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Families covered: Price of Mynachdy, Price of Pilleth

Hywel (ap Madoc ap Trahaern ap Madoc ap Grufydd goch ap Grufydd voel ap Madoc ap Idnerth ap Cadwgan ap Elsytan Glodrydd)
1. Llewelyn
  A. Davydd
  i. Hwywl
  m. Gwervil (dau/heir of Ierwerth ap Griffri ap Madoc ap Tynhayarn)
  a. Hywel vain
m. Angharad (dau of Davydd ap Cadwgan a Philip Dorddu)
  (1) Davydd
  m. Ann (dau/heir of Bedo ap Madoc Rystyn)
  (A) Rys
  m. Elizabeth Baskerville (dau of Sir James Baskerville)
  (i) James (ap Rhys) 'of Mynachdy'
  m. Ann (dau of Davydd ap Davydd ap Ric. Bowen ap Richers ap Einion)
  (a) Ieuan (ap James ap Rhys) of Mynachdy - continued below
  m. Margaret Croft (dau of Sir (Edward) Croft)
  The following comes from Visitation (Lewis Dwnn, Meyrick 1846, vol 1, 'Llangunllo, Westm', p253).
  (ii) Thomas
  m. Gwennlian (dau of Meredydd vychan ap Meredydd)
  (a) Rys
  m. Elinor Vychan (dau of Thomas Vychan ap Watkin Vychan ap Thomas ap Rosser of Hergest)
  ((1)) Davydd Price
  Although Dwnn does not show a family name, we presume to show Price as the family name from hereon.
  m. Margaret (dau of Hywel ap Philip ap Cadwaladr Vychan ap Cadwaladr ap Philip Dorddu)
  ((A)) Richard Price
  m. Joan (dau of Stephen ap Rys)
  ((i))+ issue (a 1597) - James, John, Thomas, Clement, Bridget, Ales, Margaret, Catrin (c infant?), Catrin, Mary
  ((B)) Gruffydd Price
  m. Margaret (dau of Hugh Rickart)
  ((C)) Thomas Price
  ((D)) Rose Price
  m. Ieuan ap Hwywel ap Mathew
  ((E)) Elinor Price
  m. Jenkin Powel ap Hugh ap Hywel ap Edward ap Hywel



(1) Oliver reports that the family of Pilleth was "descended from a younger son of the Prices of Mynachty in the parish of Bleddfa" and that "As early as 1555 this Price clan had been producing not only High Sheriffs but Members of Parliament for both the county and the borough of Radnor."
(2) HoP ("James Price I") reports that "The multifarious Prices of Radnorshire traced their common ancestry to pre-Norman Welsh stock who settled in the Welsh Marches. Their political and economic influence was established by this Member's grandfather" ...
Ieuan (ap James ap Rhys) of Mynachdy - continued above
m. Margaret Croft (dau of Sir (Edward) Croft)
1. James Price of Mynachdy
m. Elizabeth Clement
  A. John Price of Mynachdy (d 29.03.1579)
  m. Elizabeth Whitney (dau of Sir Robert Whitney of Whitney & Iccombe)
  i. James Price of Mynachdy, Sheriff of Radnorshire (b 08.10.1566, a 11.1626)
  m. (1593) Alice Croft (d 1601, dau of Edward Croft of Croft Castle)
  a. John Price of Mynachdy (d by 04.1639)
  b. Edward Price of Mynachdy (d 1639-40)
  c. Ann Price
  d. Alice Price
  m. Edward (Edmund?) Winstanley (a 1546, 1604)
  ii. Edward Price (d 1639-40)
  iii. daughter
  m. _ Bradshaw
  a. John Bradshaw of Presteigne (nephew of James Price, assumed through a sister)
  B. Clement Price (a 1597)
  m. Joan (dau/heir of Morgan ap Hwyel Goch)
  i. John Price (2nd son)
  m. Catherine Picton (dau of Ryson Picytn of Clirow)
  ii. Alice Price
  m. John Bradshaw
  iii.+ other issue (a 1597) - James, Thomas, Walter, Bridget, Elizabeth, Margery, Mary, Sarah
  C. Walter Price
  m. Margaret (dau of Thomas ap Rys, 'Master of Arts')
i.+ issue - Edward, John, Dorothy, Elizabeth
  D. Edward Price ('Master of Arts')
  E. Mary Price
  m. Hugh Powel of Edenhope
  F. Margaret Price
  m. Owen ap Hywel Philip of Llanddewi
  G. Ann Price
  m. Thomas Lewis of Harpston or Harpton
  H. Bridget Price
m. John Prys of Gogerddan
2. Stephen Price of Pilleth, Sheriff of Radnorshire (b by 1522, d 1642, MP)
  m. Sibil Vaughan (dau/heir of Gruffydd ap Meredydd Fychan of Hwyel ap Philip Dorddu)
  A. John Price of Pilleth (d 16.09.1597)
  m. Catherine Vaughan (d 1589, dau of Roger Vaughan of Clyro)
  i. James Price of Pilleth, Sheriff of Radnorshire (b 1571, d 06.01.1641, MP)
m. Elizabeth Whitney (a 01.1641, dau of (Eustace?) Whitney of Whitney & Iccombe)
  a. John Price of Pilleth
  m. Margaret (or Elizabeth) Rodd (d 1668, dau of Richard Rodd of The Rodd (near Presteigne) & Totnes)
(1) James Price of Pillet, Sheriff of Radnorshireh (d 1677)
  m1. Hester Kyrle (b 1632, d 1659, dau of Francis Kyrle of Much Marcle, son of Sir John, 1st Bart)
  (A) Hester Price (b 1655, d 1692)
  m. (1677) Sir John Morgan, Bart
  m2. Joanna Gwynne (d 1718, dau of George Gwynne of Llywnhowel, m2. Sir Standish Hartstonge, 1st Bart)
  (B) Ann Price (d by 1713)
  m1. Thomas Hughes (dsp)
  m2. (c1684, sp) Sir Lacon William Child of Kinlet
  (2) Frideswide Price
  m. Nicholas Taylor of Presteign
  c. Bridget Price
  m. (c1646) James Rodd (son/heir of James Rodd of Hereford)
  d. Ann Price
  m1. Richard Jones of Presteign & Boultibrook
  m2. Thomas Eccleston of Presteign
  e.+ other issue - James (Sheriff of Radnorshire), other sons, other daughters
  ii. Charles Price of Pilleth (b c1585, d unm 17.01.1645, MP, Captain, 7th son)
  iii. Margaret Price
  m. Richard Johns
  iv.+ other issue - Stephen (b 1572, MP, of Gray's Inn), Roger, John, Alexander, Richard, Hugh, Robert, Thomas (d 1624), Joan, Joyce, Ann
  B. Joan Price
  m. Richard ap Rys of Llangunllo
  C. Eleanor Price
  m. David Lewis of Dysert
  D. Mary Price
  m. Robert goch
  E. Elizabeth Price
  m. Edward Dwpa
  F.+ other issue - James, Thomas
3. Edward Price
  The following comes from Visitation (Lewis Dwnn, Meyrick 1846, vol 1, 'Knighton', p257). Dwnn spells the family name Prys.
  m. Ann Haol
  A. Thomas Price (a 1597)
  m. Margaret Barker (dau of Francis Barker)
  i.+ issue - Edward (Sheriff), John, Thomas (Shreiff), Hugh, Brian, Ann, Alice, Bridget, Joan
  B. Richard Price
  m. Rose (dau of Rys Johns of Kington)
  C. Mawd Price
4. Joyce Price
  m. Mathew Prys of Newton
5. Mawd Price
  m. John Lloyd
6. Elizabeth Price
  m. Robert Phillips
7. Elinor Price
  m. Thomas Clun
8. Bridget Price
  m. Lewis Lloyd
9.+ other issue - Clement (a 1597), Rys, Robert, Ales

Main source(s): Visitation (Lewis Dwnn (1597), Meyrick 1846, vol 1, 'Y Mynachdy Ymhlwyf Bleddfach', p252) with input/support for the lower section from 'The Harstonges and Radnorshire Part 1' in 'Radnorshire Society Transactions 1973' (R.C.B Oliver, p37+) , HoP (various) with other input as reported above
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