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Families covered: Wyvill of Constable Burton

Reported to have come to England with William the Conqueror was ...
Sir Humphrey D'Wyvill of Walworth and Slingsby Castle
1. Sir John D'Wyvill
  m. _Fulthorpe (dau of Sir John Fulthorpe)
  A. Oliver D'Wyvill
  i. Sir John D'Wyvill
  a. Sir Robert D'Wyvill
  (1) Sir Marmaduke D'Wyvill (married in time of Edward I who r. 1272-1307)
  m. _ Elton (dau of Sir John Elton)
  (A) Robert D'Wyvill succeeded by ...
(i) Sir Thomas Wyvill succeeded by ...
  (a) Sir Thomas Wyvill
  m. _ Palm (dau of Sir Randolf Palm)
  ((1)) Sir Marmaduke Wyvill
  ((A)) Robert Wyvill
  ((i)) Sir Richard Wyvill (a 1461, d Towton)
  ((a)) Christopher Wyvill
  m. _ (dau of Richard Lassd**)
  (((1))) Robert Wyvill - continued below



Robert Wyvill - continued above
m. Margaret Pigot (dau of John Pigot of Ripon) probably wife of Robert, possibly mother of ...
1. Robert Wyvill 'of Burton'
  m. Anne Norton (dau of Sir John Norton)
  A. Sir Marmaduke Wyvill (a 1553)
  m1. Agnes FitzRandolph (dau of Sir Ralph FitzRandolph of Spennithorpe)
  i. Christopher Wyvill of Constable Burton
  m. Margaret Scrope (dau of Henry le Scrope, Lord of Bolton)
a. Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, 1st Bart of Constable Burton (d 1616-7)
  m. Magdalen Danby (dau of Sir Christopher Danby of Thorpe)
  (1) Christopher Wyvill (b c1562, dvp)
  m. Jane Stapleton (dau of Sir Robert Stapleton of Wighill)
  (A) Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, 2nd Bart of Constable Burton, Sheriff of Yorkshire (a 1634)
  m. Isabell Gascoigne (dau of Sir William Gascoigne of Sedbury)
(i) Sir Christopher Wyvill, 3rd Bart of Constable Burton (d 1665)
  m. Ursula Darcy (dau of Conyers Darcy, 1st Earl of Holderness)
  (a) Sir William Wyvill, 4th Bart of Constable Burton (b 1645, d 1684)
  m. Anne Brooke (dau of James Brooke of Ellingthorp)
  ((1)) Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, 5th Bart of Constable Burton (d 10.1722)
  m. Henrietta Maria Yarburgh (dau of Sir Thomas Yorburgh of Balne Hall and Snaith)
  ((A)) Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, 6th Bart of Constable Burton (b 1692, dsp 1753-4)
  m. Carey Coke (dau of Edward Coke of Holkham)
  ((B)) Thomas Wyvill (d unm 1731)
  ((C)) Christopher Wyvill (d 26.04.1752)
  m1. (1723) Elizabeth Leeke (d 19.05.1731, dau of Capt. Stephen Martin Leeke of Beddington)
  ((i)) Elizabeth Wyvill (dsp)
  m. Christopher Wyvill of Constable Burton (Rev.) @@ below
  m2. (1738) Henreitta Asty (d 1742, dau of Francis Asty of Black Notley)
  ((ii)) Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, 7th Bart of Constable Burton (d unm 23.02.1774)
m3. Ann Thayer
  ((2)) D'Arcy Wyvill (d 05.01.1734)
  ((A)) William Wyvill (d c1750, to Maryland, USA)
  ((i)) Marmaduke Wyvill (in USA)
  One of Marmaduke's descendants might have a claim on the baronetcy!
  ((B)) Edward Wyvill (d 12.03.1791)
  m. (18.12.1737) Catherine Christian Clifton (dau of William Clifton of Edinburgh)
  ((i)) Christopher Wyvill of Constable Burton (Rev.) had issue
  m1. Elizabeth Wyvill (dsp, dau of Christopher Wyvill) @@ above
  m2. ??
((C)) Hale Wyvill of York had issue
  ((3)) Priscilla Wyvill
  m. _ Kemp (Major)
  ((4)) Ursula Wyvill (d unm)
  (b) Francis Wyvill
  m. Anne Cayley (dau of Sir William Cayley, 1st Bart of Brompton)
  ((1)) Ursula Wyvill
  m. Leonard Childers of Carr House
  ((2))+ other issue - Barbara (d unm), Frances
  (c) Christopher Wyvill (b c1651, d 1710, Dean of Ripon)
  ((1))+ issue - Christopher, William
(d) Dorothy Wyvill (bur 21.12.1664)
  m. (22.05.1655) Charles Tancred of Whixley (b c1637, bur 12.01.1668/9)
  (e) Barbara Wyvill
  m. St. John Thompson of Crawley
  (ii) Mary Wyvill
  m. Arthur Beckwith of Aldborough (d 1642)
  (iii) Jane Wyvill
  m. Robert Wyld of Hunton
(iv) Isabel Wyvill
  m. James Darcy of Sedbury Park (a 1660, MP)
  (v) Grace Wyvill
  m. George Witham of Cliffe (d 1648)
  (vi) Olive Wyvill
  m. George Meinill of Aldborough
  (vii) Elizabeth Wyvill
  m. Sir William Dalton of Hawkeswell (d 1675)
(viii) Anne Wyvill
  m. Thomas Dalton (brother of Sir William)
  (ix)+ other issue (d unm), including Dorothy
  (B) William Wyvill
  m. Mary Musgrave (dau of Leonard Musgrave of Johnby)
  (i) Christopher Wyvill of Johnby
  m. Frances Fetherstone (dau of Sir Timothy Fetherstone of Kirkswald)
  (C) Elizabeth Wyvill
  m. _ Bellingham of Lincolnshire
  (D) Olive Wyvill
  m. Cuthbert Collingwood of Eslington
(E) Mary Wyvill
  m1. John Wylde of Hunton
  m2. Anthony Bulmer (son of Sir Bertram Bulmer)
  (F) Katharine Wyvill
  m. John Wharton of Kirby Thore
  (G) Philippa Wyvill
  m. Richard Sale of Hopecare
(H)+ other issue - Henry (d unm), Edward or Edmund
  (2) Marmaduke Wyvill of Croydon (a 1623)
  m1. Judith Morley (dau of William Morley of Glind)
  m2. Judith Braby (dau of William Braby of Suffolk)
  (3) Francis Wyvill (d 1649, rector of Spennithorne, 5th son)
  m. Helen Norton (dau of Thomas Norton of Burneby)
  (A) Thomas Wyvill of Bellerby 'of Spennithorn'
  m. Mary Place (dau of Christopher Place of Dinsdale)
  (i) daughter
  (B) Edward Wyvill
  m1. Elizabeth Pierson (dau of Henry Pierson of Richmond)
  (i) Edward Wyvill
  m2. Elizabeth Norton (dau of Peter Norton of Dishford)
  (ii) Francis Wyvill
(C) Rowland Wyvill (dsp)
  (4) Elizabeth Wyvill
  m. Christopher Phillipson of Calgarth
  (5) Marian Wyvill
  m1. Francis Brigs of Malton
  m2. Thomas Percehay of Riton (Ryton)
  (6)+ other issue - Thomas, Humphrey, Robert, William of York, John of Bardonin
  b. Dorothy Wyvill probably of this generation
  m. Solomon Swale of Staveley (a 1585)
  ii. ?? Wyvill possibly of this generation, of this marriage
  a. Margaret Wyvill
  m. Rowland Dodsworth
  iii. Magdalen Wyvill probably of this family, of this marriage
  m. Thomas Talbot of Worvill
  m2. ?? (widow of Sir Roger Bellingham)
  m3. Dorothy (relict of Sir William St. Quintin)
  B. Dorothy Wyvill probably of this generation
  m. Richard Dodsworth of Thornton Watlass

Main source(s): BEB1841/4 (Wyvill of Constable Burton)
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