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Families covered: Salkeld of Corby (Corkeby), Salkeld of Rosgill (Rosegill), Salkeld of Salkeld

Parts of this page were first launched on 17.04.07 within a Draft 'Salkeld1' using Visitation (Cumberland, 1615) and input from various web sites. It was reviewed and completely redone using the Sources identified below and then launched into the main database. However, there remain some uncertainties on this family. It is possible that we will reconsider them in due course.
Nicholas de Salkeld of Salkeld, Cumberland (a temp Henry I who r. 1100-1135)
1. Thomas de Salkeld of Salkeld (a temp Stephen who r. 1135-1154)
  A. Thomas de Salkeld of Salkeld (a 1199, 1251)
  m. Alicia (dau of Mathew de Olverton)
  i. Robert FitzTbomas de Salkeld (dvp)
  a. Nicholas de Salkeld of Salkeld (a 1251)
  m. Elena (dau of Henry le Saucer of Old Salkeld, sister of Walter)
  (1) John de Salkeld of Salkeld (a 1297) the first mentioned by Visitation (Yorkshire, 1564)
  (A) Richard de Salkeld (a 1310, 1340) the first mentioned by Visitation (Cumberland, 1615))
  m. Matilda de Crofton (dau/heir of Clement de Crofton by Joanna, dau/heir of Hugh de Ulnesby)
  (i) John de Salkeld (dvp)
  m. Isabell
  (a) Richard de Salkeld of Corkeby & Salkeld (b c1354, a 1378)
  BHO ('Magna Brittania, vol 4, Cumberland' on the family of 'Salkeld of Little-Salkeld, Corby, Whitehall, &c.' in the section called 'Families extinct since 1500' reports that " Sir Richard de Salkeld became possessed of Corby in the reign of Edward III. by a grant from the crown. This branch became extinct in the male line, temp. Henry VII. when two of the five coheiresses married Salkeld of Whitehall, and Blenkinsop."
  m. Katherine Skelton (d 18.11.1438, dau of Thomas Skelton of Branthwayte)
  ((1)) Thomas de Salkeld (dvp)
  m. _ Heron (dau of _ Heron of Chipchase)
  ((A)) Thomas Salkeld 'of Corby' (d 02.11.1439)
m. Joan Stapleton (dau of William Stapleton)
  ((i)) Sir Richard Salkeld of Corkeby (Corby) & Salkeld (b c1421, a 1497)
  Plantagenet-Harrison, which does not identify Richards's wife, shows him as father of Lancelot father (by Margaret) of Thomas father of Lancelot father of Sir Francis. We follow Visitation (Yorkshire) which identifies that first Lancelot as son of Richard's brother, John of Gawbarrow, who is not named by Plantagenet-Harrison.
  m. Jane Vaux (dau/heir of Roland Vaux of Trydremayne)
((a)) Crystyan (Christian) Salkeld
  m. William Dykes of Cumberland
  ((b)) Anne Salkeld
  m. _ Warwyke ## see here ##
  ((c)) Margaret Salkeld
m. (Thomas?) Blenkensope of Holbeck
  (((1))) Ann Blenkinsop probably of this generation
  m. Christopher Crackenthorpe of Newbigging
  ((d)) Mawde Salkeld
  m. (1461 (Nicholas) Fetherstonhaugh
  ((e)) Ales Salkeld (dsp)
m. _ Eglesfeld
  ((f)) Katherine Salkeld
  m. Thomas Salkeld @1@ below
  ((ii)) Janet Salkeld possibly fits here
  m. John Brisco of Crofton
  ((iii))+ other issue
((B)) John Salkeld of Gawbarrow
  (b) Hugh de Salkeld of Helton Bacon, Westmoreland (a 1392)
  m. Margaret (dau/heir of William de Helton Bacon)
  ((1)) Hugh Salkeld in Newbigginh (a 1435) had issue
  The date, given by Plantagenet-Harrison, makes it unlikely that this was the Hugh shown below as 'of Rosgill'.
  ((2)) Thomas Salkeld
  Plantagenet-Harrison shows Thomas and all of his sons as "of Rosegill". We suspect confusion with the Salkelds of Rosgill shown below.
  ((A))+ other issue - John, William, Roger, Thomas, Richard
  ((3)) Isabella de Salkeld
  m. John de Dalston of Dalston
  (ii) Hugh Salkeld (a 1371) - continued below
Plantagenet-Harrison & Visitation (Cumberland, which shows Hugh as the elder brother) suggest that Hugh dsp but Visitation (Yorkshire) shows him as having descendants as reported below.
  (iii) John de Salkeld (a 1406, parson of Ayketon)
  (iv) Roger de Salkeld of Ulnesby & Crofton (d 1383-4)
  m. Johanna Beauchamp (d 10.03.1416, 'dau of Thomas Bauchamp')
  (a) Margaret de Salkeld (b c1354?, a 1384, dsp)
  (b) Alicia de Salkeld (b c1375, a 1415)
  m. John de Crakenthorpe of Crakenthorpe (d 01.1436)
  (B) John de Salkeld (a 1340) had issue
  m. Margaret
  (C)+ other issue - Robert in Ireland (a 1340), Elena (a 1274)
  b. John de Salkeld in Salkeld
  (1) William de Newby (a 1279)
  m. Mabilla (a 1279)
  (A) Thomas FitzWilliam de Salkeld (a 1279, 1307)



Hugh Salkeld (a 1371, 1388) - continued above
Visitation suggests that this is the Hugh who married Crystyan, "doughter & heyr" of Sir John Rossegyll. However, the dates lead us to suspect that it was his son Hugh who married the heiress.
1. Hugh Salkeld of Rosgill, Westmoreland (b c1353, d 1397/8, MP)
  HoP ("Hugh I Salkeld of Rosgill"), which notes that "It is not always easy to distinguish this Member from his father", suggests that this Hugh's father was called Hugh and provides some information on this Hugh and his son Hugh. Note that HoP suggests that this Hugh had just 1 son + 1 daughter by ...
m. (c1362) Christian Rosgill (a 1381, dau/heir of John Rosgill of Rosgill)
  A. Hugh Salkeld of Rosgill (d c1440) not named by Visitation
  HoP ("Hugh II Salkeld of Rosgill") notes that "It is not always easy to distinguish Salkeld from his son and namesake".
  m. (by 1389) Margaret Tymparon (dau of John Tymparon of Airey & Ullock by Christine, dau of Sir John Derwentwater of Castlerigg)
  i. Hugh Salkeld (b c1405, dvp 1435) not named by Visitation
  m. Isabel Broughton (dau of John Broughton)
  a. Thomas Salkeld (b 1433, d 1473)
m. Katherine Salkeld (dau/coheir of Sir Richard Salkeld of Corkeby & Salkeld) @1@ above
  (1) Thomas Salkeld of Rosgill
  m. _ Curwen
  (A) Richard Salkeld 'of Rosgill'
  m. (Dorothy) Dokett
  (i) daughter (heir)
  m. George Salkeld @2@ just below
  (2) Richard Salkeld
  m. _ Andross of Lancashire
(A) Richard Salkeld
  m. _ Belyngham
  (i) George Salkeld
  m. ?? Salkeld (dau/heir of Richard Salkeld) @2@ just abive
  (a)+ issue - Thomas, Richard, Hugo, Dorothy, Jane
  (ii)+ other issue - Charles, Robert, Cuthbert, Edward, Richard
  b. Christian Salkeld possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Lancastre
  ii.+ other issue - Thomas in Bampton, Margaret, daughter
  B. Margaret Salkeld
  m. (1392) John Clibburn (son/heir of Robert (MP) by Margaret Cundal) ## see here ##
Visitation shows the following Robert & William as sons of Hugh & Crystyan Rosegyll. Noting that HoP suggests that the Hugh who married Christine Rosgill had just 1 son + 1 daughter, we suspect that they were of this generations. HoP ("Hugh I Salkeld of Rosgill") refers to Hugh's brother Roger (Robert?).
2. Robert Salkeld of Tymperham
  A. John Salkeld of Goboroo
  Visitation reports that Robert was ancestor of Thomas Salkeld of Whyt Hall.
  i. Roger Salkeld of Thyrmby
  a.+ issue - Oswald, Roger, Hugh
  As Visitation reports that their father Roger was Antony's grandfather, we presume that one of these sone was father of ...
  (1) Antony Salkeld ("servant to the Lord Sowche")
  ii.+ other issue - Henry of Whayle Crogge, Hugh of Stangarth, Launcelot of Goboroo
  It is not unlikely that there has been some confusion between the 'Launcelot of Goboroo' (son of John of Goboroo) shown here and the Lancelot of Garbarrow, son of John of Gawbarrow shown here.
3. William Salkeld of Frymby (Fymby?)
  A. Robert Salkeld of Frymby (Fymby?) had issue
  Visitation reports that Robert was ancestor of William Salkeld of Hackthorp.

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'The History of Yorkshire' (Marshal General Plantagenet-Harrison, 1885, 'Pedigree of the family of Salkeld', p333), Visitation (Yorkshire, 1564, 'Salkeld') with a little input/support from Visitation (Cumberland, 1615, 'Salkeld')
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Yorkshire, 1564, 'Salkeld') with input from HoP (as referred to above) and some data, shown in italics, from various web sites
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