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Families covered: Fetherstonhaugh of Fetherstonhaugh, Fetherstonhaugh of Kirkoswald, Fetherstonhaugh of Stanhope Hall

Commoners (vol I, Fetherston Haugh of Bracklyn Castle), and also the Featherstone Society web site, reports "The family is of Saxon origin, and was seated at Fetherston, in Northumberland, before the Conquest; that part of the county having been allotted to its progenitor, a Saxon officer, for his gallant conduct against the Britons." [Another early family of similar name is shown on Fetherston03.] The first reported by the Featherstone Society site is:
Helias de ffederstanhaugh (a temp King John who r. 1199-1216)
1. Thomas Fetherstonshaugh of Fetherstonhaugh
  m. Mariotta (a 1336!)
  A. Thomas Fetherstonshaugh of Fetherstonhaugh (a 1329)
  i. Thomas Fetherstonshaugh of Fetherstonhaugh (dsp?)
m. Margaret (a 1374)
  B. Alexander Fetherstonshaugh
  m. Isabella
  i. Alexander Fetherstonshaugh of Fetherstonhaugh (a 1461)
  m. Armitruda
  a. Nicholas Fetherstonshaugh of Fetherstonhaugh (d 1513)
  m. (1461) Maud Salkeld (dau/heir of Sir Richard Salkeld)
(1) Alexander Fetherstonshaugh of Fetherstonhaugh (a 1543)
  m. Ann Crakenthorpe (dau of John Crakenthorpe)
  (A) Albany Fetherstonshaugh of Fetherstonhaugh, Sheriff (a 1568)
  m. Ann or Lucy Dudley (dau of Thomas Dudley of Yean, son of Edmund, Lord Dudley)
(i) Alexander Fetherstonshaugh of Fetherstonhaugh, Sheriff of Northumberland (d 1596)
  m. Ann Lowther (dau of Sir John (sb Richard?) Lowther)
  (a) Albany Fetherstonshaugh of Fetherstonhaugh (b by 1575)
  m. Frances Barwis (dau of _ Barwis of Ilkirk or Alkirk)
  ((1)) Albany Fetherstonshaugh of Fetherstonhaugh (b c1603)
  m. Jane Fetherstonshaugh (dau of Ralph Fetherstonhaugh of Stanhope) @@ below
  ((A)) Abigail Fetherstonshaugh (a 1678)
  m1. Peter Dodshon (Dodson) of Kirkby Overblows (son of Sir Miles)
  m2. Thomas Dykes of Gilcruce (Gilcrea)
((2))+ other issue - Richard, daughters
  (b) George Fetherstonhaugh
  (c) Christopher Fetherstonhaugh (rector of Bentham)
  ((1)) Ann Fetherstonshaugh (d 1706) probably of this generation
  m. Olive Breres of Hamerton then Leeds
  (b)+ other issue - George, Christopher (rector of Bentham)
  (ii) Henry Fetherstonshaugh, Sheriff of Cumberland (d 1626)
  The following came from BLG1886 (Fetherstonhaugh of Kirkoswald) with some support/input from BLG1886 (Fetherstonhaugh of Staffield Hall).
  m. Dorothy Wybergh (dau of Thomas Wybergh of Clifton)
  (a) Sir Timothy Fetherstonhaugh of Kirkoswald, Cumberland (d 22.10.1651)
  ((1)) Thomas Fetherstonhaugh of Kirkoswald (b 1618, a 1655, 2nd son)
((A)) ?? Fetherstonhaugh
  ((i)) Heneage Fetherstonhaugh of Kirkoswald
  ((a)) Timothy Fetherstonhaugh of Kirkoswald (dsp)
  ((b)) Joyce Fetherstonhaugh
  m. (1760) Rev. Charles Smallwood (d 04.03.1711)
(((1))) Charles Smallwood, later Fetherstonhaugh of Kirkoswald (d 07.03.1830/9) had issue
  m. (1810) Elizabeth Hartley (d 08.06.1823, dau of Thomas Hartley of Gillfoot Whitehaven)
  (((2))) Jane Smallwood (d 04.05.1838) probably of this generation
m. (19.06.1777) Sir Thomas Carew, 6th Bart of Haccombe (b c1755, d 1805)
  (((3))) Lydson Smallwood probably of this generation
  m. John West Carew (rector of Bickleigh)
  ((2)) Jane Fetherstonhaugh (dsp 1695, eldest dau) probably of this generation
  m1. Bernard Kirkbride
  m2. Sir Edward Hasell of Dalemain (b 1642, d 1707)
  ((3)) Frances Fetherstonhaugh or Fetherstone probably of this generation
  m. Christopher Wyvill of Johnby
  (b) Dorothy Fetherstonshaugh
  m. John Stanley of Dalegarth
  (iii) John Fetherstonshaugh
  (B) Eleanor Fetherstonhaugh probably of this generation
  m. Robert Thirlwall of Thirlwall (a 1542, 1568)
  (2) Alice Fetherstonhaugh possibly of this generation
  m. John Pemberton
(3)+ other issue - Richard (d 1540, Chaplain to Queen Catharine), Rowland
  ii. Robert Fetherstonshaugh of Stanhope, co. Durham (d 1375)
  Visitation starts with this Robert except to show him as son (rather than son-in-law) of Alexander de Stanhope.
  m. _ de Stanhope (dau of Alexander de Stanhope (by Agnes Lassells or Lascells), son of Robert, son of Robert de Stanhope, son of William de Monte)
  a. William Fetherstonshaugh of Stanhope
  m. _ Lancaster (dau/coheir of _ Lancaster of Sockbridge, Kendal)
  (1) Alexander Fetherstonshaugh of Stanhope
  m. Margaret
  (A) Thomas Fetherstonshaugh of Stanhope - continued below
  m. (c1434) Alice Whitfield (dau of (Sir) Mark Whitfield of Whitfield)
  C. Perkin (Peter) Fetherstonshaugh
  i. John Perkinson ancestor of various Parkinson families
  D. son



Thomas Fetherstonshaugh of Stanhope - continued above
m. (c1434) Alice Whitfield (dau of (Sir) Mark Whitfield of Whitfield)
1. Alexander Fetherstonshaugh or Fetherstonhalgh of Stanhope
  The Featherstone Society web site changes the family name from Fetherstonshaugh to Fetherstonhalgh for Alexander and his successors. We follow Visitation in keeping to Fetherstonhaugh for the Stanhope line.
  m. Cicely Duckett (dau of (Sir) Richard Duckett of Greenrigg)
  A. Richard Fetherstonshaugh of Stanhope
  m. Ann Hedworth (dau of Robert Hedworth of Haverton)
i. John Fetherstonshaugh of Stanhope Hall
  The Featherstone Society web site identifies John's wife as a daughter of Sir Nicholas Ridley of Willimoteswick but in a later note refers to her as Sir Nicholas's sister. Visitation identifies her as ...
  m. Margaret Ridley (sister of Sir Nicholas Ridley of Willimontswick)
  a. Roland or Roman Fetherstonshaugh
  b. Michael Fetherstonshaugh of Stanhope Hall
  m. Ann Trollop (dau of Thomas Trollop of Thornley)
  (1) John Fetherstonshaugh of Stanhope Hall (a 1615)
  m. Margaret Radcliff (dau of Anthony Radcliff of Blanchland)
  (A) Ralph Fetherstonshaugh of Stanhope Hall (b c1573, a 1615)
  m. Jane Appleyard (dau of John Appleyard of Burstwick Garth)
  (i) John Fetherstonhaugh (b c1598, a 1615)
  Visitation shows John as married to Alice Maire and had Terfina (noted in brackets so probably an addition provided by the Harleian editor). The Featherstone Society site reports that he married Ann Clavering and had a son named Thomas. We presume that he married twice as follows:
  m1. Alice Maire (dau of William Maire of York)
  (a) Terfina Fetherstonhaugh
m2. Ann Clavering (dau of Sir James Clavering, Bart (sb sister/aunt? generation wrong?)
  (b) Thomas Fethertstonhaugh (d 1684/1651?)
  The Featherstone Society site ends with this Thomas but reports that "last male of this house fell in the field" (during the Civil War) "and the estate was afterwards sold". That is inconsistent with its report that Thomas died in 1684 but is nevertheless a clear indication that this line ended around this generation. Note that BP1870 (Fetherston) reported that a Sir Thomas Fetherstonhaugh (this Thomas??) was captured & beheaded after the battle of Worcester which was in 1651. This was possibly the Thomas of Stanhope who married ...
m. ?? Maxton (dau of Rev. Anthony Maxton of Wolsingham)
  (ii) Jane Fetherstonshaugh
  m. Albany Fetherstonshaugh of Fetherstonhaugh (b c1603) @@ above
  (iii) Peregrina Fetherstonshaugh probably of this generation
  m. Lynley Wrenne of Binchester (b c1600, d 18.07.1655)
  (iv) Anne Fetherstonshaugh probably of this generation
  m. John Ridley of Hardriding (b c1615, a 09.1666, Major)
  (v)+ other issue - Dorothy, Elizabeth, Mary, Helen
  (B)+ other issue (a 1575) - Francis, son
  (2) Anne Fetherstonshaugh
  m. Peter Maddison of Unthanke Hall
  (3) Joan Fetherstonshaugh probably the Jane who married ...
  m. Ralph Yoward of Basdale (a 1584)
  (4)+ other issue - Lionel, Lancelot
  B. Lionell Fetherstonshaugh or Fetherstonhalgh
i. Henry Fetherstonhalgh
  The following came from Visitation (Durham, 1575+1615+1666, Fetherstonhalgh of Stanley).
  m. _ Hindmarsh or Hinemarsh
  a. William Fetherstonhalgh of Brancepeth, co. Durham (d 1659, 3rd son)
  m. Jane Faw (dau of Henry Faw of Brancepeth)
  (1) Henry Fetherstonhalgh of Stanley, co. Durham (b c1631, a 08.1666)
  m. Mary Fulthorpe (dau of Clement Fulthorpe of Tunstall)
  (A) William Fetherstonhalgh 'of Brancepeth & Stanley' (b c1661)
  Visitation ends by just naming the children of this generation. We presume that this was the William whose daughter & heir was ...
  (i) Mary Fetherstonhalgh (d 17.04.1752)
  m1. (17.12.1717, sps) Thomas Wilkinson of Durham
  m2. (sp) Sir William Williamson, 4th Bart (bpt 1681, d 1747)
  (B)+ other issue (a 08.1666) - Christopher, Mary, Isabell
  (2) Elizabeth Fetherstonhalgh
  m. Thomas Hull of Stockley
  (3) Mary Fetherstonhalgh
  m. Arthur Joplin of Landew
  b.+ other issue (a 1615, d unm) - Lionell of Brauncepeth, Lancelot
  C. Henry Fetherstonshaugh
  i. Alexander Fetherstonshaugh

Main source(s): www.featherstone-society.com with some input/support from Visitation (Durham, 1575+1615+1666, Fetherstonhaugh of Stanhope) and some input as reported above
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