) Elizabeth Callice
  m. (1716) Peter Gaskell (tanner)
  (4) Sarah Callice (d by 1745)
  m. Thomas Astley (rector of Whittington, m2. Ann Price)
  (5)+ other issue - Samuel (b 1707), Hannah (b 1697, d 1716), Mary (d 1759, housekeeper), Rebecca (d unm)



George Spateman of Tansley, Derbyshire (bur 06.04.1647)
m. Anne (bur 03.10.1646)
1. Samuel Spateman of Tansley (bur 1659)
  m. Jemima Bourne (dau of Rev. Emanuel Bourne of Ashover)
  A. Anne Spateman
  m. (17.07.1673) Joshua Wigley of Steeple Grange
  i. Millicent Wigley (b 07.05.1674)
  m1. Samuel Spateman (dvps) @@ below
  m2. George Flower of Stourbridge (cleric)
  B. Sarah Spateman
  m. Thomas Booth of Hansworth Woodhouse
  C. Mary Spateman (a 1704)
  m. John Oldfield (d by 1704, schoolmaster at Alfreton)
  i. Daniel Oldfield (a 1721)
  D.+ oher issue (d young) - Samuel (bur 09.02.1651), George (bur 1659)
2. John Spateman of Roadnook, Derbyshire
  m1. Anne Mellor
  A. John Spateman of Roadnook (d 30.12.1707)
m. Ann Palmer (dau of Matthew Palmer of Southwell by Mary Clarkson of Kirton)
  i. Samuel Spateman (dvpsp)
  m. Millicent Wigley (dau of Joshua Wigley by Anne Spateman) @@ above
  B. Ann Spateman (bur 11.06.1667)
  m. (10.12.1661) Jonathan Staniforth of Firbeck
  C. Sarah Spateman
  m. _ Bryan (physician)
  D. Rebecca Spateman (dsp 07.06.1686)
m. (29.06.1671) Gervas Disney
  E. Mary Spateman
  m1. Henry Wigley of Wigwall
  m2. John Slack of Wirksworth (m1. Ellen Spencer of Holeshouse in Wirksworth)
  F.+ other issue (d unm) - Job, Caleb
  m2. Mary Clarkson of Kirton (widow of Matthew Palmer of Southwell)
3. Mary Spateman
  m. John Richardson of Newton
4. Hannah Spateman
  m. John Reekless of Nottingham
5. Sarah Spateman
  m. Leonard Watson of London



Nevil Simmons of London (stationer)
1. Thomas Simmons of London (stationer) probably father of ...
  A. Nevil Simmons of Sheffield (d 31.07.1735, stationer)
  m. (26.04.1687) Ruth Bretland (bpt 14.08.1666, bur 27.12.1707), dau of Thomas Bretland of Sheffield)
  i. Thomas Simmons of Battersea (b 25.09.1688, d 15.06.1749, minister)
  a. Mahitabel Simmons (dsp)
  m. Ebenezer Roebuck of Sheffield
  ii. Nevil Simmons of Sheffield (b 22.12.1692, d 11.06.1730, stationer)
  a. Nevil Simmons (bpt 08.08.1718, d by 06.1730?)
  iii.+ other issue - William (b 01.01.1694-5, a 1707), Samuel (b 13.06.1703, d unm 18.04.1790, stationer & postmaster in Sheffield), Ruth (bpt 01.03.1696-7, a 1707), Elizabeth (b 18.01.1698-9, d unm 15.05.1755), Ann (bpt 26.02.1700-1, d unm 09.03.1764), daughter (b 04.10.1705)
  B.+ "a large family"



Gervas Seaton of Blythe, Nottinghamshire (bur 22.04.1673)
m. Jennet
1. John Seaton of Blythe
  m. ?? Milner (dau of Gamaliel Milner of Burton Grange)
  A. Helen Seaton
  m. (24.07.1701) Robert Middlebrook (son of Christian of Thorne)
  B.+ other issue - Gervas, Elizabeth
2. Robert Seaton of (Blythe then) Barnby Don then Grimesthorp in Felkirk (b c1638, d 23.12.1716)
  m. (1669) Theodosia Adwick (bur 09.03.1713-4)
  A. John Seaton of Arksey (b 1669-70, d 16.04.1743)
  m. Rosamond Bradford
  B. Robert Seaton, Mayor of Doncaster
  m. Elizabeth Beaumont
  i.+ issue - William, John, Robert, Francis
  C. Thomas Seaton of Stapleton
  m1. ?? m2. ??
  D. Jonathan Seaton of Ackworth
  m. Hannah Morewood
  E. Richard Seaton of Grimesthorpe
  m. Sarah Morewood
  F. Gervase Seaton
m. Jane
  i.+ issue - Gervas, William, John, Jane
  G. Elizabeth Seaton
  m. Robert Pashley of Stainton
3. Mary Seaton
  m. William Lambert of Tickhill
  A.+ issue - William, Anabel, Elizabeth
4. Elizabeth Seaton (bpt 20.03.1648-9)
  m. John Wyld of Brampton

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