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Families covered: Beckwith of Aikton (Acton), Beckwith of Aldborough, Beckwith of Thorp, Beckwith of Thurcroft, Beckwith of Trimdon, Beckwith of Sleningford

Robert Beckwith of Broxholm or Bloxhalm
1. John Beckwith of Thorp
  A. Robert Beckwith of Thorp
  i. Marmaduke Beckwith of Fetherston & Aikton or Acton
  m1. Anne Dyneley (dau of Robert Dyneley of Bramhope)
  a. Thomas Beckwith of Aikton
  BEB1841 & Commoners report that Thomas was alive in 1612, having married Frances, dau/heir of William Frost of Aikton. Provisionally, we follow Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, 'Featherstone of Featherstone and Frost of Ackton') which suggests that Thomas was bur 05.11.1602, having married ...
  m. Frances Wheatley (dau/heir of ?? Wheatley (son of Richard of Woolley by Isabel Wentworth) by Anne, sister of William Frost of Ackton)
  (1) Thomas Beckwith of Aikton
  m. _ Hunt (dau of Henry Hunt of Carlton)
(A) Thomas Beckwith of Aikton
  m. Barbara Milburne (dau of John Milburne of Hinderskelf)
  (i) Thomas Beckwith of Aikton
  BEB1841 shows Murioll as mother of Thomas's 2 daughters but in a note reports "another authority" as reporting that he had 3 wives as follows:
m1. Murioll Wandesford (dsp, dau of William Wandesford of Pickhill)
  m2. Eleanor Wandesford (dau of William Wandesford of Pickhill)
  (a) Isabel Beckwith
  m. Nicholas Fairfax (brother of Thomas, Viscount Fairfax)
  (b) Barbara Beckwith
  m. Matthew Lockwood of Sowerby
  m3. Priscilla Waterton (dau of Thomas Waterton of Walton)
  (c) Thomas Beckwith (d young)
(ii) Mary Beckwith
  m. Edward Ashton of Methley
  (2) Alice Beckwith possibly of this generation
  m. Richard Nelson of Altofts (in Normanton, Yorkshire)
  (A) Thomas Nelson of Altofts
  m. Grace Saxton (dau of Christopher Saxton of Dunningley)
  (i) Mary Nelson (heir)
m. Peter Birkbeck (b c1615, a 1666, rector of Castleford)
  b. Roger Beckwith of Aldborough (d 19.01.1634)
  m1. Dorothy Currer of Leeds
  (1) Thomas Beckwith of Beverley
  (2) Katherine Beckwith
  m. Thomas Norton of Elveston and/or Langthorne
  (A) Catherine Norton (bur 20.10.1709)
  m. Welbury Norton of Sawley (b c1632, d before 13.03.1707)
  (3) Anne Beckwith
  m. John Robinson of Bolton-upon-Swale
(A) Mary Robinson (bur 15.04.1723) apparently of this generation
  m. (03.05.1691) Miles Staveley of Stainley Hall (bur 09.12.1722)
  m2. Susanna Brakenbury (dau of _ Brakenbury of Denton and Sellaby)
  (4) Arthur Beckwith of Aldborough (d 1642)
  m. Mary Wyvill (dau of Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, Bart of Constable Burton)
  (A) Sir Roger Beckwith, 1st Bart of Aldborough (d 06.12.1700, 2nd son)
m1. Elizabeth Clapham (dau of Sir Christopher Clapham of Beamsley)
  (i) Arthur Beckwith (d 1700)
  m2. Elizabeth Jenings (dau of Edmund Jenings of Ripon)
  (ii) Sir Roger Beckwith, 2nd Bart of Aldborough, Sheriff of Yorkshire (d 05.1743)
  m. (10.10.1705) Jane Waddington (d 1713, dau of Benjamin Waddington of Allerton Gledhow)
  (a) Jane Beckwith
  m. Beilby Thompson of Micklethwaite Grange
(b)+ other issue (dvp unm) - Roger, Edmund
  (iii) Marmaduke Beckwith
  (B)+ other issue (d unm) - Marmaduke, Mary, Isabel, Susan
  (5) Matthew Beckwith of Tanfield and Sleningford (d 1679)
  BLG1952 shows the above Marmaduke Beckwith as having married 3 times (firstly to Anne Dyneley, secondly to Ellen (widow of William Style), thirdly to Susanna Brackenbury of Sellaby with this Matthew as son by that 3rd marriage. We provisionally follow BEB1841, Commoners and BLG1886 as showing Matthew as Marmaduke's grandson but note that BLG1952 may have been the result of further research proving him as having been Marmaduke's son instead.
  m. Elizabeth Buck (dau of Sir John Buck of Filey)
  (A) John Beckwith of Sleningford (b c1652, dsps 1688)
  m. Castilina Copley (dau of Lionel Copley of Wandsworth)
  (B) William Beckwith of Thurcroft (b 22.11.1664, d 1713)
  m. Mary Chaloner (d 04.12.1702, dau of Sir Edward Chaloner of Guisborough)
  (i) William Beckwith of Thurcroft and Sleningford (b 1686, d 10.04.1760, 3rd son)
  m. (28.04.1715) Elizabeth Woodifield (d 25.02.1767, dau of John Woodifield of Fishburn and Trimdon)
  (a) Woodifield Beckwith of Thurcroft and Trimdon (bpt 12.09.1719, bur 08.12.1779)
  m. (30.05/01.06.1771) Dorothy Robinson (dau of Christopher Robinson of Easington)
  ((1)) William Beckwith of Thurcroft and Trimdon (b 1772, d 31.12.1847)
  m. (16.06.1794) Caroline Nesham (d 10.04.1832, dau of John Nesham of Houghton-le-Spring)
  ((A)) William Beckwith of Thurcroft and Trimdon, Sheriff of co. Durham (b 20.08.1795, dsp 23.02.1871, General)
  m. (05.04.1831) Priscilla Maria Hopper (d 03.06.1877, dau of Thomas Hopper of Silksworth House)
  ((B)) John Beckwith of Silksworth House and Trimdon (b 15.09.1803, d unm 21.04.1891, 4th son)
  ((C)) Henry Beckwith (b 29.11.1806, d 26.10.1888. rector of Eaton Constantine) had issue
  m. (06.09.1836) Ann Rose Eyton (d 21.07.1891, dau by Anna Maria Plowden of Rev. John Eyton, son of Thomas of Eyton)
((D)) Caroline Beckwith (dsp 1867)
  m. (10.1836) Samuel Kentish
  ((E))+ other issue (d unm) - John (b 25.02.1798, d 20.10.1799), George (b 05.10.1799, d 01.04.1809), Frances (d 13.10.1815), Mary (d 1865), Julia (d 01.12.1805), Elizabeth (d 05.07.1808), Julia (d 02.1828)
  (b) William Beckwith of London (4th son)
  ((1))+ issue - William (d unm 1776), Marion, Elizabeth
  (c) Jane Beckwith
  m. Thomas Westby (not Westley) of Haworth
  (d) Elizabeth Beckwith (b c1726, d 21.04.1798)
  m. William Horsfall of Storth's Hall
  (e)+ other issue - Malby, John (b c1722, d 02.12.1787, Lt. Colonel)
  (ii) Edward Beckwith
  (a)+ issue - Onslow, daughter
  (iii) Mary Beckwith
  m. (1714) Thomas Mirfyn
  (iv) Elizabeth Beckwith
m1. _ Booth of Lincolnshire
  m2. William Smith of Lincolnshire
  (v) Susanna Beckwith
  m. (1722) Thomas Harrison of Dillum
  (vi) Margaret Beckwith
  m. John Power of Uttoxeter
  (vii)+ other issue - John of Dalton Hall, Matthew (d unm), Dorothy (dsp)
  (C) Susanna Beckwith (b 1654, bur 24.09.1723)
  m. Nonus Parker of Park Hill
  (D) Mary Beckwith
  m. John Corvile of Bella Hall
(E)+ other issue (d infant) - Matthew, Elizabeth
  (6) William Beckwith of Thurcroft (dsp 1678)
  m. Margaret Ellis (dau of Bernard Ellis of York)
  (7) Susan Beckwith
  m. John Anlaby of Anlaby
  (8) Judith Beckwith (bpt 17.05.1619)
  m. William Parker of London
  (9) Hester Beckwith
  m. Thomas Odingsells of Eperston
  (10)+ 2 sons
  Probably of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage is unknown, was ...
  (12) Grace Beckwith
  m. Francis Wright of Bolton-on-Swale (d c1651)
  c. Jane Beckwith
  m. (06.08.1635) John Thorp
  m2. (sp) Ellen (widow of William Style of Haddockson)

Main source(s): BEB1841 (Beckwith of Aldborough), Commoners (vol ii, Beckwith of Thurcroft and Trindon) with some support from BLG1886 (Beckwith of Silksworth and Trimdon), BLG1952 (Beckwith formerly of Millichope)
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