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Families covered: Carey of Dover, Carey of Leppington, Carey Lords Hunsdon, Carey of Monmouth
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This family's name was spelt Cary or Carey, apparently interchangeably.
Henry Carey, 1st Lord Hunsdon (b 04.03.1526, d 23.07.1596)
m. (1545) Anne Morgan (d 19.01.1606/7, dau of Sir Thomas Morgan of Arkestone by Ann Whitney)
1. George Carey, 2nd Lord Hunsdon (d 09.09.1603)
  m. Elizabeth Spencer (bur 02.03.1617/8, dau of Sir John Spencer of Althorp)
A. Elizabeth Carey (b 24.03.1576, d 23.04.1635)
  m1. Sir Thomas Berkeley (b 11.07.1575, dvp 22.11.1611)
  m2. Sir Thomas Chamberlain
2. Sir John Carey, 3rd Lord Hunsdon (bur 07.04.1617, 5th son)
m. Mary Hyde (bur 07.04.1627, dau of Leonard Hyde of Hyde Hall and Throckyng)
  A. Henry Carey, 4th Lord Hunsdon, 1st Earl of Dover (bur 13.04.1666)
  m1. Judith Pelham (d 11.1629, dau of Sir Thomas Pelham, 1st Bart of Laughton)
  i. John Carey, 2nd Earl of Dover, 5th Lord (b c1608, bur 01.06.1677)
  m1. Dorothy St. John (dau of Oliver St. John, Earl of Bolingbroke)
  m2. (02.12.1630) Abigail Cokayne (bur 16.02.1687-8, dau of Sir William Cokayne, Lord Mayor of London)
  a. Mary Carey (bpt 06.10.1631, d 19.01.1695/6)
  m. William Heveningham of Heveningham & Ketteringham (d 20.02.1677)
  b. Abigail Carey (bpt 18.06.1633, d infan
  ii. Sir Pelham Carey (dsp)
  m. (24.06.1630) Mary Jackson (dau of Sir John Jackson)
  iii. Mary Carey
  m. Sir Thomas Wharton of Edlington (b 1615, d 1684)
iv.+ other issue - Henry (d 01.1620-1), George (dsp), Henry (dsp 01.1620-1), Judith (bpt 17.10.1624, d unm bur 31.03.1666), Philadephia (d unm), Anne (bur 27.12.1661)
  m2. (06.07.1630) Mary Morris (bur 08.01.1647-8, dau of Richard Morris, widow of Sir William Cokayne, Lord Mayor of London)
  B. Charles Cary (a 1617)
  m. Elizabeth Whitbrooke
  i. Mary Cary (b 1624)
  C. Anne Cary (a 1617)
  m. Sir Francis Lovell of East Harlyng
  D. Blanch Cary
  m1. Christopher Peyton
  m2. (16.06.1605) Sir Thomas Woodhouse of Kimberley (d 18.03.1658)
3. Sir Edmund Carey of Moulton Park (b c1558, d before 13.02.1637-8)
  m1. (sp) Mary Crocker (dau of Christopher Crocker of Croft)
  m2. (sp) Elizabeth Nevill (bur 24.06.1630, dau of John, Lord Latimer)
m3. Judith Humphrey (dau of Lawrence Humphrey, widow of Thomas Bury of Culham then Sir John Rivers, Bart)
  A. Sir Robert Carey (bpt 21.03.1582/3)
  m. Aletta or Alletta Hogenhove (dau of Mynheer Hogenhove, 'Secretary to the States General')
  i. Sir Horatio Carey (Colonel)
  BE1883 identifies Horatio's wife as Petronilla, daughter of Robert Conyers. Vivian, supported by TCP, identifies her as ...
  m. Pernel Harrington (dau of Robert Harrington of Durham)
  a. Robert Carey, 6th Lord Hunsdon (dsp 1692)
  m. Margaret Clifton (bur 14.02.1697/8, dau of Sir Gervase Clifton, Bart, widow of Sir John Soituh then Sir William Whichcote)
  ii. Ernestus Carey of Great Shelford (d 1680)
  m1. St. John Salveyn (d 1649, dau of Thomas Salveyn of Croxdale)
  a. Robert Carey, 7th Lord Hunsdon (d unm 11.09.1702, 3rd son?)
  b. Mary Carey
  m1. John Hare of Watton Woodhall
  m2. Daniel Johnson of Dublin
c.+ other issue (dsp/d unm) - Horatio, Ernestus, Thomas, Elizabeth (d 1637)
  m2. Elizabeth Reve of Balsham (widow of Sir Edward Bowles of Panxford)
  iii. Ferdinand Carey (d 1663, Colonel)
  m. Isabella Van Winghanden (a 1701, dau of Daniel Oems Van Winganden of Dort in Holland)
  a. William Carey of Maastricht (d 07.11.1683, Captain)
  m. Gertrude Van Ousthoorn (dau of Cornelius Van Ousthoorn of Amsterdam)
  (1) William Ferdinand Carey, 8th Lord Hunsdon (bpt 14.01.1684, dsp 12.06.1765)
  m. (11.01.1717/8) Grace Waldo (bpt 17.11.1681, d 09.05.1729, dau of Sir Edward Waldo of Pinner, widow of Sir Nicholas Woolstenholme, Bart)
  b. Mary Carey
  m. Don Matheo Theodore of Molina
  c. Alice Carey (d unm)
  d. Anne Carey (dsp)
  m. Don Antonio Descalei
  iv. Anne Carey
  m. Francois Louis, Baron of Bonstrettin in Swabia
  B. Sir Ferdinando Carey (bpt 01.01.1590-1, d before 25.05.1638
  m. Philippa Throckmorton (dau of Sir William Throckmorton, m2. Thomas Blackwell of Notts)
  i. Sir Edward Cary
  m. Anne Gerard (dau of Sir Charles Gerard of Hatsall)
  a. Charlotte Cary (d 14.11.1709)
  m. (22.04.1675) Brian Fairfax (d 20.09.1711)
  ii. John Carey (dsp)
  iii. Elizabeth Carey
  m1. Francis Staunton
m2. Sir Thomas Fortescue
  iv. Aletta Carey
  m. Sir William Quirinson, Bart (?)
  v. Anne Carey
  m. Thomas Windsor
  vi. Mary Carey
  m1. Dudley Wylde of Canterbury (d c08.1653)
m2. (after 1659) Sir Andrew Fraser,1st Bart of Dore
  vii. Philadephia Carey (d 04.05.1696)
  m. (before 21.03.1657/8) Thomas Wentworth, 'Lord Wentworth of Nettlested' (bpt 02.02.1612/3, dvp 01.0.1664/5)
  viii. Dorothy Carey
  m1. Sir Edward Pix or Picks of Crayford
  m2. Thomas Throgmorton
  ix. Simona Carey
m. Sir Bevill Skelton
  C. Thomas Carey
  D. Anne Carey
  m. Sir William Uvedale of Wickham (d 1652)
  E. Catherine Carey
  m. Francis Rogers of Hele
4. Robert Carey, 1st Earl of Monmouth (b 1560, d 12.04.1639, 9th son)
m. (20.08.1593) Elizabeth Trevanion (d by 07.1641, dau of Sir Hugh Trevanion of Correheigh or Carhayes, widow of Sir Henry Woodrington)
  A. Henry Carey, 2nd Earl of Monmouth (bpt 27.01.1595/6, d 13.06.1661)
  m. (1619/20) Martha Cranfield (bpt 12.07.1601, d 10.04.1677, dau of Lionel Cranfield, 1st Earl of Middlesex)
  i. Henry Carey, 'Lord Leppington' (dvp 1649, 2nd son )
  m. Mary Scrope (d 01.11.1680, dau of Emmanuel Scrope, 11th Lord of Bolton, Earl of Sunderland)
  a. Henry Carey, 'Lord Leppington' (bur 24.05.1653)
  ii. Anne Carey (d 25.01.1689)
  m1. James Hamilton, 1st Earl of Clanbrassill (d 20.06.1639)
  m2. (1668) Sir Robert Maxwell of Waringstown, 2nd Bart (dsp 1693)
iii. Mary Carey (dsp 09.12.1719)
  m. William Feilding, 2nd Earl of Desmond, 3rd Earl of Denbigh (b 29.12.1640, d 23.08.1685)
  iv. Martha Carey
  m. (16.12.1667) John Middleton, 1st Earl of Middleton (b c1608, d 1673)
  v.+ other issue (d unm ) - Lionel Carey (dvp unm Marston Moor 1644, 'Lord Leppington'), Philadephia (dvp unm), Elizabeth (d 14.12.1676), Theophila (dvp unm), Magdalen (dvp unm), Trevaniana (dvp unm)
  B. Thomas Carey (b c1617, d 1649)
  m. Margaret Smith (dau of Sir Thomas Smith of Parsons Green)
i. Elizabeth Carey (b c1632, d 05.04.1679)
  m. (c1656) John Mordaunt, 1st Viscount of Avalon (b 18.06.1626, d 05.06.1675)
  Their eldest son became Earl of Monmouth.
  ii. Philadelphia Carey (dsp 1663)
  m. Sir Henry Lyttleton, Bart of Frankley
  iii. Frances Carey (d young)
  C. Philadelphia Carey
  m. (11.04.1611) Sir Thomas Wharton of Easby (b 1587, dvp 17.04.1622)
5. Catherine Carey (d 25.02.1602-3)
  m. (07.1563) Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Nottingham (b 1536, d 14.12.1624)
6. Philadephia Carey (d 03.02.1626/7)
  m. (before 1584) Thomas le Scrope, 10th Lord of Bolton (b c1567, d 02.09.1609)
7. Margaret Carey
  m. Sir Edward Hoby

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Cary, Baron Hunsdon and Earl of Monmouth and Dover'), BE1883 (Carey of Hunsdon, Dover), BE1883 (Carey of Monmouth) and a little support from TCP (Hunsdon), TCP (Monmouth)
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