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Families covered: Mansel of Margam, Maunsell (Mansel) of Oxwich Castle, Mansel of Penrice Castle, Mansel of Swansea
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Sir Hugh Maunsell of Missenden, Scurlage Castle (Gower), Brocton & Britton Ferry (b c1340, a 1367)
m. Elizabeth or Isabella Penrys (dau of Sir John Penrys of Penrice, Oxwich)
1. Sir Richard Maunsell of Oxwich Castle, Penrice Castle & Scurlage Castle (b 1375, d 30.06.1435, eldest son)
  m. Elizabeth Turberville (dau of Hamon Turberville of Penline)
  A. John Maunsell of Oxwich Castle (dvp)
  m. Cecily Cantelupe (dau/heir of Sir William Cantelupe of Cantelupestown)
i. Sir Philip Maunsell of Oxwich Castle (b 1420, d 1471)
  m1. (c1444) Mabella (dau of Sir Griffith (ap) Nicholas of Newton by Jane, dau/coheir of Jenkyn ap Rees ap David of Gilfachen)
  a. Jenkyn Maunsell or Mansel of Oxwich Castle (3rd son)
  m. (1486) Edith Kene (dau/heir of Sir George (sb William?) Kene or Kyme of Easthorne & Well Hall by Agnes, dau of John Chichele of London & grand-niece of Archbishop Henry)
(1) Sir Rhys Mansel of Oxwich Castle & Beaupre, later of Margam Abbey (b 25.01.1487, d 10.04.1559)
  m1. (17.05.1511) Eleanor Bassett (dau/heir of James Bassett of Beaupre by Katherine, dau of Simon Mathew of Llandaff)
  (A)+ issue (d young)
  m2. (1520) Anne Bridges (dau of Sir Giles Bridges or Briges of Coberly, sister of Baron Chandos)
  (B) Philip Mansel (dvp before 1553)
  m. Mary (d 07.10.1599, widow of Sir Edward Darell, m3. Henry Foskew of Falkbourne)
  (i) Rhys Maunsell (dsp before 1559)
  (C) Catherine Mansel (d 10.03.1593)
  m. William Bassett of Beaupre (d 1586)
(D) Elizabeth Mansel
  m. (1549) William Morgan of Caerleon
  m3. Cicely Danbridgecourt (d 20.09.1558, dau of John Danbridgecourt of Walston or Strathfieldsaye by Maria, dau of Richard Mynors of Trefjage & Wyndleshill)
  (F) Sir Edward Mansel of Margam Abbey & Penrice Castle (b 1531, d 05.08.1595)
  m. Jane or Joan Somerset (d 16.10.1597, dau of Henry Somerset, 2nd Earl of Worcester)
  (i) Sir Thomas Mansel, 1st Bart of Margam (d 20.12.1631)
  m1. Mary Mordaunt (dau of Lewis Mordaunt, 3rd Lord)
  m2. Jane Pole (dau of Thomas Pole)
  (ii) Anthony Mansel (dsp, 3rd son)
  m. Mary Morgan (dau/coheir of Henry Morgan of Muddlescombe)
(iii) Sir Francis Mansel, 1st Bart of Muddlescombe (d c1628)
  m1. Catherine Morgan (dau of Henry Morgan of Muddlescombe)
  m2. Dorothy Stepney (dau of Alban Stepney of Prendergast)
  (iv) Philip Mansel of Swansea (6th son)
  m1. (1585) Catherine Mathew (dau/heir of William Mathew of Radyr, widow of Rowland Lewis of Rhiperra)
  (a) Thomas Mansel of Swansea (a 1632)
  m. Jane Gwyn (dau of David Gwyn of Llanbran (Glanbrane))
  ((1)) Edward Mansel of Henllys & Swansea (a 1685) had issue
  m. Anne Gorges (dau of Sir Theobald Gorges of Cirencester)
  ((2)) Thomas Manse of Penrice Castle )d by 1704, 4th son) had issue
  m. _ Tenby (dau of Ray Tenby)
  ((3))+ other issue - Philip, Roderic
  (b) Dorothy Mansel
  m. David Vaughan (d 1673, son of Thomas of Trimsaran)
  m2. Elizabeth Mansel (dau of Henry Mansel of Llandewie)
  (c)+ other issue - Thomas of Swanse (had issue, 2nd of the name), Mary
  (v) Sir Robert Mansel, later Mansfeeld, of Norfolk (b 1573, dsp 1656, Vice Admiral, MP)
  m1. (before 1600) Elizabeth Bacon (dsp, dau of Sir Nicholas Bacon by Jane, dau of William Ferley of West Creying)
  m2. (1617) Anne Roger (dau of Sir John Roger)
(vi) Christopher Mansel of Percywood, Gower
  m. Anne Worsley (dau of Sir Robert Worsley of Bonch)
  (a) Catherine Mansel
  m. Rev. Marmaduke Mathew of Swansea
(b)+ other issue - Jane, Hope, Dorothy, Elizabeth
  (vii) Elizabeth Mansel
  m. Sir Walter Rice of Newton
  (viii) Cecil Mansel
  m. Sir Rowland Williams of Llangibby
  (ix) Mary Mansel
  m. Chrishopher Turberville of Penline
(x) Anne Mansel
  m. Edward Carne of Nash
  (xi)+ other issue - Rhys (d 1596, Captain), Charles in Donegal, Edward, Henry (a 1585), William (dsp)
  (G) Anthony Mansel of Llantrithyd & Falway, Glamorganshire (b 1533)
  m. Elizabeth Basset (dau/heir of John Basset of Lanthrithed by Elizabeth, dau of Andrew Norton of Bristol)
  (i) Mary Mansel (d 1635)
  m. (12.02.1584) Sir Thomas Aubrey of Llantrithyd (son of William)
  (ii) Cecilia Mansel
  m. (16.04.1607) Sir Rawley Bussy
  (iii)+ other issue (dsp) - Edward (d 1573), Rhys (d 1583), William (d 1573), Elizabeth (d 1567), Anne (d 1570)
(H) Mary Mansel
  m. (after 1558) Sir Thomas Southwell of Uprising (Woodrising)
  (2) Hugh Mansel
  m. Jane Wogan (dau/coheir of Richard Wogan of Kent)
  (A) Robert Mansel (groom of bedchamber to King Henry VIII)
  m. Alice Long (dau of Philip Long of Dorset)
  (i) John Mansel
  m. Edith Breche of Newbury
  (a)+ issue - Richard of Keynsham (Somerset), William, Foulk
  (3) Philip Mansel of Llandewy
  m. Anne Danbridgecourt (dau of John (probably not William) Dabridgecourt of Strathfieldsaye)
  (A) Henry Mansel (a 1558)
  m. Dorothy Newton (dau/heir of Jefferey Newton by Grace, dau of Nicholas Bringer)
  (i) Rees Mansel
  (a) Dorothy Mansel (a 1632)
  m. Thomas Franklen of Nicholeston Hall
  (ii) Henry Mansel
  m. Jane Hodges (dau of John Hodges of Lofton)
  (iii)+ other issue - Elizabeth, Grace
  (B) George Mansel (a 1558, dsp, 3rd son)
  m. Matilda Probert (dau of William Probert)
  (C) Elizabeth Mansel
  m. (befoer 1558) David Hopkins (Thomas) of Gower
  (D)+ other issue - William (dsp), Grace, Mary (a 1558)
  (4) Alice Mansel
  m. John Drew of Bristol
(5) Anne Mansel
  m. David (ap Rees) Wynne of St. Gothens
  (6) Jane Mansel
  m. John Wynne (ap Jenkin ap Richard) of Llansanwar
  (7) Elizabeth Mansel
  m. Christopher Fleming
  b. Richard Maunsell of Chicheley, Buckinghamshire (d 11.1543)
  m. Elizabeth Wingfield (d 1542, dau of Roger Wingfield of Norfolk)
  c. Alice Maunsell
  m. (c1489) Sir Mathew Cradock of Swansea (d 1531, Seneschal of Gower)
  (1) Margaret Cradock
  m1. Sir John Malifant of St. George's Castle
  m2. Sir Richard Herbert of Ewias
  m3. Sir William Bawdrip
d.+ other issue - John (dvp?), Leonard (dvp?), Philip
  m2. Elizabeth Long (dau/heir of Sir Pihlip Long)
  B. William Maunsell or Mansel of Mansellfield & Pitton (Gower, Glamorgan)
  m. Jane (dau of Thomas ap Evan Gwyn ap Howell Melyn)
  i. Morgan Mansel (a 1494)
  m. Martha Box (dau of William Box)
  a. David Mansel (a 1511)
  m. Catherine Cradock (dau of Philip Cradox or Cradock of Cheriton)
  (1) Elizabeth Mansel
  m. Rees ap Evan of Ynys y Maerdy
  (A) Llesian or Lyson Rice (ap Rhees)
  (i) (William) Rice 'of Briton Ferry'
  (a) Jane Rice
  m1. Sir Thomas Maunsell, 1st Bart (a 1611) ??
  m2. Sir Anthony Maunsell (son of Sir Francis, 1st Bart)
  b. Margaret Mansel
  m. Griffths Thomas of Llandermoe (Landymore)
  c. Alice Mansel (d unm)

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (Maunsell) with support from BP2003 (Mansel), BP1934 (Mansel), BEB1844 (Mansel of Margam)
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