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This page is still being researched. It has NOT yet been launched formally into the Database but is shown here TEMPORARILY (albeit for an uncertain length of time pending further research), partly to record connections that we fear we might otherwise lose sight of and partly in the hope that one or more visitors to the site will contribute information that will enable us to develop our information on the families covered in this page to a standard that would support release of a dedicated page in the Database.
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This section first uploaded 02.08.09.
Wright wrote that this family "we are informed, were derived from Lewis, dauphin of France, afterwards king Lewis the eighth, who was invited here by the barons in the time of king John. During his stay, he had an intrigue with an English lady, co-heiress of a great estate, by whom he had a son, Lewis Fitz-Lewis. This lady was afterwards married to a nobleman, from whom some of our greatest families are descended." This kind of 'derivation' makes us nervous so we have placed this family in this temporary page pending finding a source which gives us more confidence in this pedigree.
Lewis FitzLewis
m. Margaret of Essex
1. Sir John FitzLewis (d Boroughbridge 1322)
m. Elizabeth de Harpenden
  A. Sir Richard FitzLewis
  m. Elizabeth le Baude
  i. Sir John FitzLewis (aka Lewis John) of West Thorndon (Horndon), Essex (d 27.10.1442)
  m1. Elizabeth Neville (dau of Robert Neville)
  a. Elizabeth FitzLewis
  Various sources, for example BE1883 (Montacute of Salisbury) and Visitation (Suffolk, 1561, Wingfield of Wingfield and Letheringham), show Elizabeth as Sir John's daughter by Anne Montacute.
  m. Sir John Wingfield (d 1481)
  Wright suggests that John's 2nd wife Alicia de Vere was dau of John, 12th Earl of Oxford. BE1883 (Vere) shows her 2 generations earlier as ...
m2. Alicia de Vere (dau of Aubrey de Vere, 10th Earl of Oxford)
  b. Sir Lewis FitzLewis
  c. Sir Henry FitzLewis 'of Horndon'
  Wright suggests that Sir Henry's wife was Mary, 2nd sister & coheir of Edmund Beaufort, Duke of Somerset, but TCP (Rivers), supported by BE1883 (Beaufort of Somerset), identifies her as ...
  m. Elizabeth Beaufort (dau of Edmund Beaufort, Duke of Somerset)
(1) Mary FitzLewis
  m1. (before 10.1480) Anthony Woodville, Earl Rivers (b c1440, dspl 25.06.1483)
  Wright identifies Mary's 2nd husband as "Sir John, a natural son of the earl of Westmoreland, to whom she bore Anne, married to sir John Markham" but TCP (Rivers) identifies him as Sir George Neville. The Markham records show Sir John Markham (a 1547) married to Anne, daughter of Sir George Neville (not John).
  m2. Sir George Neville (natural son of Earl of Westmoreland)
  m3. Anne Montacute (dau of John Montacute, Earl of Salisbury)
  d. Sir Lewis John FitzLewis
  m. Margaret Stonor
  (1) Sir Richard FitzLewis of Thorndon Hall in West Thorndon (Horndon)
  m. Mary Harleston (dau/coheir of John Harleston)
  (A) John FitzLewis of West Thorndon (Horndon) (dsp)
  m. Anne Lovel (dau of Sir Robert Lovel)
  (B) Ella or Ellen FitzLewis (b c1510, d 02.06.1543)
  m. John Mordaunt, 2nd Lord (b 1508, d by 10.1571)



This section first uploaded 08.08.09.
See here for a connection to the Dodingtons of Dodington.
William Dodington, 1st of Breamore, Hampshire (d 1600)
1. Sir William Dodington of Breamore (d 1638)
  A. Herbert Dodington of South Charford (dvpsp 1638)
m. Elizabeth Colles (dau of John Colles)
  B. John Dodington of Breamore
  It appears that John married twice. Thanks to a contributor (MF, 18.05.07) who advised us that it was Anne Wallop who was mother of Anne (presumed also of Margaret).
  m1/2. Anne Trenchard (dau of Sir Thomas Trenchard of Wolfeton)
  m2/1. Anne Wallop (b 1602, d 31.12.1656, dau of Sir Henry Wallop of Farley Wallop)
  i. Margaret Dodington (dsp)
  m. Sir Thomas Hannan (Hanham)
  ii. Anne Dodington
  m1. Robert Greville, 4th Lord Brooke (b c1638, d 17.02.1676)
  m2. Thomas Hoby
  C. Catherine Dodington probably of this generation
  m. Peregrine Hoby of Bisham (b c1602, d 05.1678)
  D. Frances Dodington probably of this generation
  m. (1640) John Hanham of Dean's Court



This section first uploaded 06.01.10.
Richard Burke of Derrymaclaghtny (Derrymaclauchna), co. Galway
m. Margaret Bourke (dau of Richard Bourke or de Burgh, 2nd Earl of Clanricarde) possibly parents of ...
1. Sir John Burke (Bourke) of Derrymaclaghtny
  m. Margaret Bourke (dau of Ulick Bourke or de Burgh, 3rd Earl of Clanricarde) parents of Honora, presumed also of ...
  A. ?? Burke presumed intermediary generation
  i. Sir John Burke of Derrymaclaghtny (Derrymacloghny)
  m. Mary Bourke (d 13.08.1685, dau/coheir of Richard Bourke, 6th Earl of Clanricarde) parents of Elizabeth, Catherine & Helena, possibly also of ...
  a. Richard Burke of Derrymaclaghtny
  m. Mary Taaffe (dau of Maj. General Lucas Taaffe)
  b. Elizabeth Burke (a 1700)
  m. Thomas Dillon, 5th Viscount
  c. Catherine Burke
  m. John Hore of Shandon Castle
  d. Helena Burke (d 07.10.1710, 3rd dau)
  m. Alexander MacDonnell, 3rd Earl of Antrim (b 1615, d 1699)
  B. Honora Bourke
  m. Miles Bourke, 2nd Viscount of Mayo (d 1649)



This section first uploaded 06.02.12.
We have seen (on a website) an extract from an unidentified book which quotes Hutchinson's "History of Durham", vol 2, as identifying the husbands of the following Anthony's 3 (unnamed) daughters as shown below. Anthony is reported to have moved to Durham from Scotland. His family name is sometimes identified as Morton rather than Maxton.
Anthony Maxton (d c1641, rector of Wolsingham, prebendary of Durham)
1. (Anne) Maxton
  m. Thomas Bowes of Streatlam Castle (b 1607, d 07.09.1660)
2. (Jane) Maxton
  m. Sir Joseph Cradock
3. daughter
  m. Thomas Featherstone of Stanhope



This section first uploaded 10.05.22.
Visitation identifies the arms of the Auncell family as "Party per pale sable and argent, a cross moline countercharged" and that of the Malwyn family as "Argent, a fess gules between three bucks' heads caboshed sable".
William Auncell
m. Felice Malyn (dau of John Malyn (son of William of Echelhampton, Wiltshire) & sister/heir of Roger)
1. William Auncell
  A. William Auncell
  i. Agnes Auncell
  m. William Keysey or Keyser
  Visitation identifies the arms of the Koyser (sic) family as "Argent, on a fess engrailed gules, three cross-crosslets".
  a. Edith Keyser of Keysey
  m. Richard Beckett of Wilton



This section first uploaded 10.05.22.
Sir Fulgens Cartuther
m. Margaret Tredewy (dau of Lucus Tredewy)
1. William Cartuther
  m. Joane Loveputa) dau/heir of Nicholas Loveputa)
  A. Thomas Cartuther of Somerset
  Vivian identifies Thomas's wife Margaret as dau/heir of Richard Hidon by Hawise. Westcote identifies her as ...
  m. Margaret Hidon (dau/heir of Richard Hidon (by Agnes (a 1360)) son/heir of John by Hawise)
  Vivian reports the eldest daughter, Amastatius (sic). She is called Anastatia by Westcote.
  i. Anastatia (sic) Cartuther
  m. Edward or Edmund Beckett of Corthither
  ii. Joan Cartuther
  m. William Malberb
  iii. Isabel Cartuther
  m. Stephen Helegan
  iv. Isot Cartuther
  m. (sp) John Pawlet
  v+. other issue (dvpsp?) - John, Walter, Claricia, Cecilia



This section first uploaded 10.05.22.
Robert Tottewell
1. Stephen Tottewell
  A. Robert Tottewell
  i. Lawrence Tottewell
  a. Richard Tottewell
m. Millisent Pincerna (dau of John Pincerna of Grampound (by Isabel, dau/coheir of William Devioke), sister/heir of Richard) @@ below
  (1) William Tottewell
  m. Alice Wemwech (dau of Henry Wembech of Sharpendo in Streately)
  (A) William Totywell or Totwell 'of Plymouth'
  m. Ann War (dau/heir of Thomas War of Plymouth)
  (i) Joan Totywell or Totwell
  m. (1456?) John Beckett of Corthithe
  ii. daughter
  m. John Cosen
  a. Morice Cosen
  (1) William Cosen had issue
  B. John Tottewell



This section first uploaded 10.05.22.
Roger de Devioke
m. Hawise Halton (sister of Sir Nicholas Halton)
1. William Devioke (heir)
  m. Emlyn Champernon (dau of Sir Richard Champernon)
  A. Alice Devioke
  m. Walter Grant of Rame
  i. Thomas Grant (dsp)
  B. Isabel Devioke
  m. John Pincerna of Grampound
  i. Richard Pincerna (dsp?)
  ii. Millisent Pincerna
  m. Richard Tottewell @@ above

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