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Families covered: Taylor of Effingham, Taylor of Middletown (New Jersey), Taylor of Shadochurst

Commoners reports that the following family descended from Hanger Taylefer (a 1256 in Kent), himself descended from "the Norman Baron Taillefer, who accompanied William the Conqueror in his invasion".
John Taylor of the Homestall, Shadockhurst, Kent (a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377)
1. William Taylor of Shadochurst (a 1399, 1413)
  A. John Taylor of Shadochurst (d c1465)
  i. William Taylor of Shadochurst (d before 20.08.1493)
  m. Joane Gilbard (dau of Henry Gilbard of Shadochurst)
  a. John Taylor of Shadochurst & More Court
m. Margaret Fairsted (dau of Humphry de Fairsted of Shadochurst)
  (1) William Taylor of Shadochurst (d 1525)
  (A) Joane Taylor
  m. Robert Lacy of Woodchurch
  (2) John Taylor of Shadochurst (d 1550) the first mentioned by Berry
  m. Thomas Isaac (d 1551, dau of John Isaac of Sevington)
  (A) William Taylor of Romney (d 1571)
  m. Mary Taylor (dau of Richard Taylor of Cranbroke)
  (i) John Taylor of Thurnham
  m. Anne Brockhill (dau of Henry Brockhill of Allington)
  Commoners & BEB1841 disagree on the allocation of John & Anne's grandchildren between their sons. BEB1841 shows Brockhill (a 1619 in Ireland) as father of Elizabeth (m. Humphrey Perrott) & Jane with Thomas of Ballyhaise as father of Brockhill (d 1636) father of Mary who married Thomas Newburgh of Ballyhaise. Provisionally, we follow Commoners.
(a) Brockhill Taylor of Ballyhaise, co. Cavan (d 1636)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Taylor
  m. Humphrey Perrott
  ((2)) Mary Taylor
  m. Thomas Newburgh
  (b) Thomas Taylor (dsp)
  Berry shows Thomas as father of another Brockhill.
  (ii) Thomasine Taylor Berry shows Mary m. John Davy, not Thomasine
  m. John Davy of Udymere
  (iii)+ other issue - Barbara, Mary
  (B) John Taylor of Shadochurst 'of Wilsborough' (b 1525-6, d 08.05.1616)
  m1. Elizabeth Chute (dau of Philip Chute of Bethersden)
(i) George Taylor of Criels Court, Sussex (d 1633, 4th son)
  m. (1591) Joane Burrow (d 1602, dau of Richard Burrow of Boughton)
  (a)+ issue - John (dsp), William (dsp), Elizabeth (b 1602)
  (ii) Matthew Taylor near Chichester, Sussex
  m1. Alice (bur 21.02.1591)
  (a) Matthew Taylor of Effingham (bpt by 19.02.1591, bur 05.04.1678)
  m1. Margaret
  ((1)) Mary Taylor
  m. John Brett (son of John of Shipley by Elizabeth Taylor) @@ below
  ((2)) Margaret Taylor of Effingham (b 04.09.1634)
  m. (1656) Thomas White of St. Dunstan
  ((A)) Thomas White of Effingham
  m. Jane Pellatt (dau of William Pellatt)
  ((B)) Margaret White
  m. Robert Michell of Shipley
  ((C))+ other issue - Jane, Elizabeth
  ((3)) Elizabeth Taylor (bpt 05.09.1646, dvpsp)
  m2. (sp) Frances
  m2. Margaret Freeland (dau of Richard Freeland of Greatham)
  (b) Richard Taylor of Westharling (bpt 27.07.1597, d 1665)
  m. Ann
  ((1)) Richard Taylor (d by 1678)
  m. Frances
  ((A)) Edward Taylor
((2)) Mary Taylor
  m. Richard Matthews
  ((3)) Eleanor Taylor
  m. John Dewes
  ((4))+ other issue - Matthew, Edward, Ann
  (c) Freeland Taylor (bpt 08.02.1601, dsp after 1664)
  (d) John Taylor (b 01.12.1611, bur (?) 21.11.1683) - continued below
  (e) Elizabeth Taylor
  m. John Brett of London & Shipley
  ((1)) John Brett
  m. Mary Taylor (dau of Matthew Taylor of Effingham) @@ above
  ((A)) Mary Brett
  (f) Martha Taylor
m. William Yonge of Midhurst (d 1651)
  (iii) Susan Taylor (b 1560)
  m. Godwin Freebody of Sussex
  (iv)+ other issue (d young or unm) - John, Humphrey, Roger, Philippa, Eve
  m2. Bridget Rucke (a 1618, dau of Richard Rucke of Rye)
  (ix) Thomas Taylor of Wilsborough (d 1611)
m. Agnes Miller (dau of Thomas Miller of Northfleet)
  (a) Thomas Taylor of Wilsborough, Shadochurst & Linstead (b 1595, d 1631)
  m1. Catharine Honeywood (d 1625, dau of Sir Thomas Honeywood of Elmested)
  ((1)) John Taylor of Wilsborough (b 1623, dsp 1642)
  ((2)) Elizabeth Taylor
  m. Norton Halke of Bircholt
  ((3)) Mary Taylor
  m. Henry Johnson
  ((4)) Katharine Taylor
  m. Boys Owen
m2. (1629) Anne Hendley (dau of Sir Thomas Hendley of Corshorne)
  ((5)) Sir Thomas Taylor of Park House (in Maidstone), Linstead, Shadochurst, 1st Bart (b 1630, d 1665)
m. Elizabeth Hall (d 1688, dau of George Hall of Maidstone, she m2. Percy Goring, son of Sir William, Bart of Cockham & Burton
  ((A)) Sir Thomas Taylor of Leeds Castle, 2nd Bart (b 10.08.1657, d 1696)
  m. Alicia Colpeper (d 1734, dau/sister of Sir Thomas Colpeper of Preston Hall, she m2. Thomas Colpepyr, m3. John Milner)
  ((i)) Sir Thomas Taylor, 3rd Bart (b 1693, d unm 1720)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Taylor (b 1656) probably the Elizabeth who married ...
  m1. (21.05.1685) Francis Wythens of Eltham (b c1635, d 09.05.1704, MP)
  p/m2. Sir Thomas Culpeper, 3rd Bart of Preston Hall (b c1657, dsp 18.05.1723)
  ((C))+ other issue - John, William, George, Elizabeth, Bridget, Arabella (all dsp young), Elizabeth (b 1656)
  ((6)) William Taylor (dsp 1632)
  (b) Jane Taylor
m. John Chapman of Aythorne
  (c) Maria Taylor
  m. Thomas Waller of Penshurst
  (x) John Taylor of Momfords 'of Kingsnorth'
  m. Anne Austen (d 1623, dau of William Austen of Goudhurst)
  (a) John Taylor of Winchelsea
  m. Elizabeth Amy (dau of Rev. Henry Amy of Hawkins)
  ((1)) John Taylor (dsp)
  ((2)) Anne Taylor
  m. William Whitfield of Patricksborne
(b) Elizabeth Taylor
  m. Thomas Roberts (son of Edward, brother of Sir Thomas, Bart)
  (c) Anne Taylor (dsp)
  (d) Mary Taylor
  m. Walter Bustian (son of Wigan of Shorne)
(xi) Mary Taylor
  m. Robert White of Waltham
  (xii) Elizabeth Taylor
  m. Thomas Broadnax of Godmersham
  (C) Margaret Taylor
  m. Giles or John Collins of Hythe
  (D) Alice Taylor
  m. John Stringer of Old Romney
  (i) Susan (or Alice) Stringer
  m. (1601) Sir Edward Scott of Scottshall
  (E)+ other issue - Joane (d unm 1573), Elizabeth
  (3) Joane Taylor
  m. (c1531) William Dewer
2. John Taylor of Great Chart
  A. Thomas Taylor of Great Chart



John Taylor (b 01.12.1611, bur (?) 21.11.1683) - continued above
1. Matthew Taylor (a 1687, in North America)
2. Edward Taylor of Middletown, New Jersey
  A. George Taylor of Middletown
  m. (c03.1708) Helena Johnstone of Long Island
  i. John Taylor, Sheriff of New Jersey (b 1716, d 23.11.1798, judge, 3rd son)
  m. Mary Heard
  a. John Taylor (b c1744)
  m. _ Winthrop
  (1)+ issue - son (m. _ Clinton), son (m. _ Ludlow), son (m. _ Winthrop), daughter (m. _ Delaney), daughter (m. Governor Winthrop)
  b. William Taylor (b 17.03.1746, d 16.08.1806, Chief Justice of Jamaica)
  m. Eliza Van Cortlandt (dau of Col. Philip Van Cortlandt)
(1) Pringle Taylor of Pennington House, Southamptonshire (Major) had issue
  m. (12.07.1827) Adelaide Frances Shedden (dau of Col. John Shedden of Eastonton & Efford)
  (2) Catharine Eliza Taylor
  m. (1814) Clement Clarke Moore (son of Benjamin Moore, Bishop of New York, by Charity Clarke)
  (3)+ other issue - John William (b 1792, dsp), Cortlandt (had issue), Geoirge Elliott (had issue), Susan Helen (dsp)
  c. Joseph Taylor (b c1748) had issue (2 daughters)
  m. Harriet Waddell
  d. Mary Taylor (b c1745)
  m. _ Bainbridge
  ii. Anne Taylor
  m. David Barclay (b c1682, d 1769, son of Robert of Urie)
  iii.+ other issue - George, Edward (b 20.08.1712)

Main source(s): Commoners (vol 4, 'Taylor of Pennington', p237+), CountyGen (Kent, Berry, 1830, p162+) with some support/input from BEB1841 ('Taylor of Park House')
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