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Families covered: Whitney of Clifford, Whitney of Gorsington, Whitney of Whitney

Sir Baldwin Whitney of Whitney, Herefordshire
m. _ Pitchard
1. Sir Eustace Whitney of Whitney
  m. _ Clamvow
  A. Sir Robert Whitney of Whitney
  m. _ Russell
i. Sir Eustace Whitney of Whitney
  m. _ Parr
  a. Robert Whitney of Whitney
  m1. _ Rogers (dau of Thomas Rogers of Hereford)
  m2. Constance Touchet (dau of James, Lord Audley, by dau of Holland, Earl of Kent)
  Some web sites show the children as by Constance Touchet but Visitation (Herefordshire, 1569) shows them as by his first wife. We are not sure whom to believe.
  (1) James Whitney of Whitney (d 30.06.1500) the first mentioned by Siddons & Visitation (Gloucestershire)
  m. Blanche Mylbourne (a 1545, dau of Simon Mylbourne or Milborne of Tillington, m2. Sir William Herbert of Troye)
  (A) Robert Whitney of Whitney (b c1494, d 11.05.1541)
  This generation is omitted by Visitation (Herefordshire, 1569) & Visitation (Gloucestershire) but is given by Siddons.
  m. Margaret Wye (dau of Robert Wye of Gloucestershire)
  (i) Sir Robert Whitney of Whitney (b 1524-5, d by 1567)
  m. Sibill Baskerville (dau of Sir James Baskerville)
  (a) Sir James Whitney of Whitney (b c1544, dsp by 1587)
  (b) Eustace Whitney of Whitney (b c1554)
  m. Margaret Vaughan (dau/coheir of William Vaughan of Glasbury)
  ((1)) Sir Robert Whitney of Whitney (a 1634)
  m. Anne Lucy (dau of Sir Thomas Lucy of Charlcot)
  ((A)) Lucy Whitney
  m. William Smallman of Kinersley
  ((B)) Anne Whitney
m. Thomas Rodde of Foxley
  ((C)) Suzan Whitney
  m. Henry Williams of Gabalfa
  ((D))+ other issue (a 1634) - Robert (b c1614), Constantine, Richard, Thomas, Francis, William, Elenor, Elizabeth
  ((2)) Thomas Whitney
  ((3)) Elianor Whitney
  m. Sir Henry Williams of Gwernyfed (d 21.10.1636)
  ((4)) Joane Whitney
  m. John Wigmore
  ((5)) Elizabeth Whitney possibly of this generation
  m. James Price of Pilleth (b 1571, d 06.01.1641, MP)
  (c) Robert Whitney (3rd son)
m. Elizabeth (dau of Morgan ('Daglin') ap Gwillims)
  ((1)) Anne Whitney
  m. Thomas Robredge
  ((2)) Margaret Whitney
  m. William Poell
  ((3))+ other issue - Nicholas, William, Thomas, Richard
  (d) Blanch Whitney
  m. Robert Greville
  (e) Elizabeth Whitney
m. John Price of Manaughty (Mynachdy) (d 03.1579)
  Visitation (Gloucestershire) shows 2 sisters of Sir James & Robert (shown above as of a later generation): Elizabeth, married to Thomas Morgan of Arleston (sb Arkeston), and Anne, married to Henry Cary, Lord Hunsdon. TCP (Hunsdon) refers to that Visitation but shows the wife of Henry, 1st Lord Hunsdon, as Ann, dau of Sir Thomas Morgan of Arkeston by Anne, dau of Sir Robert Whitney of Whitney by Sibell Baskerville. Ruth Richardson (in her book on Blanche Parry, see Parry4) reports that it was the undermentioned Elizabeth, dau of James & Blanche Milborne, who was mother of the wife of Henry Carey, 1st Lord Hunsdon. Provisionally, we follow that suggestion though we would not be surprised if in fact the mother of Lady Hunsdon was a generation later (though we would be a little surprised if she was later than that).
  (B) James Whitney of Troy (d before 04.07.1544)
(C) Elizabeth or Anne Whitney
  m. Sir Thomas Morgan of Arkeston (son of William of Arkeston, son of David by Mary Delahey, heiress of Arkeston)
  (i) Anne Morgan (d 19.01.1606/7)
  m. (1545) Henry Carey, 1st Lord Hunsdon (b 04.03.1526, d 23.07.1596)
  (ii) Sybilla Morgan possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Hugh Trevanion of Caerhays
  (2) Joane Whitney
  m. Roger Vaughan of Hereford
  (3) daughter
  m. William Harper of Willington (Wellington)
  (4) Elizabeth Whitney possibly of this generation, of this marriage
  m. John Pye of the Mynde (d 1550)
  ii. Elizabeth Whitney possibly of this generation
  m. Roger Blount of Grendon
  iii. Joan Whitney possibly of this generation
  m. William Walwyn of Longford (a 1409)



John Whitney of Gorsington in Clifford, Herefordshire
m. _ Walter (dau/heir of John Michael Walter by dau/heir of Sir William Gorsington)
1. Eustace Whitney of Gorsington in Clifford
  m. _ Vaughan (dau/heir of William Vaughan in Tirant of Clifford)
  A. James Whitney of Clifford
m. Sibell (dau of ?? Parry of Newcourt by dau of Sir Henry Stradling)
  i. Eustace Whitney of Clifford
  m. Cosntance Vaughan (dau of Sir Richard Vaughan of Bredwarden)
  a. James Whitney of Gorsington in Clifford
  m. Anne Vaughan (dau/heir of Oliver Vaughan ("of the house of Hargest") ab Oliver ap Watkin Vaughan)
  (1) Eustace Whitney of Gorsington in Clifford (a 1634)
  m. Blanch de la Hay (dau of Paul de la Hay of Halternes (Alltrynys, Walterstone))
  (A)+ issue (a 1634) - James, Blanch, Constance
  (2) Richard Whitney of Cliffords
  m. Margrett Vaughan (dau of Henry Vaughan of Manas and/or Moccas ap Watkin ap Sir William Vaughan)
  (3) James Whitney of Dunnot, Wiltshire
  m. Mary (widow of John Button of Dunnot)
  b. Blanche Whitney
  m. (c1590) Robert Duppa

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