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Families covered: Rodney of Rodney Stoke (Stoke Giffard or Stoke Rodney)

Collins starts his article on this family with the following: "Whether this family was resident in this kingdom at the time it was governed by the Saxons, or became transplanted hither in consequence of the Norman invasion in 1066, does not appear". BP1934 (Rodney) mentions the first 3 generations and then jumps to the Sir John who died in 1612.
Walter de Rodeney of Backwell, later called Rodney Stoke (a 1095, 1102)
1. Sir Henry de Rodeney of Rodney Stoke
  A. Sir Richard de Rodeney (d Acres 1192/3)
  i. William Rodney (d 1207, Ambassador)
  a. Sir Richard Rodney (d 1234)
  m. Jane Estley (dau of Sir John Estley)
  (1) Richard Rodney (d 1234)
  m. Margaret Burnell or Burnett
  (A) Jane Rodney
  m. Sir Thomas Patishull (Patshull)
  (2) Thomas Rodney
  m. Margaret Mountney (dau of Sir Arnold Mountney)
  (A) Sir Richard Rodney (d c1327)
  m. Maud Gifford (dau of Sir Osbert Gifford of Stoke Giffard)
  (i) Sir William or Walter Rodney of Stoke Giffard, Sheriff of Somerset & Dorset (a 1340)
  Visitation shows that Sir William m1. Cicilie Clifford m2. Katherine FitzWarren. Provisionally we follow Collins in showing Sir Walter's marriages the other way around.
m1. Katherine FitzWarine (dau of Foulk FitzWarine or FitzWarren)
  (a) William Rodney
  ((1)) Mary Rodney
  m. Sir Henry Hortye
  (b) Thomas Rodney
  m. Elizabeth Bluet (dau of Sir John Bluet of Wiltshire)
  ((1)) Sir Thomas Rodney
  Collins shows Sir Thomas's wife as Katherine Chedder and his son Sir John as married to Jane Cressyer. Provisionally we follow Visitation in showing them the other way around.
  m. Jane Crescy (dau of Hugh Crescy)
  ((A)) Sir John Rodney (d 1400-1) - continued below
  m. Katherine Chedder (dau of Sir Robert Chedder)
  ((B))+ other issue - Thomas, Richard, Katherine
  m2. Cicilie Clifford (dau of John Clifford of Somerset)
  (c) John Rodney
  ((1)) Thomas Rodney



Sir John Rodney, Sheriff of Somerset (d 1400-1) - continued above
m. Katherine Chedder (dau of Sir Robert Chedder) see note above
1. Sir Walter Rodney, Sheriff of Somerset & Dorset (d 1413-4)
  m. Dorothy St. John (dau of Sir John or Roger St. John) father named Roger by Visitation, John by Collins
  A. Sir John Rodney of Stoke Giffard
  Visitation identifies Sir John's wife as Jane, dau of John Bridmanmanston of Somerset. However, this looks suspiciously like the wife shown for his grandson John (below). Collins does not name a wife for Sir John. Visitation (Weaver, Somerset, 1551+1575+1595 (based on 1531), 'Hill of Houndston in Odcombe (and of Spaxton)'), supported by Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Hill of Heligan', p227) ,identifies the mother of Sir Walter (or William) who m. Margaret Hungerford as ...
  m. Anne Croftes (dau of Richard Croftes (by _ Fox), son of William & brother of Sir Richard (who m. dau of Sir John Barre and had issue))
  i. Sir Walter Rodney, Sheriff of Somerset & Dorset (a 1439)
m. Margaret Hungerford (d 23.01.1469, dau of Sir Walter Hungerford of Heytesbury and Homet, 1st Lord)
  a. Thomas Rodney (d 1470-1)
  m. Isabel
  (1) Sir John Rodney of Stoke Giffard ('Stoke Rodney') (b c1460)
  m. Anne Crofts (dau of Sir James (sb Richard?) Crofts)
  (A) Sir Walter Rodney, Sherif of Dorset & Somerset (a 1511, dvp)
m. Elizabeth Compton (dau of Edmund Compton, sister of Sir William, m2. Sir John Chaworth)
  (i) John Rodney (d 25.12.1548)
  Visitation identifies John's wife as Elizabeth, daughter of Lord Mordaunt. Collins identifies her as ...
m. Anne Mordaunt (dau of John, Lord Mordaunt, widow of John Fisher (son of Sir Michael))
  (a) Maurice (Morris) Rodney of Rodney Stoke, Sheriff of Somerset (b c1539, d 08.1588)
  m1. (div) ?? ("a smith's daughter")
  m. Joane Dyer (dau of Sir Thomas Dyer of Somerforth)
  ((1)) Sir George Rodney of Rodney Stoke, etc. (b c1568, dsp, 3rd son)
  m. Anne Smyth (dau of Matthew Smyth of Long Ashton)
  ((2)) Dorothy Rodney
  m. Rice Davis
  ((3)) Jane Rodney
  m. William Trenchard of Dorset
  ((4))+ issue (dvp young) - Henry, Thomas
(b) Ann Rodney
  m. William Sutton of Aram
  (c) Elizabeth Rodney
  m. John Claxton
  (ii) Elizabeth Rodney
  m. Thomas Powtrell
  (iii) Ann Rodney
  m. John Powtrell
  (B) George Rodney of Over Badgeworth & Congrebury
  m. Elizabeth Kirton (dau of _ Kirton of Chedder)
  (i) Sir John Rodney of Rodney Stoke (b c1561, d 06.08.1612)
  m. Jane Seymour (dau of Sir Henry Seymour)
  (ii) Barbara Rodney
  m. George or Walter Buckland named George by Collins but Walter by Visitation
(iii) Agnes Rodney
  m. Thomas Hodges
  (iv)+ other issue - Honner, Lucretia
  (C) Francis Rodney
  (2)+ other issue - Thomas, Walter, Joan, Ann
  b. John Rodney mentioned by Collins but not by Visitation (see above)
  m. Jane Bridmanston (dau of Richard Bridmanston of Dorset)
  c. Margaret Rodney possibly of this generation
  m. John Hill of Spraxton (b c1424)
2. William Rodney
  A. William Rodney
3. Thomas Rodney
  A.+ issue - Jane, Anne
4.+ other issue - John, Jane

Main source(s): Collins (Brydges, vol 7, 1812, 'Rodney, Lord Rodney', p555+), Visitation (Somersetshire, 1623, Rodney)
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