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Families covered: Bampfield of Hardington, Bampfield (Bamfield or Bampfylde) of Poltimore

(1) Westcote spells the family name as "Bampfield" whilst Vivian uses 'Bamfield" or "Bamfeild" then "Bampfield" with "Bampfylde" being used for the first time with the 1st Lord. Wotton mostly uses "Baumfilde" then "Bampfylde". We use Bampfylde for the page title as that is what is used in BP1934 (Poltimore).
(2) BP1934 reports that the manor of Poltimore has been possessed by this family since the reign of Edward I (who r. 1272-1307) but, other than mentioning John (m. Eleanor Beauchamp), starts its pedigree with the Amias shown at the top of Bampfylde2.
(3) There has been some confusion with & between the early generations of this family. We show what is reported by Vivian but report also what is shown by the other Main Sources.
John Baunfeld or Baumfilde (a temp John who r. 1199-1216) mentioned by Vivian (named) & Wotton (unnamed)
m. Joan Hastings (dau of John Hastings)
Wotton inserts 2 extra generations here: an unnamed Baumfilde who married the de Hockisham heiress (presumably the Hoxham/Huxham heiress shown by Vivian/Westcote as some generations later) then John Baumfilde of Poltimore (temp Edward I) who m. Isabel, dau of John Faber (presumably the Faber connection shown by Vivian/Westcote as some generations later).
1. John Bampfield of Poltimore the first mentioned by Westcote
  m. Eleanor Beauchamp (dau of Sir Humfrey Beauchamp of Ryme)
A. John Bampfield of Poltimore
  m. Joan Martin (dau of Sir Richard Martin (or Merton or Moreton), m2. Sir James Chudleigh, m3. Sir John de la Pomeroy)
  Wotton inserts 2 extra generations here: John (m. Isabella, dau of John de Cobham) and John (m1. Joanna, dau of Geoffrey Gilbert of Compton (mother also of John who dsp); m2. (sp?) Joanna Hastings). Vivian shows the next generation as ...
  i. Thomas Bampfield of Poltimore this generation shown by Vivian & Wotton but not by Westcote
  m. Agnes Copleston (dau of Adam Copleston)
  a. John Bampfield of Poltimore this generation shown earlier by Wotton
  m. Joane Hoxham (dau/heir of John Hoxham or Huxham)
  (1) Thomas Bampfield of Poltimore this generation shown earlier by Wotton
  m. Agnes Faber (dau/coheir of John Faber)
  (A) John Bampfield of Poltimore this generation shown by Vivian & Westcote but not by Wotton
  m. Joane
  (i) John Bampfield of Poltimore
Wotton just identifies John's wife as Agnes, dau of John de Pederton. Except that Westcote shows Agnes's mother's family name as Turvey rather than Turney, Vivian & Wescote identify her as ...
  m. Agnes Pederton (dau/heir of John Pederton by Cecily, dau/heir of John Turney son/heir of Simon son/heir of Sir Simon Turney)
  (a) Sir William Bampfield of Poltimore, Sheriff of Devon (d by 1475)
  This generation is shown by Vivian & Wotton but not by Westcote. Wotton shows his son Walter as father rather than elder brother of the William who m1. Margaret St. Maur m2. Margaret Kirkham. We are following Vivian.
m. Margaret Pauncefoote (dau of Walter Pauncefoote of Compton)
  ((1)) Walter Bampfield of Poltimore (b c1447, d 01.09.1478) not mentioned by Westcote
  m1. (sp) Constance Langsford (dau of Edward Langsford)
  m2. Grace Pudsey (dau of Sir Ralph Pudsey, m2. Sir Roger Tetcote)
  ((A)) Andrew Bamfield (dsp (young?))
  ((2)) William Bampfield of Poltimore
  m1. Margaret St. Maur (dau of John St. Maur (Seymour))
((A)) Sir Edward Bampfield of Poltimore (d 20.05.1528)
  Westcote identifies Edward's wife as Elizabeth, dau of Sir Richard Wadham of Merryfield and relict of _ Warr of Somerset. BE1883 (St. Maur) identifies her as dau of Sir Michael Wadham. It seems that there was no Sir Richard or Sir Michael Wadhams of Merryfield around this time so we follow Vivian & Wotton (supported by the Warre records) in identifying her as ...
m. Elizabeth Wadham (dau of Sir Nicholas Wadham, widow of John Warre)
  ((i)) Richard Bampfield of Politmore, Sheriff of Devon (b c1526, d 25.05.1594)
  m. Elizabeth Sydenham (d 04.05.1599, dau of John Sydenham (Sidnam) of Brimpton)
  ((a)) Sir Amias Bampfield or Bampfylde of Poltimore (b c1564, d 09.02.1625-6, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Clifton (dau of Sir John Clifton of Barrington)
  ((b)) Elizabeth Bampfield
  m. George Cary of Clovelly
  ((c)) Johanna/Joan Bampfield see ## below
  ((d)) Ursula Bampfield
  m. Thomas Fulford of Fulford (b c1553, d 31.07.1610)
  ((e)) Susan Bampfield
Wotton shows Susan m. John Hicks of Witheridge. Vivian & Westcote report that she married ...
  m1. John Hays of Myll
  m2. _ Simcock
  ((f)) Mary Bampfield
  m1. Humphrey Moor of Moorhays
  m2. Richard Bowden (parson of Okehampton)
  ((g)) Gertrude Bampfield
  m. John Harding of Longbrady
  ((h)) Ann Bampfield
  m1. Christopher Morgan of Maperton
  m2. _ Luttrell (Lutterel)
  ((i)) Margaret Bampfield
  m. William Lacy of Hartrow
  ((j))+ other issue - Giles (dvpsp), Richard, Katharine (d unm)
  ((ii)) Laurencia Bampfield
m1. John Bidwell
  m2. Robert Fulford
  ((iii)) Joan Bampfield
  m(1). Richard Pollard of Horwood
  All 3 of our Main Sources show Joan as married only to Richard Pollard (by whom she had 9 children). Vivian shows a Johanna of the next generation (dau of John) as married to Hugh Gifford (see ## above). Wotton & Westcote also show a Johanna/Joan in the next generation but do not show her as having married. [Vivian also shows another Joane (dau of John) of 4 generations later as m. Hugh Gifford (see ## on Bampfylde2).] In his work on 'Giffard of Halsbury' (p400) Vivian identifies the wife of Hugh Giffard of St. Giles as "Joane da. of John Bamfeild of Poltimore, relict of Richard Pollard of Horwood". That Hugh must have been born c1530 and so his wife, who bore him (at least) 4 children, is shown as this Joan even though her father was called Edward.
m2. Hugh Giffard of St. Giles
  ((iv)) Katherine Bampfield
  m. Erasmus Pym of Brymmore
  ((v)) Elizabeth Bampfield
  m. George Percival (d c1599)
  ((vi)) Mary Bampfield
  m. William Warder of Hampshire
  ((B)) Elizabeth Bampfield
  m. _ Lye
  ((C)) Margaret Bampfield
  m. Richard Yard of Bradley & Churchton
  m2. Margaret Kirkham (dau of Nicholas Kirkham of Blakedon, widow of John Chenye of Pinho)
  (b) Richard Bampfield of Hardington, Somerset (d before 07.06.1499)
  m. Maria (d before 07.02.1508-9)
  The following is partly supported by Visitation (Somerset, 1623, Bamfield).
  ((1)) John Bampfield of Hardington (d 10.10.1528)
  m. Joan Gawen (dau of John Gawen)
  ((A)) Thomas Bampfield of Hardington (b c1498?)
((i)) John Bampfield of Hardington
  m. Meliora Webb (dau of William Webb of Motcombe juxta Shafton)
  ((a)) Thomas Bampfield 'of Hardington' (d before 16.08.1656)
  m. Elizabeth Rogers (dau of Edward Rogers of Cannington)
  (((1))) Margaret Bampfield
  m. James Drax
  (((2)))+ other issue - John (b c1621, d before 07.1661), Warwick (b c1621, d before 05.09.1695), Edward
  ((b)) Catherine Bampfield
  m. Henry Forster of Meere
  ((c)) Meliora Bampfield
  m. John Farwell of Bristol
  ((d))+ other issue - John (b c1599, a 1623), George (b c1601, a 1651), Mary (dsp), Elizabeth (dsp)
  ((ii)) Walter Bampfield
  m. Joan
  ((a))+ issue - John, Thomas, Alice
  ((iii))+ other issue - Richard, Emma
  ((B)) William Bampfield of Turnworth
  m. Elizabeth
  ((i)) Mary Bampfield
m. William Frere of Water Eaton
  ((ii)) Edith Bampfield
  m. Christopher Twinyho
  ((C))+ other issue - Robert, Hugh of Cadbury, Nicholas of Flyntford, Anne, Joan, Isabell, Dorothy, Mary
  ((2))+ other issue - Avice, Elizabeth, Margaret
  (c) Elizabeth Bampfield
  m. Henry Francis of Killerton (Frauncis of Combflory)
(d) Thomasine Bampfield
  m. Walter Pauncefoote
  (ii) Thomas Bampfield
  (B) Richard Bampfield (d 15.03.1429)
  (C) Johanna Bampfield
  m. John Thorne
  (D) Agnes Bampfield
  m. John Prouse or Prouz of Esterval
  (E) Maud or Alice Bampfield
  m. Thomas Dennis of Holcombe Burnel
  (2) John Bampfield
  b.+ other issue - Thomas (d young, elder brother of John), Alice, Joanna, Agnes shown by Wotton

Main source(s): "A View of Devonshire in MDCXXX, with a Pedigree of most of its Gentry" by Thomas Westcote (as edited by Rev. George Oliver & Pitman Jones, 1845), Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Bamfield of Poltimore'), Wotton (vol 1, Kimber & Johnson edition 1771, 'Bampfylde of Poltimore', p374+)
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