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Families covered: Mansel of Iscoed, Mansel of Margam, Mansel of Muddlescombe, Mansel of Stradey, Mansel of Trimsaran
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Sir Thomas Mansel, Sheriff of Glamorgan, 1st Bart of Margam (d 20.12.1631)
m1. (30.05.1582) Mary Mordaunt (dau of Lewis Mordaunt, 3rd Lord)
1. Sir Lewis Mansel, 2nd Bart of Margam (b c1594, d 04.04.1638)
  m1. (after 1603) Katherine Sydney (dsp, dau of Robert Sydney, 1st Earl of Leicester)
  m2. Katherine Lewis (dau of Sir Edward Lewis of Van)
  A. Jane Mansel
  m. Abraham Wogan
  B. Blanche Mansel (dsp by 1650)
  m. (by 04.1642) Sir Charles Kemeys, 2nd Bart of Cefn Mably, Sheriff of Glamorgan (d 19.05.1658)
  m3. (25.08.1627) Elizabeth Montague (dau of Henry Montague, Earl of Manchester)
  C. Sir Henry Mansel, 3rd Bart of Margam (b c1630, d c1640)
  BEB1841 shows Henry as younger than Edward but BP2003 shows him as elder and therefore 3rd baronst, albeit for only a short time.
  D. Sir Edward Mansel, 4th Bart of Margam (b c1636, d 17.11.1706)
  m. (c1665) Martha Carne (dau of Edward Carne of Ewenny)
  i. Edward Mansel (dvp unm young)
  ii. Sir Thomas Mansel, 5th Bart, 1st Lord of Margam (b c1668, d 10.12.1723)
  m. (18.05.1686) Martha Millington (b 1668-9, d 10.06.1718, dau/heir of Francis Millington of London by Martha, dau of Samuel Vyner of London)
a. Robert Mansel (b 02.11.1695, dvp 29.04.1723)
  m. (c04.1718) Anne Shovel (d 20.10.1741, dau/coheir of Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovel of May Place (by Elizabeth, dau of John Hill, widow of Sir John Narborough), m2. John Blackwood)
  (1) Thomas Mansel, 2nd Lord of Margam (b 26.12.1719, d unm 29.01.1743/4)
  (2) daughter
  b. Christopher Mansel, 3rd Lord of Margam (d unm 26.11.1744)
c. Bussy Mansel, 4th Lord of Margam (d 29.11.1750)
  m1. (17.15.1724) Elizabeth Hervey (b 09.12.1697, dsp 09.1727, dau of John Hervey, Earl of Bristol, by Elizabeth Felton)
  m2. (13.03.1728-9) Barbara Villiers (d 11.06.1761, dau of William Villiers, 2nd Earl of Jersey, by Judith Herne)
  (1) Louisa Barbara Mansel (d 01.1776)
  m. (16.07.1757) George Venables-Vernon, 2nd Lord of Sudbury and Kinderton (b 09.05.1735, d 18.06.1813)
d. Mary Mansel (3rd dau)
  m. John Ivory Talbot of Laycock Abbey
  e. Dorothy Mansel possibly of this generation
  m. Samuel Townsend (b 23.09.1692)
  f.+ other issue - Martha, Elizabeth
  iii. Martha Mansel (d 20.11.1695)
  m. (05.09.1687) Thomas Morgan of Tredegar (b 07.09.1664, dsps 1699)
  iv. Elizabeth Mansel
  m. Sir Edward Stradling, 5th Bart of St. Donat's (d 05.04.1735)
  E. Elizabeth Mansel
  m. Sir William Wiseman, Bart of Rivenhall
  F. Mary Mansel
  m. (1655) William Leman of Northaw
2.+ 2 sons
m2. Jane Pole (dau of Thomas Pole or Powell of Bishop Hall, widow of John Fuller then John Bussey)
4. Mary Mansel
  m. Sir Edward Stradling, 2nd Bart of St. Donat's (d 06.1644)



Sir Francis Mansel, 1st Bart of Muddlescombe (d c1628)
m1. Catherine Morgan (dau of Henry Morgan of Muddlescombe)
bEB1844 (Mansel of Trimsaren) disagrees with BP1934 on the early Barts of Muddlescombe. Not least because that BEB1844 article focuses more on the Barts of Trimsaran than on the line of Muddlescombe, we follow BP1934.
1. Sir Francis Mansel, 2nd Bart of Muddlescombe (bpt 25.07.1586, bur 12.04.1640)
  m. (11.12.1623) Elizabeth Fotherby (d 1.09.1643, dau of Charles Fotherby, Dean of Canterbury)
  A. Sir Francis Mansel, 3rd Bart of Muddlescombe (bpt 09.05.1633, d unm 27.10.1654)
  B. Elizabeth Mansel (bpt 21.10.1631)
  m. (1672) Thomas Broome of Tuppendence (d 1673, serjeant-at-law)
  C.+ other issue - Cicely (b 1624, d 1626), Phoebe (b/d 1627), Catherine (d 1628)
2. Sir Anthony Mansel (d Newbury 1644)
  m. Jane Price (dau of William Price of Briton Ferry)
A. Sir Edward Mansel, 4th Bart of Muddlescombe (dspms before 03.1690-1)
  m. Joan Wyndham (d by 1692, dau of Humphrey Wyndham of Dunraven)
3. Francis Mansel (d 01.05.1655, principal of Jesus College, Oxford)
4. Richard Mansel (d c1635-6)
  m. (14.02.1612-3) Catherine Morgan (d 27.01.1631-2, dau of Rees Morgan of Iscoed)
  A. Anthony Mansel (bpt 06.03.1613-4, d 12.1670)
m. Mary Carne (d 08.1667, dau of Sir Edward Carne of Nash)
  i. Sir Richard Mansel of Iscoed, 5th Bart of Muddlescombe (bpt 06.01.1641, bur 28.08.1691)
  m. Alice David (bur 11.12.1689, dau of Rees David of Pentry Estill)
  a. Sir Richard Mansel of Iscoed, 6th Bart of Muddlescombe (d unm)
  b. Sir William Mansel of Iscoed, 7th Bart (bpt 15.03.1670, d 1732)
  m. (18.10.1700) Amy Cox (dau of Sir Richard Cox, Bart, Chancellor of Ireland)
(1) Sir Richard Mansel of Iscoed, 8th Bart (bur 20.02.1749)
  m1. (1732) Susanna Warner
  m2. (1737) Rebecca Ware (bur 08.12.1791, dau of William Ware of Farrana Lough)
  (A) Sir William Mansel of Iscoed, 9th Bart (b 01.03.1738-9, bur 14.01.1804)
  m. (26.08.1765) Mary Philipps (d 27.12.1811, dau of John Philipps of Coedgaing)
  (i) Sir William Mansel, 10th Bart (b 29.04.1766, d 20.08.1829) had issue
  m. (12.1790) Elizabeth Bell (d 12.08.1843, dau of John Bell of Harefield)
  (ii) Richard Mansel, later Philipps-Mansel of Coedgaing (d 20.08.1844) had issue
  m. (17.08.1797) Caroline Hopkins (d 20.09.1850, dau of B. Bond Hopkins)
  (iii) John Mansel of Smedmore (b 16.08.1776, d 29.01.1863, Colonel) had issue
  m1. Mary (d 25.07.1806)
  m2. (07.1815) Louisa Pleydell (dau of Edmund Morton Pleydell of Whatcombe House)
  (iv) Thomas Mansel (b 14.10.1783, d 01.04.1869, Admiral RN) had issue
  m. Selina Fleming Leigh (dau of Captain Benjamin Leigh)
  (v) Robert Chrishopher Mansel (b 12.02.1789, d 08.04.1864, Lt. General) had issue
  m. (02.09.1824) Amelia Tyler (d 10.11.1881, dau of Admiral Sir Charles Tyler)
  (vi) Mary Mansel
m. (21.12.1829) J.D. Davis (RN)
  (vii) Harriette Mansel (d 20.02.1833)
  m. (13.02.1810) Willam Owen Brigstocke of Blaenpant (dsp 03.05.1861)
  (viii)+ other issue (d unm) - Francis (bpt 20.10.1742, d 1801), George (bpt 03.09.1779, d 20.07.1797), Eliza, Frances Henrietta (d 18.07.1866)
  (2) Amy Mansel possibly of this generation
  m. John Rees of Killymaenllwyd (b 1749, d 14.12.1802)
  (3)+ 1 son and 2 daughters
5. Jane or Catherine Mansel
  m. Sir John Stepney, 1st Bart of Prendergast (d 08.1634)
6. Mary Mansel
  m. (09.08.1612) David Lloyd of Glyn
7. Jonet Mansel
  m. Thomas Vaughan of Abergwlli
8. Ann Mansel
  m. Rowland Vaughan of Pembey Court
m2. Dorothy Stepney (dau of Alban Stepney of Prendergast)
9. John Mansel (bpt 08.12.1611)
  m. Mary Vaughan (dau of Sir Henry Vaughan of Derwydd, widow of Charles Philips)
  A. Henry Mansel of Stradey, Carmarthenshire (d by 1683)
  m. Frances Stepney (dau of Sir John Stepney, 2nd Bart of Prendergast)
  i. Sir Edward Mansel, Sheriff of Carmarthenshire, 1st Bart of Trimsaran (d 19.02.1720)
  m. Dorothy Vaughan (d 09.1721, dau of Philip Vaughan of Trimsaran, sister/heir of Edward, widow of _ Lloyd)
  a. Sir Edward Mansel, 2nd Bart of Trimsaran & Stradey (d 1754)
  m1. Anne Price (dsp 01.11.1731, dau of Thomas Price of Gorth Lloyn (Garth Llwyn))
  m2. (02.11.1740) Mary (Mrs. Bayley)
(1) Sir Edward Vaughan Mansel, 3rd Bart of Trimsaran (d 01.1788)
  m. Mary Shewen (dau of Joseph Shewen of Swansea)
  (A) Sir Edward Joseph Shewen Mansel, 4th Bart of Trimsaran (d unm 06.04.1798)
  b.+ 10 others
10. Edward Mansel of Beauley (d 05.1671, captain)
  m. Honor Lloyd (d 12.1660, dau of Thomas ap William Lloyd of Alltycadno)
  A. Rawleigh Mansel
  m. Frances Stepney (dau of Sir John Stepney, 2nd Bart of Prendergast)
11. Rawleigh Mansel (b 1622, dsp 1674)
  m. Ann Philips (dau of Sir Richard Philips of Picton)
12. Cicely Mansel
  m. George Jones of Abercothl

Main source(s):
(1) For Mansel of Margam : BEB1844 (Mansel of Margam), BP2003 (Mansel) with support from BE1883 (Mansel of Margam)
(2) For Mansel of Muddlescombe : BP1934 (Mansel), BP2003 (Mansel), BEB1844 (Mansel of Trimsaren)
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