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Families covered: Greville of Beauchamp's Court, Greville Lord Brooke, Grevill of Charlton (Cherlton) Regis, Greville of Drayton, Greville of Milcote, Greville of Thorpe Latimer

William Greville of Inglethwait & Awaldtostes, Yorkshire (d 1294) "After him was" ...
1. John Greville (d before 1340) mentioned by BP1934
  m. Margaret wife of John, presumed mother of ...
  A. William Greville of Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire (a 1397)
  i. William Greville of Campden & Milcote (Warwickshire) (d 10.10.1401)
  m1. Margaret
  a. John Grevill of Campden, Sheriff of Gloucestershire (probably not of Glamorganshire) (d 1444)
  m1. (spm?) Sibil Corbet (dau/heir of Sir Robert Corbet by Joan)
  m2. Joyce Cokesey (d 1473, dau of Sir Walter Cokesey or Cocksey, sister/heir of Hugh, m1/2. Walter Beauchamp)
  (1) Sir John Grevill of Cherlton Regis & Milcote, Sheriff of Warwickshire & Leicestershire (d 06.08.1481)
(A) Sir Thomas Grevill, later Cokesey, of Milcote, etc., Sheriff of Warwickshire & Leicestershire (b c1455, dsp) 1497-8)
  m. Elizabeth Herbert (dau of William, Lord Herbert)
  Collins reports that Sir Thomas left no issue "whereupon Robert Russel, and Robert Winter, were found to be his Cousins and Heirs". VCH (Gloucestershire, vol 11, Westonbirt with Lasborough: Manors and other estates), and other places in VCH, report that sundry property passed to Sir Thomas's "nephew John Greville of Milcote" but that John appears to be a more distant relation (see below) though there may be some confusion between different parts of Milcote.
  (2) daughter probably of this generation
  m. _ Russel
  (A) Robert Russel cousin/heir of Sir Thomas Grevill
  (3) daughter probably of this generation
  m. _ Winter
(A) Robert Winter cousin/heir of Sir Thomas Grevill
  b. Ludowic (Lewis) Greville (d 28.08.1438) - continued below
  m. Margaret Ardene (dau/coheir of Sir Giles Ardene or Ardern of Drayton by Phillip(a))
  c. Mary Greville
  m. John Gifford of Harpre
  d. Alice Greville
  m. Edmond Ludlow
  m2. (spm) Joan Thornbury (sister/heir of Sir Philip Thornbury)
  B. Adam Greville shown by some web sites as fitting here
  i. Elizabeth Greville called Alice by some sites
  m. (before 1365) Sir Humphrey Stafford



Ludowic (Lewis) Greville of Drayton (d 28.08.1438) - continued above
m. Margaret Ardene (dau/coheir of Sir Giles Ardene or Ardern of Drayton by Phillip(a))
1. William Greville of Milcote
  m. Anne Francis (dau of Sir Robert Francis of Foremark) named Joyce by the Visitations
  A. Ralph Greville of Milcote & Draycot
  m. Margaret Poyntz (dau of Thomas Poyntz of Frampton Cotterel)
  i. John Greville of Drayton & Milcote (a 1500)
  m. Jane Forster (dau of Sir Humphrey Forster of Harpedon (Harpden or Harpeden))
a. Sir Edward Greville of Milcote (d 1528-9)
  m. Anne Denton (dau of John Denton of Amersden)
  (1) Sir John Greville of Milcote and Drayton
  m1/2. Elinor Verney (dau of Ralph Verney)
  m2/1. Elizabeth Spencer (dau of John Spencer of Hodnet (Hodnell))
(A) Sir Edward Greville of Milcote and Drayton
  m. (Margaret) Willington (dau of William Willington of Barcheston)
  (i) Ludovick Greville of Milcote (d 14.11.1589)
  m. Thomasine Petre (dau of Sir William Petre)
  (a) Sir Edward Greville of Milcote and Drayton
  m. Joan Bromley (dau of Sir Thomas Bromley, Lord Chancellor)
  ((1)) Mary Greville (3rd dau)
  Mentioned in VCH (Warwickshire, vol 5, Parishes: Weston-upon-Avon with Milcote).
m. Sir Arthur Ingram
  ((2))+ other issue - John (dvpsp), (4?) daughters
  (b) Margaret Greville
  m. Thomas Bushell
  (c)+ other issue - Charles, Peter, Anne
  (B) Isabel Greville probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m. Thomas Meysey of Shakenhurst (dspl 1564)
  (2) Sir Fulke Greville of Beauchamp's Court (d 10.11.1569)
  m. (c1534) Elizabeth Willoughby (d 1560, dau of Edward Willoughby, younger de Broke)
  (A) Sir Fulke Greville of Beauchamp's Court, de jure 5th Lord Willoughby de Broke (b 1535, d 1606)
  m. (c1553) Anne Neville (dau of Ralph Neville, 4th Earl of Westmorland)
  (i) Sir Fulk Greville, 1st Lord Brooke, Chancellor (d unm 30.09.1628)
(ii) Margaret Greville, de jure Baroness Willoughby de Broke (b c1561, d 26.03.1631)
  m. Sir Richard Verney of Compton Verney (b c1563, d 07.08.1630)
  Their descendants include the later Lords Willoughby de Broke.
  (B) Robert Greville of Thorpe Latimer, Lincolnshire
  m. Blanche Whitney
  (i) Fulke Greville of Thorpe Latimer (d 1632)
  m. (15.05.1602) Mary Copley (dau of Christopher Copley of Wadsworth)
(a) Robert Greville, 2nd Lord Brooke (b 1607, d 02.03.1643)
  m. (c1630) Catherine Russell (d c01.12.1676, dau of Francis Russell, 4th Earl of Bedford)
  ((1)) Francis Greville, 3rd Lord Brooke (d unm 11.1658)
  ((2)) Robert Greville, 4th Lord Brooke (b c1638, d 17.02.1676)
  m. Anne Dodington (d 02.1690/1, dau/heir of John Dodington of Breamore, son of Sir William, she m2. Thomas Hoby)
  ((A)) Anne Greville (dsp bur 23.09.1702)
m1. (c1684/5) William Pierrepont, 4th Earl of Kingston (b c1662, dsp 17.09.1690)
  m2. William Pierrepont of Nottingham (b c1670, d 09.1706)
  ((B)) Doddington Greville (d 16.02.1720)
  m. (19.02.1690) Charles Montagu, 1st Duke of Manchester (d 20.01.1721-2)
((C))+ other issue (dvp young) - John, Francis, Charles, Robert, William, Fulke
  ((3)) Fulke Greville, 5th Lord Brooke (d 22.10.1710, youngest son)
  m. (1664/5) Sarah Dashwood (dau of Francis Dashwood of Vellow Wood)
  ((4))+ other issue (dsp) - Edward, Algernon
  (b) Dorothy Greville
  m. Sir Arthur Hasilrigg of Nosely
(C) Sir Edward Greville of Harrold Park, Essex
  Collins mentions that Sir Edward's line terminated in two daughters. They are named as follows in Berry's Essex Pedigrees (1878).
  (i) Elizabeth Greville
  m. Sir Francis Swift of Roydon
  (ii) Helena Greville
  m. Sir William Maxey of Bradwell
(D) Mary Greville
  m. William Harris of Hayne
  (E) Eleanor Greville
  m. Sir John Conway of Arrow & Ragley (d 1603-4)
  (F) Catharine Greville
  m. Giles Read of Gloucestershire
  (G) Blanche Greville
  Blanche is shown as having d unm but it looks as though she was probably the Blache identified as the wife of ...
  m. William Willoughbye of Aster
  (3) Anne Greville probably the Anne who married ...
  m. Edward Mytton of Habberley, later of Halston (dvp 1568)
  (4) Agnes Greville probably of this family, of this generation
  m. Sir Edmund Tame of Rayton 'of Fairford' (d 1534)
  (5)+ other issue (dsp) - Thomas, Edward
  The following comes from Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1623, Grevill (in Appendix I)).
  b. Robert Grevile
  m. Isabel Wyncott (dau of Christopher Wyncott of Bynton or Binton)
  (1) Thomas Grevile not mentioned by Collins
  m1. Elizabeth Keke (dau of John Keke)
(A)+ issue - Robert, John, Edward
  m2. Ann Harbech (dau of Humphrey Harbech or Herberche)
  (2) Dorothy Grevile
  m. Edward Morgan
  (3) Ann Grevile
  m1. Thomas Nevill
  m2. Raufe Wescole
  B. Joyce Grevill
  m. William Charnells of Snarston ## see here ##
C. Margaret Grevill
2. John Grevill (4th son)
  A. Richard Grevill of Lymington, Gloucestershire
  The following comes from Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1623, Grevill) with input as reported.
  m. _ Herbert
  i. William Grevill of Arle (judge)
  The following comes from Visitation (Worcestershire, 1569, Handford).
  m. _ Arrell (dau/heir of John Arrell of Arrell (Arle))
  a. Elianor Grevill
  m. Robert (or Roger) Vampage
  b. Margaret Grevill
  m. Sir Richard Lygon or Lyggon
  c. Allice Grevill
  m. Robert Wye
  ii. Robert Grevill
  m. _ Arles (dau/coheir of John Arles)
  a. Francis Grevill
  (1) Gyles Grevill of Charlton Regis, Gloucestershire
  m. _ Freeman (dau of _ Freeman of Battisford)
  (A) William Grevill of Charlton Regis
  m. Anne Love of Warwickshire
  (i) Giles Grevill of Charlton Regis
  m. Sara Payne (dau of Richard Payne of Rodbrooks)
  (a)+ issue (a 1623) - William (b c1610), Gyles, Francis, Richard, Edward, Frances
  (ii) Mary Grevill
  m. Henry Balden
  (iii) Margaret Grevill
  m. William Garton
  (B) Robert Grevill
  (i) Compton Grevill (only daughter)
  (C) Francis Grevill
  (i)+ issue - Giles, Jane, Edith
  (D)+ other issue (dsp) - Gyles, Edward
  iii. Gyles Grevill of Rushborow
3.+ other issue - Sir Richard in Oxfordshire, Robert

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 01.02.10) : Collins's 'Peerage of England' (1741, Supplement vol I, 'Grevile, Earl Brooke')
(2) For lower section (uploaded 27.05.03, later expanded) : BP1934 (Warwick) with support/input from Collins's 'Peerage of England' (1741, Supplement vol I, 'Grevile, Earl Brooke') and some from Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1623, Grevill (MS1543)), Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, Grevill), Visitation (Warwickshire, 1682-3, Grevill Lord Brook)
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