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Families covered: Dabridgcourt of Longdon, Dabridgcourt of Ossington, Dabridgcourt (Dabridgecourt) of Strathfeldsay (Stratfield Saye)

Visitation (Nottinghamshire), supported by Vistiation (Hampshire), identifies the following Sir Eustace as "2 sonn of the Lord Dampredicourt in Hennolt" (Hainault?) and reports that he "Came into England with Queene Phillip wiffe to King Edward the 3".
Sir Eustace Dampredicourt (a 1328)
Visitation (Nottinghamshire) & Visitation (Hampshire) both identify Sir Eustace's wife as Elizabeth, dau of John, Lord Wake, widow of John, Earl of Kent. That Ear's wife was Margaret who was about 30 when the Earl (her 2nd husband) died in 1330. Visitation (Warwickshire) identifies Sir Eustace's wife as "Dau. of John Lo. Wake".
m. Elizabeth (sb Margaret?) Wake (dau of John, Lord Wake, widow of John, Earl of Kent)
1. Sir Sanchett Dampredicourt or Dabridgcourt (d 20.10.1345, KG) date of death from Wikipedia
  A. Sir John Dabridgcourt (KG)
  m. Maud Bromhall (dau of Sir Richard Bromhall, widow of Robert Touchett of Cheshire)
i. Sir John Dabridgcourt
  a. Sir Nicholas Dabridgcourt
  m. _ Say (dau of Lord Say of Stratfeld-Say)
  (1) (Sir) Thomas Dabridgcourt of Stratfeldsay, Hampshire (a 1440)
  m. Alice Delamere (dau/coheir of Sir Thomas Delamere of Aldermarston, m2. Richard Elliott)
  (A) Thomas Dabridgcourt of Stratfeldsay
  m. Dorothy Puttenham (dau of Sir George Puttenham of Sherfeld)
  (i) Thomas Dabridgcourt of Stratfeldsay
This generation is given in both Visitation (Nottinghamshire) & Visitation (Hampshire) but not in Visitation (Warwickshire).
  (a) George Dabridgcourt of Stratfeldsay
  m. _ Norton (dau of Richard Norton of Southamptonshire (Hampshire))
  ((1)) Sir Thomas Dabridgcourt of Stratfeldsay (d 03.11.1614)
  He is named George by both Visitation (Nottinghamshire) & Visitation (Hampshire) but Thomas by Visitation (Warwickshire). We follow the latter which is supported by BIFR1976 (Becher) but note that Visitation (Bedfordshire, 1634, Beechar) identifies Margaret's husband as Sir Richard Dabridgcourt.
  m. (23.07.1571) Margaret Beecher (d 29.10.1621, dau of Henry Beecher, alderman of London)
  ((A)) Henry Dabridgcourt of Stratfeldsay
  m. Catherine Apsley (dau of Sir Henry Apsley of Dorset)
  ((i))+ issue - George, Thomas, Carew, son, Lucy (d young), Elizabeth
((B)) Thomas Dabridgcourt of Preston Condover, Hampshire
  m1. Catherine Leggatt of Kent
  ((i))+ issue - Sanchett, Elizabeth
  m2. Barbara Fisher (dau of William Fisher of Chilton Condover)
  ((iii))+ other issue - Thomas, Richard, William, Stephen, Francis
  ((C)) Elizabeth Dabridgcourt
  m. Sir Stephen Leisure
  ((D)) Susan Dabridgcourt
  m. _ Evans
((2)) Susan Dabridgcourt probably of this generation
  m. (12.05.1572) Fane Becher (d 1592/3)
  (ii)+ other issue - Barnard (dsp), Anne
  (B) John Dabridgcourt of Longdon, Warwickshire
m1. Elizabeth Wigeston (dau of Roger Wigeston or Wigston of Wigston)
  (i) Thomas Dabridgcourt of Longdon Hall (a 1563)
  m. Alice Griswold (sister/coheir of Richard Griswold or Greswold of Warwickshire)
  (a) Catherine Dabridgcourt (dau of Thomas Dabridgcourt of Longdon Hall)
  m. John Fulwood of Tanworth
  (b) Christian Dabridgcourt
  m. William Belcher of Gilesborough
  (c) Anne Dabridgcourt
  m1. Henry Hugford
  m2. John Hugford of Henwood
(d) Grace Dabridgcourt
  m1. William Cartwright of Ossington (d 31.12.1602)
  m2. William Dabridgcourt of Ossington @@ just below
  (ii) William Dabridgcourt of Ossington, Nottinghamshire
  m. Dorothy Molineux (dau/heir of William Molineux of Houghton)
  (a) William Dabridgcourt (2nd son) presumably the William of Ossington who m ...
  m. Grace Dabridgcourt @@ just above
(b)+ other issue - John (a 1575), Margaret, Mary, Christian
  (iii) Christian Dabridgcourt
  m1. Sir Anthony Forster
  m2. Sir Robert Constable of Newark
  m2. Catherine Minors (dau of Richard Minors)
  (iv) Anne Dabridgcourt
  m. Phillip Mansell (brother of SIr Rice)
  (v) Scecely (Cicely) Dabridgcourt
  m. Sir Rice Mansell (brother of Phillip)
  (C) Mary Dabridgcourt
  m. Reginald Pym of Brymore
  (D) Jane Dabridgcourt
  m. Hugh Smythwike
  (2) daughter
  m. John Delamere

Main source(s): Visitation (Hampshire, 1530+1575+1622-34, Dabridgcourt), Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1569+1614, Dabridgcourt) with support from Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, Dabridgcourt)
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