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Families covered: Barclay in London, Barclay of Urie, Barclay-Allardice of Allardice

David Barclay, 11th of Mathers (b 1580, d c1660)
m1. Elizabeth Livingstone (dau of Sir John Livingstone, 4th of Dunipace)
1. John Barclay (b 1607, a 23.02.1643)
2. Alexander Barclay (b 1608, dsp before 1652)
  m. (before 1631) Anna Ross (dau of Matthew Ross)
3. David Barclay, 1st of Urie (b 1610, Colonel)
  m. Katherine Gordon (dau of Sir Robert Gordon, 1st Bart of Gordonstoun)
A. Robert Barclay, 2nd of Urie (b 28.12.1648, d 03.10.1690)
  m. (02.1669-70) Christian Mollison (dau of Gilbert Mollison of Aberdeenshire)
  i. Robert Barclay, 3rd of Urie (b 1672)
  m. (1696) Elizabeth Braine (dau of John Braine of London)
a. Robert Barclay, 4th of Urie (b 1692/9)
  m. Une Cameron (dau of Sir Ewen Cameron of Lochiel, 17th Chief)
  (1) Robert Barclay, 5th of Urie (b 1731-2, d 08.04.1797)
  m1. Lucy Barclay (dau of David Barclay of London) @@ below
  (A) Lucy Barclay
  m. (1777) Samuel Galton of Dudson House (d 19.01.1832)
m2. (12.1776, div 09.1793) Sarah Anne Allardice (b 13.07.1757, d 07.07.1833, dau of James Allardice of Allardice)
  (B) Robert Barclay-Allardice, 6th of Urie and of Allardice (b 25.08.1779, d 08.05.1854, Captain)
  m. (1815) Mary Dalgarno (d 30.08.1820, dau of Alexander Dalgarno of Aberdeen)
  (i) Margaret Barclay-Allardice (b 04.07.1816, d 07.08.1903)
  m1. (02.04.1840) Samuel Ritchie (b 13.08.1813, d 17.09.1845)
  m2. (30.07.1854) James Tanner (d 21.01.1866)
  (ii) Mary Barclay-Allardice (b 28.07.1819, d 14.10.1823)
  (C) Une Cameron Barclay-Allardice (b 13.09.1778, d 09.1809)
  m. (25.07.1800) John Innes of Cowie (b 20.08.1776, d 17.04.1832, WS)
  (D) Margaret Barclay (b 14.10.1780, dsp 16.12.1855)
  m. (1809) Hudson Gurney of Keswick (b 1775, d 09.11.1864, MP)
(E)+ other issue - Anne (b 13.09.1777, d 29.10.1782), Mary (b 14.10.1780, d 06.1799), Rodney (b 29.04.1782, d unm 1853), James (b 03.07.1784, d unm 03.03.1804), David Stuart (b 03.03.1787, d unm 1826, Major)
  (2)+ other issue - David, Ewen, Alexander, Jean
  b. Mollison Barclay
  m. John Doubleday (son of John of Alnwick)
  c. Elizabeth Barclay
  m. (by 1729) Sir William Ogilvie, 4th Bart of Barras (d 11.1791)
  d.+ other issue - John (d young), David (to Dublin), Margaret (d young), Catherine (d unm)
  ii. David Barclay of London (b c1682, d 1769)
  BLG1952 identifies David's wife as daughter of James Taylor of London. However, Commoners (vol IV, Taylor of Pennington) identifies her as ...
  m1. (1707) Anne Taylor (d 04.12.1720, dau of George Taylor of Middletown)
  a. James Barclay
  m. Sarah Freame
  (1) Anne Barclay (d 07.1757)
  m. (1756) James Allardice of Allardice (b 29.01.1727, d 14.07.1765)
(2)+ other issue - Joseph (dsp), Alexander (dsp), Sarah, Jane
  b. Alexander Barclay (b 1711, d 1771)
  m. Ann Hickman or Kirckman
  (1) Robert Barclay of Bury or Berry Hill (b 15.05.1751, d 22.10.1830)
  m1. (1775) Rachel Gurney (dau of John Gurney of Keswick)
  (A) Charles Barclay of Bury Hill, Sheriff of Surrey (b 26.12.1780, d 1855) had issue
  m. (01.08.1804) Anna Maria Kett (dau of Thomas Kett of Seething)
  (B) David Barclay of Eastwick Park (b 29.09.1784, d 01.07.1861) had issue
  m. (20.10.1818) Maria Dorothea Williamson (dau of Sir Hedworth Williamson, 6th Bart of East Markham)
  (C) Gurney Barclay (b 20.12.1786) had issue
  m. Mary Elizabeth Freshfield (dau of John Freshfield)
  (D) Agatha Barclay
  m. George Hillhouse
  (E) Anne Barclay
  m. Jacob Foster Reynolds of Carshalton
  (F) Lucy Barclay (dsp 04.02.1859)
  m. (27.12.1810) George Croker Fox of Trefusis and/or Grove Hill (d 01.07.1850)
  (G) Maria Barclay (b c1785, d 04.06.1858)
  m. (28.04.1814) Robert Were Fox of Penjerrick (d 25.07.1877)
  (H) Martha Barclay
  m. John Bromhead (Lt. Colonel)
(I)+ other issue - Alexander (b 21.02.1791, d unm 1812), Alfred (b 21.12.1793, d 06.1795), Elizabeth (d young), Rachel, Elizabeth, Martha
  m2. Margaret Hodgson
  (2) Patience Barclay
  c. Elizabeth Barclay
  m. Timothy Bevan
  m2. (08.08.1723) Priscilla Freame (b 1702, d 09.10.1769, dau of John Freame of London)
  d. David Barclay of Youngsbury (b c1728, d 28.05.1809)
m1. Martha Hudson
  (1) Agatha Barclay
  m. (04.08.1773) Richard Gurney of Keswick (banker)
  m2. (sp) Rachel Lloyd (dau of Samson Lloyd of Birmingham)
  e. John Barclay of Cambridge Heath (b c1728, d 1787)
  m. Susanna Willet
(1) Robert Barclay of Clapham Common (b 1758, d 1816)
  m. Ann Ford (dau of Isaac Ford of Manchester)
  (A) Robert Barclay of Leyton, later of Knott's Green (b 1787, d 1853) had issue
  m. (1802) Elizabeth Gurney (dau of Joseph Gurney of Lakenham Grove)
  (B) Ford Barclay of Walthamstow (b 1795, d 1859) had issue
  m. (1824) Esther Reynolds (dau of William Foster Reynolds of Carshalton House)
  (C) John Barclay of London (b 08.05.1797, d 1838) had issue
  m1. (1820) Georgina Hill (dau of Major Thomas Hill)
  m2. Mary Moate
(D) Mary Barclay
  m. (1815) Hubert John Barclay Galton of Warley Tor
  (E) Elizabeth Lucy Barclay
  m. (31.07.1823) Henry Birkbeck
  (F)+ other issue - Abraham Rawlinson (b 1793, d 1845), Anne Ford (d 1797), Susanna (d 1852), Lydia Anne (d unm 1855)
  (2) David Barclay (b 1763, dsp 1801)
  (3) Mary Barclay (b 1756)
m. John Henton Tritton
  (4) Susannah Willet Barclay (b 1769, d 1820)
  m. (19.08.1789) Osgood Hanbury of Holfield Grange (d 11.02.1852)
  (5) Priscilla Lucy Barclay (b 1774)
  m. William Hall
  f. Catherine Barclay
  m. Daniel Bell of Tottenham
g. Lucy Barclay
  m. Robert Barclay, 5th of Urie (b 1731-2, d 08.04.1797) @@ above
  h. Caroline Barclay
  m. John Lindoe of Norwich
  (1)+ issue - David, Robert, Margaret
  i. Richenda Barclay
  m. Nathaniel Springall of Norfolk
  (1)+ issue - David, Richenda (m. _ Masterman)
  j. Christiana Barclay
  m1. Joseph Gurney
  m2. John Freame of London
  (3) Joseph Osgood Freame
  m3. Sir William Watson of Bath
k.+ other issue - son, Priscilla (d unm)
  iii. John Barclay of Dublin
  m. Anne Strettel (dau of Amos Strettel)
  iv. Patience Barclay
  m. Timothy Forbes (son of Alexander of Aquahorties)
  v. Catherine Barclay
  m. James Forbes (son of Alexander of Aquahorties)
  vi. Christiana Barclay
  m. Alexander Jaffray of Kingswell
  vii. Jean Barclay
  m. Alexander Forbes of Aquahorties
  B. Jean Barclay (b c1646)
  m. Sir Ewen Cameron of Lochiel, 17th Chief (b c1629, d 1719)
  C.+ other issue - John (to America), David (d unm), Lucy (d unm)
4. Robert Barclay
m2. Margaret Keith (dau of John Keith)
5. James Barclay (d Philliphaugh 1645)
6. Anne Barclay
  m1. (1628) John Douglas, 6th of Tilquhillie d c1632)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Barclay of Bury Hill, formerly of Mathers & Urie), FMG (vol 2, MS188-189, Barclay) with some input from BLG1952 (Barclay, formerly of Leyton) and Allardice web site
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