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Families covered: Mordaunt of Avalon, Mordaunt of Caldecot, Mordaunt of Monmouth, Mordaunt of Oakley, Mordaunt of Peterborough, Mordaunt of Turvey

Sir John Mordaunt of Turvey, Sheriff of Bedford and Buckinghamshire, 1st Lord (b by 1485, d 18.08.1562)
m. (1499) Elizabeth Vere (dau of Sir Henry Vere of Drayton and Adington)
1. John Mordaunt of Turvey, Sheriff of Essex and Hertfordshire, 2nd Lord (b 1508, d by 10.1571)
  BE1883 identifies John's 1st wife as Ellen, cousin/heir of Sir Richard FitzLewis of West Horndon in Essex. TCP identifies her as Ela, dau of John, son/heir of Sir Richard FitzLewis of West Horndon by Alice, dau/coheir of John Harleston. Provisionally, we follow VCH (Buckinghamshire, vol 4, Lillingstone Lovell) in identifying her as ...
  m1. (before 24.02.1526) Ela FitzLewis (b c1510, d 02.06.1543, sister/heir of John, son/heir of Sir Richard FitzLewis of West Horndon)
A. Lewis Mordaunt, Sheriff of Bedfordshire, 3rd Lord (b 21.09.1538, d 16.06.1601)
  m. Elizabeth Darcy (bur 09.09.1590, dau of Sir Arthur Darcy)
  i. Henry Mordaunt, 4th Lord (b by 1567, d 13.02.1608/9)
  m. (before 01.10.1593) Margaret Compton (d before 03.1644/5, dau of Henry Compton, 1st Lord)
  a. John Mordaunt, 5th Lord, 1st Earl of Peterborough (b 18.01.1598/9, d 18.06.1644)
  m. (before 07.04.1621) Elizabeth Howard (b 19.01.1602/3, bur 18.11.1671, dau of William Howard, 'Lord Effingham')
  (1) Henry Mordaunt, 2nd Earl of Peterborough (bpt 18.10.1623, d 19.06.1697)
  m. (1644-5) Penelope O'Brien (b c1623, d 18.04.1702, dau of Barnabas O'Brien, 6th Earl of Thomond)
(A) Elizabeth Mordaunt (d unm bur 18.06.1676)
  (B) Mary Mordaunt, Baroness Mordaunt (b c1659, dsp 17.11.1705)
  m1. (08.08.1677, div 11.04.1700) Henry Howard, 7th Duke of Norfolk (b 11.01.1653-4, dsp 02.04.1701)
  m2. (15.09.1701) Sir John Germaine, Bart (dsp 11.12.1718)
(2) John Mordaunt, 1st Viscount of Avalon (b 18.06.1626, d 05.06.1675)
  m. (c1656) Elizabeth Carey (b c1632, d 05.04.1679, dau of Thomas Carey, son of Earl of Monmouth)
  (A) Charles Mordaunt, 2nd Viscount, 1st Earl of Monmouth, 3rd Earl of Peterborough (b c1658, d 25.10.1735)
  m1. (c1678) Carey Fraser (d 13.05.1709, dau of Sir Alexander Fraser of Dotes, Bart)
  (i) John Mordaunt, Lord Mordaunt (b c1681, dvp 06.04.1710)
  m. (1708) Frances Powlett (b c1674, d 30.07.1715, dau of Charles Paulet, 2nd Duke of Bolton)
(a) Charles Mordaunt, 4th Earl of Peterborough, 2nd Earl of Monmouth (bpt 19.10.1708, d 01.08.1779)
  m1. (before 1735) Mary Cox (d 18.11.1755, dau of Thomas Cox of London)
  ((1)) Frances Mordaunt (dsp 1798)
  m. Rev. Samuel Bulkeley of Hatfield
  ((2)) Mary Anastasia Grace Mordaunt
  m2. (05.12.1755) Robiniana Brown (d 06.12.1794, dau of Colonel Brown) ## see here ##
((3)) Charles Mordaunt, 5th Earl of Peterborough, 3rd Earl of Monmouth (b 16.05.1758, d unm 16.06.1814)
  (b) John Mordaunt (dsp 1767, Lt. Colonel)
  m1. (10.1735) Mary Howe (d 12.09.1749, dau of John Grubham Howe of Langar)
  m2. Elizabeth Hamilton (dau of Samuel Hamilton)
  (ii) Henry Mordaunt (d unm 27.122.1709-10)
  (iii) Henrietta Mordaunt (d 11.10.1760)
  m. (1706) Alexander Gordon, 2nd Duke of Gordon (d 28.11.1728)
  m2. Anastasia Robinson (bur 01.05.1755, dau of Thomas Robinson)
(B) Harry Mordaunt (Lt. General)
  m1. Margaret Spencer (dau of Sir Thomas Spencer, Bart of Yarnton)
  (i) Sir John Mordaunt
  (ii) Eliza Lucy Mordaunt
  m. (14.03.1723-4) Sir Wilfrid Lawson, Bart of Isell (b 1696, d 13.07.1737)
  (iii)+ other issue
m2. Penelope Tipping (dau of William Tipping)
  (iv) Penelope Mordaunt (d 1737)
  m. Sir Monnoux Cope, Bart of Hanwell (b 1696, d 24.06.1763)
  (C) Lewis Mordaunt (d 02.02.1712-3, Brigadier General)
  m(2). Mary Collyer (dau of Lt. Col. Collyer, Governor of Jersey) mother of Sophia, presumed also of ...
  (i) Anne Maria Mordaunt (d 14.11.1771)
  m. Stephen Poyntz of Midgham (b 12.11.1685, d 1750)
(ii) Sophia Mordaunt (d by 1777)
  m. (06.06.1739) Sir Roger Martin, Bart
  (D) Osmond Mordaunt (d Boyne)
  (E) George Mordaunt (minister)
  m1. Catherine Spencer (dsp, dau of Sir Thomas Spencer)
  m2. Elizabeth D'Oyly (dau of Sir John D'Oyly)
  (i) Anna Maria Mordaunt
  m. Jonathan Shipley, Bishop of St. Asaph (d 12.1786)
  m3. Elizabeth Collyer (dau of Col. _ Collyer)
(ii) Mary Mordaunt
  m. Valentine Morris of Piercefield
  (iii) Elizabeth Mordaunt (d 1785)
  m. (30.04.1747) Sir William Milner, Bart (b 1719, d 08.11.1774)
  (F) Charlotte Mordaunt
  m. Benjamin Albin
  (G) Sophia Mordaunt
  m. James Hamilton of Bangor (d before 26.02.1706)
  (H) Anne Mordaunt
m. James Hamilton of Tollymore (d by 1700)
  (3) Elizabeth Mordaunt
  m. (21.07.1646) Thomas Howard, 2nd Lord of Escrick (bpt 24.10.1625, dsps 24.08.1678)
  b. James (probably not Francis) Mordaunt
BE1883 is supported by BEB1841 ('Gostwick') in naming the son of this generation who married Frances Gostwick as Francis. However, Visitation (Bedfordshire, 1634, 'Gostwick') supports 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John NichoÏs, vol 2, part 2, 1798, 'Pedigree of Mordaunt of Medbourne', p694*) in naming him James. Nichols identifies his son & grandchildren.
  m. Frances Gostwick (dau of Sir Edward Gostwick, Bart)
  (1) James Mordaunt of Medbourne (b c1640, d 01.01.1680)
  m. Barbara Ludlow (dau of George Ludlow of Hill Deverill (by Barbara, dau of Sir Richard Wingfield of Upton) (son of Henry by Lettice, dau of Thomas, Lord La Warre), m2. John Goodman of Weston-under-Welland)
  (A)+ issue - Henry (b c1671, a 1682), Frances (d young)
c. Elizabeth Mordaunt
  m. Sir Thomas Nevill
  d. Frances Mordaunt
  m. Sir Basil Brooke 'of Madeley'
  e.+ other issue - Henry, Lewis
  ii. Mary Mordaunt
  m. Sir Thomas Mansel, 1st Bart of Margam (d 20.12.1631)
  iii. Katherine Mordaunt
  m. John Heveningham
iv. Elizabeth Mordaunt
  B. Elizabeth Mordaunt
  m. George Monnoux of Walthamstow
  C. Anne Mordaunt
  m. Clement Tanfield of Eberton
  D. Margaret Mordaunt
  m. William Acklam of Moreby
  E. Ursula Mordaunt
  m. Edward Fairfax (of Gilling Castle family)
  m2. (1545/6, sp) Joan Fermor (d 1592, dau of Sir Richard Fermor of Easton Neston)
2. William Mordaunt of Okeley or Oakley, Bedfordshire
  m. Agnes Booth (dau of Charles Booth by Jane, dau/heir of William Farington of Farington (son of Sir Henry) by Isabel, dau of John Clayton of Clayton Hall)
  The following comes from Visitation (Bedfordshire, 1566+1584+1634 (Additional), Mordaunt of Oakley).
  A. Edmond Mordaunt of Okley (Oakley)
  m. Elizabeth Staveley of Leicestershire
  i. Sir Charles Mordaunt of Oakley
  m. Elizabeth Snagg (dau of Sir Thomas Snagg of Marston)
  ii. Anne Mordaunt
  m1. Simon Throgmorton of Huntingdonshire
  m2. Thomas Snagg (son/heir of Sir Thomas)
  iii.+ other issue - John, Edward, William, Mary, Elizabeth
  B. Jane Mordaunt
  m1. (sp) Richard Bould of Bould, Lancashire
  m2. John Edwards of Chirk Castle
  C. Elizabeth Mordaunt (dsp)
  m. William Ersley of London
  D. Audrey Mordaunt
  m. William Twynehoe
  E. Anne Mordaunt
  m1. Nicholas Willamson of Tismore
m2. Paul Cuddrington of Cuddrington
3. George Mordaunt 'of Hill' of Moulson shown as 'of Oakeley' by BE1883 but 'of Moulson' by Visitation
  m. Cecilia Harding (dau of John Harding of Harding)
  The following comes from Visitation (Bedfordshire, 1584+1634, Mordaunt of Northill).
  A. John Mordaunt
  i.+ daughters
  B. Lewis Mordaunt of Caldecot in Northill, Bedfordshire (a 1634)
  m. Jane Nedham (dau of John Nedham of Little Wimondley)
  i. George Mordaunt
  m. Anne Smith (dau of George Smith of Biggleswade)
  a. George Mordaunt of Caldecot
  m. Elizabeth Everard (dau of John Everard of Beeston)
  (1)+ issue - John, George, Lewis
  b.+ other issue - Lewis, Charles
ii. Elizabeth Mordaunt
  m1. Edward Maynard of Great Windley
  m2. William Ferne
  iii. Margaret Mordaunt
  m. George Reding
  iv.+ other issue - John, Lewis, Jane
  C. Catherine Mordaunt (bur 24.09.1594) probably the Catherine who married ...
  m. Robert Barnardiston of Northill
D. Parnell Mordaunt
  m. Thomas Pell of Northamptonshire
  E. Elizabeth Mordaunt
  m. Daniell Cage of Buningford
  F. Edmund Mordaunt
  The only child of Geirge & Cecila reported BE1883 was Edmund 'of Thundersley, in Essex' but we follow the Visitations in showing hm elsewhere.
4. Anne Mordaunt
  m1. John (not James) Rodney
  m2. John Fisher (son of Sir Michael)
  BE1883 shows the marriages this way around but Collins (for Rodney) suggests they were the other way round.
5. Elizabeth Mordaunt
  m. Silvester Danvers of Dauntsey
6. Margaret Mordaunt
  m1. Edward Fettiplace of Bessels Leigh (d 1540)
  m2. Thomas Denton of Hillesden (d by 1558, Bencher of the Middle Temple)
7. Winifrid Mordaunt
  m. John Cheyney of Chesham Boyce
8. Editha Mordaunt
  m. John Elmes of Huntingdonshire
9. Dorothy Mordaunt
  m. Thomas More of Haddon
10.+ other issue - Edmond/Edward, Etheldred (nun)

Main source(s): BE1883 (Mordaunt of Peterborough, Avalon and Monmouth), Visitation (Bedfordshire, 1566, Mordaunt of Turvey), TCP (Mordaunt), TCP (Peterborough)
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