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Families covered: Cheyney (Cheyne) of Chesham Bois (Boys), Cheyney of Cheyney (Buckinghamshire), Cheyney of Cogenhoe, Cheyney of Drayton Beauchamp, Cheyne of Newhaven

Sir John Cheyney of Cheyney, Buckinghamshire
m. Milliscent Newford (dau of Sir Ralph Newford (Neirford or Neirfield))
1. Sir Roger Cheyney
  m. Judith Apulderfield (dau of Andrew Apulderfield of Kent)
  A. Sir John Cheyney
  m. Joan FitzMarmaduke (dau of Sir Robert FitzMarmaduke)
i. Sir John Cheyney of Cogenhoe (b c1368, d 1468)
  ii. Sir Thomas Cheyney of Chesham Boys
  m. Elizabeth Chesham (dau/heir of Sir John Chesham of Chesham Boys (by Alice Bruse), m2. Sir _ Penyston)
  a. Sir John Cheyney of Chesham Boys or Bois, Sheriff of Buckiknghamshire & Bedfordshire (a 1425)
  m. Perin Whitney (dau of Sir Robert Whitney)
  (1) John Cheyney of Chesham Boys or Bois (d 1496)
  m. Elizabeth Brudenell (dau of Edmund Brudenell of Rains, widow of Sir John Tyringham)
(A) John Cheyney of Chesham Boys or Bois & Drayton Beauchamp (d 01.07.1535)
  m. Margaret Ingleton (a 1543, dau of Robert Ingleton of Thornton)
  (i) Sir Robert Cheyney of Chesham Boys or Bois & Grove Drayton
  m1. Elizabeth Webbe (dau of John Webbe of Hertfordshire)
  (a) John Cheyney of Chesham Boys, Cogenhoe & Drayton Beauchamp
  BE1883 reports that John had a daughter, Temperance, by his 1st marriage and John and Sir Francis by his 2nd. We follow Visitation.
  m1. Winifride Mordant (d 1562, dau of John Mordant of Turvey, 1st Lord)
  ((1)) John Cheyney of Drayton Beauchamp
  m. Mary Skipwith (dau of Thomas Skipwith of St. Albans)
((A)) Francis Cheyney or Cheyne of Chesham Bois and Cogenhoe, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire (a 1634)
  m1. Eliza Wright
  ((i)) Francis Cheyney (dsp)
  m2. Anne Fleetwood (dau of Sir William Fleetwood of Missenden)
  ((ii)) Charles Cheyney or Cheyne of Chesham Bois, Cogenhoe and later of Chelsea, 1st Viscount Newhaven (b 10.1625, d 30.06.1698, 4th son)
m1. (1654) Jane Cavendish (b c1622, d 08.10.1669, dau of William Cavendish, 1st Duke of Newcastle)
  ((a)) William Cheyne, 2nd Viscount Newhaven (bpt 14.07.1657, dsp 26.05.1728)
  m1. (16.12.1675) Elizabeth Thomas (b c 1659, bur 10.08.1677, dau of Edmund Thomas of Wenvoe)
  m2. (06.05.1680) Gertrude Pierrepont (b c1663, d 11.06.1732, dau of Robert Pierrepont, siter of 1st Duke of Kingston)
  ((b)) Elizabeth Cheyne (bpt 18.05.1656, bur 29.04.1725)
m. Sir Henry Monson, Bart of South Carlton (dsp 06.04.1718)
  ((c)) Catherine Cheyne (d unm 25.03.1670)
  m2. (c06.1688) Isabella Smith (b c1648, dau of Sir John Smith)
  ((iii))+ other issue (a 1634) - William (b c1623), Francis, John
  ((B)) Dorothy Cheyney possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Harlakenden of Earl's Colne (bur 27.03.1648)
((2)) Sir Francis Cheyney of Chesham Bois (dsp 1619)
  m. Mary Pool (sister of Sir Stephen Pool of Stepney)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Cheyney
  m. (05.10.1573) Edmund Fleetwood of Rossall (d 30.03.1622)
  ((4)) Anne Cheyney probably the Anne who married ...
  m. William Rowe of Higham Hill
  ((5))+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Margaret, Mary
m2. Joyce Lee (dau of Sir Anthony Lee of Brigston)
  ((8))+ other issue - Henry, Katharine
  (b) Margaret Cheyney
  m. Richard Duncombe of Moreton
  (c) Elizabeth Cheyney
  m. Bennet Lee of Holcott
(d) Katharine Cheyney
  m. Christopher Lidcotte of Sclafield
  m2. Mary Sylam (dau of John Sylam)
  (e) Thomas Cheyney
  m. _ Rotheram (dau of Sir Thomas Rotheram of Layton)
  (f) Mary Cheyney
  m. (04.02.1541) John Newdegate of Harefield (a 1573)
  (ii) John Cheyney (a 1541)
  (iii) Agnes or Augusta Cheyney
  m1. Edward Restwoold of Vache (d 06.1547)
  m2. Thomas Waterer
(iv) Anne Cheyney
  m. Edmund Peckham of Denham
  (v) Margaret Cheyney
  m. Paul Dayrell of Lillingston Dayrell
  (vi) Isabell Cheyney
  m. Roger Lee of Fleet Marston
  (vii) Elizabeth (?) Cheyney
m. Richard (sb William?) Falconer of Assenden
  (viii) Elianor Cheyney
  m. John Babham of Cookham
  (ix) Jane Cheyney
  m. Sir Edmund Molyneaux (d 1552, judge)
  b. Thomas Cheyney had issue
  B. Robert Cheyney
  i. ?? Cheyney
  a. William Cheyney 'of Chesham Blois'
  m. Emma Walwyn (dau of Thomas Walwyn of Much Marcle)
  (1) Jane Cheney (d 15.09.1574)
  m. (before 1533) Thomas Wriothesley, 1st Earl of Southampton (b 21.12.1505, d 30.07.1550)

Main source(s): Visitation (Buckinghamshire, 1566+1634, 'Cheyney of Chesham Boys'), BE1883 ('Cheyne of Newhaven'), MGH (NS1, vol 2 (1876, #XI, March 1869), p134+)
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