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Families covered: Wybergh of Clifton Hall, Wybergh of St. Bees

BLG1952 reports that "This ancient family was in possession of the Clifton estate in an unbroken male descent from the reign of Edward III until its sale in 1919."
William de Wybergh of St. Bees, Cumberland
m. (1365) Eleanor de Engayne (dau/heir of Gilbert de Engayne or Ingaine of Clifton Hall)
1. Thomas de Wybergh of Clifton Hall, Westmorland
  m. _ Lowther (dau of _ Lowther of Haulton)
  A. Thomas Wybergh of Clifton Hall (d 1504)
m. _ Sandford (dau of _ Sandford of Howgill Castle)
  i. William Wybergh of Clifton Hall (a 1514)
  m. (1478) Margaret Wharton (dau of John Wharton of Kirkby Thore)
  a. Thomas Wybergh of Clifton Hall (a 1527)
m. Elizabeth Lancaster (dau of Geoffrey Lancaster of Crake Trees)
  (1) Thomas Wybergh of Clifton Hall
  m. Anne Lowther (dau of Sir Hugh Lowther of Lowther by Dorothy Clifford)
  (A) Thomas Wybergh of Clifton Hall & St. Bees
  m. (1586) Anne Grindall (sister/niece of Edmund Grindall (Archbishop of Canterbury), widow of _ Dacre of St. Bees)
(i) Thomas Wybergh of Clifton Hall & St. Bees (d 22.02.1646/7)
  m. Matilda Irton (d 1663, dau of Christopher Irton of Irton and/or Cockermouth)
  (a) Thomas Wybergh of Clifton Hall (b 1628, a 04.1665)
  m. (31.12.1657) Mary Salkeld (dau of Thomas Salkeld of Brayton)
  ((1)) Thomas Wybergh of Clifton Hall (bpt 26.06.1663, bur 14.08.1738)
  m. (1683) Mary Simpson (b 1664-5, bur 22.09.1749, dau of Lancelot Simpson of Penrith)
  ((A)) Thomas Wybergh of Clifton Hall (b 1685, bur 16.02.1753)
  m. (1713) Mary Hilton (dau/heir of Christopher Hilton of Burton & Ormside)
  ((i)) William Wybergh of Clifton Hall (b 09.05.1726, bur 21.05.1757)
m. (06.06.1754) Mary Crakeplace (d 1758, dau of Thomas Crakeplace of Brigham)
  ((a)) Thomas Wybergh of Clifton Hall (b 17.04.1757, d 10.09.1827)
  m. (28.09.1786) Isabella Hartley (dau of John Hartley of Whitehaven, sister of Anne who m. Sir Wilfrid Lawson, Bart)
  (((1))) William Wybergh of Clifton Hall (b 24.07.17487, d unm)
  (((2))) Thomas Wybergh, later Lawson of Brayton (b 20.07.1788, d unm 02.05.1812)
  Thomas inherited estates from his aunt's husband, Sir Wilfrid Lawson, Bart. When he died they passed to his younger brother Wilfrid.
  (((3))) Peter Wybergh (b 20.02.1794, d 01.11.1848, Cmdr. RN, 6th son) had issue
  m. (24.10.1828) Jane Tod (d 21.03.1844, dau of Archibald Tod of Drygrange)
  (((4))) Sir Wilfrid Wybergh, later Lawson of Brayton, 1st Bart (b 05.10.1795, d 12.06.1867) had issue
  The following comes from BP1934 ('Lawson of Brayton').
  m. (20.06.1821) Caroline Graham (d 30.10.1870, dau of Sir James Graham, 1st Bart of Netherby)
  (((5))) Christopher Hilton Wybergh (b 30.12.1799, d 08.07.1876, vicar of Isel) had issue
  m. (22.04.1826) Anna Maria Minshull (d 11.11.1873, dau of Rev. Francis Minshull by dau of _ Goodenough, Bishop of Carlisle)
  (((6)))+ other issue - John of Papcastle (b 22.08.1789, d unm 23.03.1873), Charles (b 1791, d 1792), Milham (b 1792, d 1793), James (b 1702), Elizabeth, Mary, Annabella (d 1822)
  ((b)) Margaret Wybergh (d 1831)
  m. (1786) Peter How (rector of Workington)
  ((ii)) Eleanor Wybergh (b 1723)
  m. (1757) Anthony Sharp of Penrigh (Captain)
((iii)) Mary Wybergh (b 1730)
  m. J. Beatty of London
  ((iv)) Ann Wybergh (b 1731)
  m. (1751) William Shaw of Appleby
  ((v)) Barbara Wybergh (b 1732)
  m. (24.06.1762) Hugh (not W.) Docker of Penrith
  ((vi)) Matilda Wybergh (b 1734)
  m. Peter Brougham of Penrith (Major, son of Thomas son of Dudley)
  ((vii)) Isabel Wybergh (b 1738)
  m. William Bateman of Penrith
  ((viii))+ other issue - Cyprian (b 1716, d 1726), Thomas (b 1718, d 1726), Hilton Christopher (b 1720, d 1747, RN), John (b 1721, d 1726), Mary (b 1713, d 1728), Abigail (b 1715, d 1717), Elizabeth (b 1724, d 1740), Dorothy (b 1728, d 1730), Susanna (b 1729, d 1738), Catharine (b 1735, d 1738), Frances (b 1736), Margaret (b 1740)
((B)) Mary Whybergh (b 1686)
  m. (1711) Philip Thirlwell of Temnon
  ((C)) Isabella Whybergh (b 1689)
  m. (1716) Henry Morton of Bewcastle (sic)
  ((D))+ other issue - Robet (b 1690, d 1728), William (b 1702), Elizabeth (d 1687)
  ((2))+ other issue - William, Redmaine, Isabell
  (b) Anthony Wybergh (b 1638, youngest son)
  m. (1664) Agnes Brougham (dau of Thomas Brougham of Scales Hall)
  (c) Eleanor Wybergh (b 1627)
  m1. Sir John Nisbet of West Nisbet (son/heir of Sir Alexander of West Nisbet)
  m2. _ Swinton of Elbroke (Lord of Session)
  (d)+ other issue - Richard (b 1629, d 1648), Christopher (b 1630), William (b 1631, d unm), Redman (b 1633, d unm), John (b 1637, d 1710), Ann (b 1626), Dorothy, Mary
  (ii) Edmund Wybergh (d 1661)
  (iii) Anne Wybergh
  m. John Chambers of Raby Court
(iv) Mary Wybergh
  m. Joseph Cleeburn of Millum
  (v) Bridget Wybergh
  m. Pickering Dalston of Wampoll
  (B) Ann or Elizabeth Wybergh
  m1. (John) Cresswell of Cresswell (d 10.1598-9)
  m2. Luke Errington
  (C) Dorothy Wybergh possibly of this generation
  m. Henry Fetherstonshaugh (d 1626)
  (D)+ other issue - Richard, Geoffrey, Gerrard, Elizabeth (or Ann)
  B. Agnes Wybergh possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas de Carleton (b 1422-3, d 1495-6)

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Wybergh of Borran's Hill formerly of Clifton Hall'), Commoners (vol 3, 'Wybergh of Clifton Hall', p702+) with some input/support from Visitation (William Dugdale, Cumberland, 1665-6, 'Wybergh of Clifton and St. Bees')
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